DEADPOOL 3 Story Leaks, Theories, World War Hul...

DEADPOOL 3 Story Leaks, Theories, World War Hulk, New Kang And Sentry Actor

DEADPOOL 3 Story Leaks, Theories, World War Hulk, New Kang And Sentry Actor

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host, Paul, and in this video, we’re breaking down Deadpool 3.

Got a quick question for you, mate. What is your most anticipated comic book movie of the year? Is it Madam Web? Deadpool 3? Kraven or Venom?

Let me know below, and if you say anything other than Deadpool 3, then you’re a complete scumbag. Absolute scumbag. Now, that’s going to bring back Hugh Jackman, and we also know from the footage from the set that we’re going to be getting a lot of other X-Men characters showing up.

Throughout this video, I’m going to be going through what I’ve heard about the film, what the general leaks are, and also the new Marvel news that we’ve had through the week.

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Ok, so last year we had lots of leaks from the set that showed Deadpool and Wolverine moving through the void. There they fought a Tyler Mane Sabretooth, Toad, and each other and also ran into lots of artifacts from across the timeline.

The footage from that requires a license, and with this being just a small video, I didn’t want to splash out to get something that’s just a small talking point. You’ve seen it though, mate, you’ve seen the videos, and it teases where things are going to go.

Now the build-up to this has been discussed in a lot of leaks, and I’ve been corroborating stuff with sources to find out what elements of them are true. Huge shoutouts to Daniel RPK who went through everything with me so we could nail this stuff down.

Now he said that Deadpool 3 is going to center around the TVA who’ve realized that they can’t keep things in check. Last time we saw them, they were watching over Kang and had pretty much become a law enforcement agency solely guarding him. All of the timelines were allowed to be free, and their mission was stopping him from ever starting up.

Now from here, they apparently get word that the Kangs are gathering, which we saw during Quantumania. As we know, the majority of that movie took place after most of Loki Season 2, with it getting referenced in the ending time jump.

This means that that council is off doing their own thing just as the season starts to close out. Now, Daniel said that he had heard there’d been some changes and that Kang, in himself, wasn’t specifically referenced.

He said that the general leaks are a bit off and that they just say they need an army for the incoming war. He said that Kang isn’t mentioned specifically but obviously… it kind of has to be him.

DEADPOOL 3 Story Leaks, Theories, World War Hulk, New Kang And Sentry Actor
DEADPOOL 3 Story Leaks, Theories, World War Hulk, New Kang And Sentry Actor

Now that takes us into what’s going on with Kang, who as we know, is now getting recast. Jonathan Majors has been fired from the role, and this comes in the wake of his recent trial. I’m not going to get into the weeds of that, but apparently, Marvel has anticipated this happening for a while. Those press releases, mate… they were out faster than Quicksilver, and within an hour of the verdict, he was gone in a flash. Faster than the Flash, you could say.

Nah, but he’s out, and we’ve been wondering how that’s going to affect things. Marvel has stated that they’re going full steam ahead with him though, and that Kang will still be the major focus of the phase. Michael Waldron is now writing Secret Wars, and thus we’re all still building to that.

Now earlier in the week, it was teased by Daniel that Colman Domingo was currently in the running. He said that nothing had been locked down, but Colman was currently one of the front runners.

I have to say, I think that he’d be absolutely brilliant, and the guy’s got the ability to easily do Kang. If you want to know his work, then check out Euphoria and also Fear The Walking Dead.

The guy is great in both, and I can see him bringing a lot to the role.

Now back to Deadpool, and what we hear is that the TVA is creating a group of multiversal heroes from dying worlds that will help to fight the incoming threat.

Mr. Paradox is apparently replacing Mobius, and there are rumors he’s going to be played by Matthew McFayden. Mobius will apparently be back for an Avengers film down the line, but they’re pretty much just leaving him out of this. This is something that was reported by My Time To Shine, who said that they were initially thinking of a cameo. In the end, though, they just cut him out completely and plan to bring him back in a future film.

Now, I wonder if that’s going to include Loki, as we’ve already had teases that he’s coming back soon. What If Season 2 ended with Peggy going to the world tree, and as we know, that’s where he is. Tom Hiddleston also voiced him during the series, so the man’s not exactly given up on him yet.

Either way, it sounds like it’s all connected, and if you want to support the channel, we’re actually selling “it’s all connected” shirts right below the video. It helps support us and gets videos like this made, so a huge thank you to everyone who has picked one up.

Anyway, we’ll apparently learn that Deadpool is from a dying timeline and that he’s not actually part of the main fox universe. He’ll have been off in his own one while the main timeline was where the thrust of the X-Men films happened. Now, due to his messing with time in his second film, we’ll learn this put him in the sights of the TVA. He’ll be arrested and then locked up, which is when he hears about the incoming war.

From what I’ve seen about the film, the TVA will be trying to recruit Wolverine, and Deadpool basically wants to team up with him instead. This will lead to lots of multiversal shenanigans, which will then set up some upcoming films.


Now one of these could potentially be World War Hulk, which we’re now starting to get lots of info on. It’s been teased for a while that something’s in the works, and Alex From My Cosmic Circus has said that it could potentially release before the next Avengers film.

He said:

“It will be a Civil War level Avengers 4.5 film, uniting all the Avengers against a Savage Hulk, and other Hulks!”

Now just a disclaimer, Hulk is actually my favorite Marvel character, and World War Hulk is one of his best books. I was a bit of an idiot and I read that before reading Planet Hulk the first time round, but it completely works as its own stand-alone thing. It just basically has Hulk coming back to earth filled with rage over being betrayed. You see, in the comics, Hulk was shot off to Sakaar by the Illuminati.

DEADPOOL 3 Story Leaks, Theories, World War Hulk, New Kang And Sentry Actor
DEADPOOL 3 Story Leaks, Theories, World War Hulk, New Kang And Sentry Actor

The… the Illuminati, who thought that they’d found a peaceful planet where he could be alone. Instead, it was the gladiator nightmare that was Sakaar, and this is when he rose up and became defeated the emperor. The craft he was in exploded and killed his wife, and he flew back to earth wanting revenge.

Wrecking up shop, it would make such a cool movie, and I’d love to see what they do with the character.

I think this would be such a cool way to bring a team together because let’s be honest… the Avengers films have been dragged out way too long at this point, and we definitely need a team-up to help unite this phase. The Avengers movies at the end of every phase just pulled it all together, and I think stuff’s felt directionless recently because we’ve not had that.



Now, speaking of team-ups, we’ve also just recently got news that Stephen Yeun has dropped out of Thunderbolts, and that originally he was going to play the Sentry.

Yeun has come out, though, and released this statement:

“It took a lot of drafts on email to make sure that I conveyed the sincerity of how sorry I was to have to back out.”

He’s said that he wants to still star in a Marvel movie, but unfortunately, due to the strikes and scheduling conflicts, he had to skip this one. Marvel movies at the moment are getting constantly delayed, and if you want to stay working, I can imagine that it’s frustrating.

DEADPOOL 3 Story Leaks, Theories, World War Hulk, New Kang And Sentry Actor
DEADPOOL 3 Story Leaks, Theories, World War Hulk, New Kang And Sentry Actor

People are having to clear out their calendars for years, and yeah, I can totally see why people are having to drop out.

Now, personally, I’d love to see someone like Alan Ritchson in the role. I think the guy not only looks the part, but his star’s on the rise, and the man’s also a brick shit house. Could easily be in training shape pretty quickly, I think, and if you’ve seen Reacher, then you’ll know he can pull off that Superman-type role, which the Sentry is.

Other than that, I’d like to see Marvel do a little 4D chess move and get someone like Henry Cavill in. Not sure if he’d do it because he could get typecast, but still, I think that getting him in the MCU now he’s a free agent would be an inspired choice.

Either way, that’s some of my ideas, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on all the updates and stories below.

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With that out the way, huge thank you for sitting through the video, I’ve been your host and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace.

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