I Bet you didn’t notice that in SPIDER-MA...

I Bet you didn’t notice that in SPIDER-MAN Into The Spider-verse You Can See…

spiderman into the spiderverse trivia and easter eggs suits mile morales no way home

Ok so Marvel is famous for lacing easter eggs throughout their movies and Spider-Man Into The Spider-verse is no different. However, there was actually one that could have been staring us in the face the entire time and it’s only with the release of No Way Home that we now realise what was going on. When we visit The Spider cave at the midpoint of the movie we can see several spider-man costumes hanging up.

When the movie first dropped a lot of us thought that there was a sort of switch up on the Iron Spider/Civil War suit but knowing what we know now we can actually see that this also looks a lot like the Integrated suit from No Way Home.

It looks like Sony may have been inspired by the look of this suit here and they could’ve pulled across a similar design for the new webhead movie.

Rewatching the film knowing what we know now, this completely blew my mind and there’s actually way more easter eggs in it because of what we know now.

This cave is filled to the brim with suits and these include the one from the PlayStation 4 game. This also appears in the end credits amongst all the red ones. To the right of it is the black rubber suit that Spider-Man actually used to fight Electro and he of course wears something similar to take him on in No Way Home.

The Caped Crusader

Now in the cave Miles also comes across a Spider-suit with a red cape and this pulls from the story What If Spider-Man had never become a crimefighter. This look was referenced in What If when Peter ended up wearing Strange’s cape in the Zombie episode and it’s also somewhat been given a nod to in No Way Home during the chase scene through the mirror dimension.

It also calls back to a moment earlier in the movie just after the bus trip when Peter B Parker tells Miles that Spider-man doesn’t wear a cape because it’s disrespectful.

Next to it, we can also catch the Stealth Suit which was introduced when Peter was trying to evade the spider slayers.

There’s also the Mark 2 and in this cave, we can catch the Spider Buggy.

Interestingly if you’ve seen the new Across The Spider-verse first look you might notice that Miles has a Model of this in his bedroom kinda bringing things back to that first movie.

Gwen also has converse shoes on whereas in Into The Spider-verse she’s wearing Ballet slippers perhaps showing that Miles style rubbed off on her a bit.

Now the movie’s post-credits scene has Oscar Isaac playing Spider-Man 2099. In it we watch as he gets a bracelet that allows him to travel through the multiverse into any dimension at will. This is somewhat similar to the Quantum Realm GPS that was introduced in Avengers Endgame as it allows him to hop across from reality to reality. He ends up meeting Spider-man 67 and they have a pointing contest that provides some of the best meme material ever.

However, this bracelet is clearly very important and in the Across The Spider-verse first look, you can actually catch Gwen wearing it as she sits in Miles room.

Throughout Into the Spider-verse, all of the Spider-men…and women…had to get home because they kept glitching but I think this device will probably stabilise them so that come to the next movie they’ll be able to remain in certain realities.

Now Gwen also opens up his sketch pad to a totally not creepy picture of her but on the left of this, you can also catch a bus ticket for the Hudson Valley Express which was the bus that Miles got with Peter B Parker in this movie.

spiderman into the spiderverse miles morales spider gwen gwen stacy noir peter parker spider pig ending explained easter eggs trivia suits

With Great Expectation Comes Great…

Peter B Parker is of course a massive character in the film and he and Miles meet at the grave of the Peter Parker of this universe. However, this was actually foreshadowed earlier in the movie and at the moment when we see Miles about to start his Great Expectations essay, we can see the original book beside his pad.

On the cover of this are a man and child in a graveyard which of course mirrors Peter B Parker meeting Miles later on.

We can actually see Peter B’s healing factor in full effect during the scene in which he’s tied to a punching bag and if you look at his eye throughout the scene you’ll notice that his black eye disappears over time. It’s a really cool detail in it that I think shows how much the animators were putting into each scene.

There’s also the big reveal that Doctor Octopus is a woman in this universe but a slight nod is given to the 616 as during the lab plan we can see there’s a scientist that looks a lot like him. Perhaps we all need to re-examine our own personal biases.

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If this is your first time here I’m your host Paul aka your friendly neighbourhood spoiler-man, now let’s get into the rest of the easter eggs.

Now the movie culminates with the Collider opening up so that Kingpin can come into contact with an alternate version of his family. Throughout this scene, we get several flashes of Vanessa and his son and one of these looks a lot like Matt Murdock showing that in one reality his son was Daredevil.

There’s also an African American version of the family which could be a reference to the Michael Clarke Duncan version of the character who appeared as the villain in the Ben Affleck movie.

Speaking of Daredevil, there’s a moment in which Kingpin and Miles fight on top of the Brooklyn Bridge. The way that this location looks actually makes it seem like it was ripped right out of the intro to the Netflix show which Kingpin was of course the main villain of.

When the collider starts to activate we can actually see on a screen that the Earth this movie takes place in is 1610. If you’re a fan of the Ultimate comics then you’ll know this is actually the designation that that universe has. Ultimate Spider-man is where Miles made his first appearance and he was then brought into the 616 timelines after the events of secret wars.

The Meaning of Life

Now the number 42 also appears during several points in the film and there’s a couple of reasons why this could be. In Hitchikers guide to the galaxy, it was said that 42 was the meaning of life and whilst some fans have assumed it’s a reference to that, Director Peter Ramsay said shut this down.

Ramsey stated that it’s actually a reference to Jackie Robinson who also wore the number 42.

Robinson was the first black professional baseball player and Ramsey stated that Miles is smashing racial barriers just in the same way that Miles is by taking up the role of Spider-man.

In case you missed all of the instances of 42 when appears we first see it in the opening title sequence when we can spot it on the back of the spider that eventually bites miles. During this intro, we also get a quick cut of a lottery ball that has 42 on it and this was actually the number that allowed Miles to get into Brooklyn Visions Academy.

When Peter Parker’s death is announced we can also see it at the subway station for Times Square.

42 also appears when Miles falls off a building and on the way down he knocks a sign which drops the number 42 on the ground.  Lastly, it appears when Miles and Peter B Parker get the bus and we can see that the maximum occupancy is 42.

The two versions of Peter are pretty much polar opposites in terms of personality and whilst the one we first meet is finessed and practised, Peter B is kinda sloppy. He’s more a falling with style kind of guy and this is reflected in the name badges that the two have. The first Peter’s seems brand new whereas the latter’s is crumpled and messy, hinting towards their differences.

Later the pair go to a fast food joint together and Peter says that in his world this restaurant got shut down. The Peter we meet here is slightly older than the one we meet in Miles Universe so we can guess that he’s a couple of years ahead. In the restaurant, you might notice that they actually scored a C for Hygiene showing that these chumps were slowly on the way out.

spiderman into the spiderverse miles morales ending explained easter eggs trivia no way home suits

The Prowler

Now Miles’ uncle Aarons house is filled with easter eggs too and in his living room, we can catch a picture that hangs above the sofar. If you look closely at this it actually seems like it has the words Prowler written in graffiti hinting towards him being the villain.

It’s here that we get one of my favourite easter eggs in a movie ever and we can catch Community in the background on Aarons TV. In it is the scene in which Donald Glover wears spider-man pyjamas. Glover actually plays Aaron in The MCU so this is like a weird…inception of easter eggs with Aaron watching the multiverse version of himself in spider-man clothes. In Homecoming Glover also mentioned his nephew who we know is Miles and as I say…you know what I say…it’s all connected.

It’s not too long before Miles talks to Gwen properly for the first time who stumbles over his name and calls herself Wanda. This could potentially be a nod to Scarlett which who is known in the comics as being a Nexus being aka someone who’s exactly the same in every reality. Wanda is gonna be a big player in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness so it’s gonna be interesting if this is brought across into that film.

After fully discovering his powers Miles comes across Spider-man and the Green Goblin duking it out. The Spider-men end up coming face to face which ends up triggering their Spider-sense.

We can actually see that Miles spider-sense initially is green and purple before it changes to blue and red.

Aarons colours are purple and green but the fact that they change shows that he is no longer going to be led to potentially a life of crime by his uncle and he will instead follow in the footsteps of Peter.

Poetry in Motion

Peter climbs to the switch using a special set of moves and he manages to get up top by holding onto the cylinders of the machine. Later in the film, Miles uses the same technique to get to the switch and Gwen says to Peter B, I didn’t teach him that and I know you definitely didn’t so we know that this is where he got it from.

It’s an amazing way to end the movie and we close out with Miles sitting in bed whilst Gwen arrives through another doorway.

We now know that this scene takes place a year after the main events of the movie and I can’t wait to see the continuation of it in Across The Spider-verse.

Into The Spider-verse is one of my favourite comic book movies of all time and I’d absolutely love to hear your thoughts on it so make sure that you comment below and let me know.

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With that out the way thank you for sitting through the video, I’ve been Paul and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace

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