HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Season 2 Footage Breakdown ...

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Season 2 Footage Breakdown & CCXP Explained | Everything We Know So Far

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Season 2 Footage Breakdown & CCXP Explained | Everything We Know So Far

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Paul, and in this video, we’re breaking down House Of The Dragon.

There’s just been a big panel at Comic-Con XP, and along with this, we also got our first look at the brand new season. Throughout this video, we’re going to be breaking down what could be happening in the show and also discussing what we think could happen. Heavy spoilers ahead, and we will touch upon some major things in the book, so if you don’t want to know, then turn off now. If you want a more spoiler-filled video, then make sure you check out our blood and cheese breakdown for what’s going to be something that breaks the internet.

Anyway, with that out of the way, let’s get into House Of The Dragon Season 2.


Now, the main thrust of season 2 is going to be the dance of the dragons in which we pick up in the aftermath of Season 2. We closed things out with the first blood being drawn, and that’s led us into the son for a son arc. That’s actually going to be the title of episode two, which will see Rhaenyra being out for vengeance.

Aemond, of course, ended up killing Lucerys, but the book played things slightly differently. In that, Aemond didn’t regret it, or at least that’s what we heard from the second-hand accounts. They also had one person believing Lucerys had fallen into the water below and woke up carrying amnesia. This said that… said that he went on to live a peaceful and happy life, unaware of what happened, and that’s… that’s how I like to think of him.

Either way, this is a big faux pas as one isn’t allowed to kill an envoy. Thus, this has broken royal protocol which, along with all the other s**t, really p***es Rhaenyra off. Sounds so regal saying One and Royal protocol. Anyway, in the aftermath of this, Aemond gets a nickname which has him being known as The Kinslayer. Originally in the book, Daemon was away at Harrenhal, which is when he sent a raven saying her son would be avenged.

In the show, though, Daemon’s going to be there with her, so they’re kinda just making some more economic storytelling. Now, during this, Daemon reached out to Mysaria and asked her to hire two assassins. This is where the son for a son title comes from, and she hired two of the biggest scumbags in King’s Landing.

That is none other than blood and cheese, who infiltrated the Red Keep through forgotten passageways. I’m pretty sure they’ll use the one Rhaenyra used to sneak out of in episode 4, and then it’ll kinda bring things full circle from that.

Now, the pair were instructed to kill one of Aegon’s sons, and what happens next, I ain’t got the heart to tell you, mate, but let’s just say tiny time won’t be coming home for Christmas.

Nah, it’s really messed up, with it being something that’s going to shatter the foundations of the show. A couple of months back, we saw that there was footage from the set that showed a funeral procession building off the back of this. Again, that’s something that we’ve already broken down, so if you’re desperate to know what happens, then make sure you check that out.

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Season 2 Footage Breakdown & CCXP Explained | Everything We Know So Far
HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Season 2 Footage Breakdown & CCXP Explained | Everything We Know So Far

Now, cheese managed to escape, but Blood himself was caught and tortured. He was also found carrying the victim’s head, which I’m guessing will be a big point in the series.

Now, another thing that we know will be happening in the show is the battle between two twins. That is Erryk and Arryk Cargyll, who it’s been leaked will fight in episode two. Whether that’s the case or not, we don’t know, but that’s a report that’s coming in from the Twitter account Wake the Dragon.

The twins were two characters that demonstrated how divisive the conflict was, with it literally turning brother against brother. That’s something that’s, of course, used to describe a civil war, and here we’re going to see the pairs’ fight playing out. Both of them have their own separate allegiances, with Erryk even stealing the crown so he could give it to Rhaenyra. That all went down in episode 10, with Arryk still remaining loyal to King Aegon.

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Now, what happens is that Arryk is sent to Dragonstone under orders from Grand Maester Orwyle. Now, the book then says:

The true purpose of Ser Arryk’s mission remains a matter of some contention. Grand Maester Munkun tells us that Cargyll had been commanded to slay Rhaenyra, putting an end to her rebellion at a stroke, whilst Mushroom insists that her sons were Cargyll’s prey, that Aegon II wished to wash out the blood of his murdered son with that of his bastard nephews, Jacaerys and Joffrey “Strong.”

Ser Arryk came ashore without hindrance, donned his armor and white cloak, and had no trouble gaining entrance to the castle in the guise of his twin brother, just as Criston Cole had planned. Deep in the heart of Dragonstone, however, as he was making his way to the royal apartments, the gods brought him face-to-face with Ser Erryk himself, who knew at once what his brother’s presence meant. The singers tell us that Ser Erryk said, “I love you, brother,” as he unsheathed his blade, and that Ser Arryk replied, “And I you, brother,” as he drew his own.

Now, from this point, the pair duked it out, and yeah, promised no spoilers on any deaths. Still, though, it’s going to lead to a big battle, but it completely pales in comparison to what comes next.

That is something that sees the dance of the dragons. Now, that is going to heavily focus around the queen who never was, aka Rhaenys. She already properly messed up the King’s coronation like Camilla Sharted, and that new bit for the show clearly spelled out the wedge that was going to be built between them.

Rhaenys is a big member of the black council, and she and her dragon Meleys fight at something known as the battle of Rook’s Rest. Attacking Criston Cole..that… that piece of s**t, she’s then met with Aegon and Aemond riding Sunfyre and Vhagar. So far, Sunfyre hasn’t been a big player in the show yet, and they actually kept him out of the king’s coronation.

That Aegon mounting the beast and riding around while waving at the crowd. It was done as a terrifying display of dominance that was meant to show how powerful the king was. In the show, though, it was, of course, interrupted by Rhaenys, and thus they’ve been saving until this point to show how big Sunfyre’s gotten. It’s going to lead to a massive battle, and Sunfyre’s size has been hinted at in the new logo.

We can see the three-headed sigil which has now been updated to be golden like the dragon.

Either way, Meleys finds it really difficult going against them but she manages to get a couple of big licks in.

That includes burning the crap out of Aegon, who’s beaten up so badly that his armor actually melts into his body. The man is pretty much left at death’s door, and thus Aemond ends up taking charge for a bit.

That’s something I can see happening at the midpoint, which is going to then probably take place over a couple of episodes.

Either way, it becomes clear that dragons are what’s going to win this, with that taking us into the next point I want to talk about. Turns out that when the Targaryens were on Dragonstone, they used to frequent the villages below. This had them knocking up loads of women, which has led to a number of different bastards. Now, the Targaryens want to keep up the illusion that you have to be one of them to ride a dragon. This will mean the peasants don’t rise up against them and instead view them as being gods. Obviously, some of the Targaryens also believe that they’re the only ones who can ride dragons, and thus they end up looking for the bastards.

Now, these characters are known as the dragon seeds, and they come from the islands in Blackwater Bay. The Blacks go down in order to get them, and because they carry Targaryen blood, they can become dragon riders. This won’t break the technicality of them needing to be from the blood of the dragon, and thus the legend can be retained. Again, I think the Targaryens probably believe they’re the only ones, which is why they specifically go looking for them.

Now, amongst them are some big characters in Hugh Hammer and also Nettles.


Early rumors about the show Nettles won’t be in it, which had many people thinking she’d be saved for season 3. Because of this I don’t know how deep into the dragon seeds we’ll get and, potentially, they’ll save that until the end of season. I can see something in my head where they end with a big loss and then the blacks are like we’re gonna have to get more.

This could then set up them mounting up for season 3 and lead into the many big dragon battles we get in the work.

However, that report might have been a load of rubbish because we did get some behind-the-scenes images that looked like the pair. I’ve put the two photos alongside how their characters have been shown in the artwork, and you can see the similarities.

I think it would be great to have the pair popping up, and yeah, let me know below if you think it’s them.

Either way, we also have the Targaryen kids still left who also have some big moments that happen as well. Season 1 ended with Jace flying off, and you’re probably wondering what happened to this very… very strong boy. Very strong, isn’t he?

Anyway, Jace was on a similar mission to his brother Luc, and he ended up flying Vermax to the Eyrie where he met Lady Jeyne Arryn. There were rumors that Jace had to sleep with her to get her to do it, but these came from the gossip Mushroom who so far hasn’t featured in the show. He’s actually quite a big part of the book, and it seems like they’re just completely skipping over him.

Jace then went about to White Harbor and promised Joffrey’s hand in marriage if they united, and eventually, he went to Winterfell. This is where he became good mates with Lord Cregan Stark and also met the character Sara Snow. According to the rumors, he married her in secret, though they did discount in the book that this ever happened. Still, though, I think the show’s going that way, and these stops could all be something that’s littered throughout the season.

Now, speaking of litter, Vermax apparently laid a litter of eggs at Winterfell, which could be something that ends up happening in the show.

They’re clearly going to need to get more dragons in, though, and yeah, I’m very excited to see where it goes. Either way, mate, there’s your bloody breakdown, and I hope you’ve enjoyed us going through it all. Obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts, so make sure you drop them in the comments below.

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