GODZILLA X KONG Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs...

GODZILLA X KONG Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Plot Details, Reaction & Things You Missed

GODZILLA X KONG Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Plot Details, Reaction & Things You Missed

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers Show, I’m your host Paul, and in this video, we’re breaking down Godzilla X Kong…Godzilla X Kong…Godzilla & Monkeh.

The first trailer is now out, and throughout this video, we’re going to be going through everything you need to know about the film. This includes what we see happening in the trailer and also some of the rumors around the film about which monsters could be showing up.

Some spoilers are ahead, so if you want to go into the film without knowing anything, then I highly recommend that you turn off now.

If you enjoy it, then make sure you subscribe because we release videos every week fit for a king…kong. With that out of the way, a huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into Godzilla X Kong.


Ok, so the movie is obviously set after the events of Godzilla Vs. Kong, with G-man further being something we as humans embrace. According to the rumors on Reddit, he’ll remain as a protector that takes down some of the bigger titan threats out there. This includes a titan called Arachnid who’s sort of in line with the spider types that we’ve seen throughout the films. The titan comes from the Hollow Earth, which at the moment is where Kong’s located.

Godzilla’s meant to tear this apart during the opening scene and then apparently he hibernates in the Rome Colosseum. Now, while this is going on, Kong’s ruling over his domain with him inadvertently awakening the evil ape tribe that was trapped down.

You might remember him coming across statues of these creatures during the prior film, and this movie will be about Kong becoming the King. That’s seen most notably in the new poster, which has the words Bow To Your New King.

GODZILLA X KONG Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Plot Details, Reaction & Things You Missed
GODZILLA X KONG Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Plot Details, Reaction & Things You Missed

Over the weekend, we got posters for both Godzilla and Kong, and thus this whittles this down to having to be the Scar King. Bow To Your New King, man’s clearly trying to take over, and this giant red ape’s gonna cause a lot of problems.

This is someone who was shown in the toy leaks with him carrying a giant spear with what looks like a titan Ox type creature on it.

The name the Scar King, I think, also has a deeper layer to it, as at the moment Kong’s still called Kong. I’m wondering, and this is a theory time…theory time…theory time……I’m wondering, right….theory tim….sorry sometimes you have to let it play out….the…I’m wonder…theor….right I’m wondering if Kong will finally get the King Kong name in this, which in itself ties into the poster. Bow Down To Your New King could be a nod to the Scar King, who at this moment is the ruler of the apes.

I feel like Kong might be the one who gets crowned in the end, and that could also tie in with the name Monarch. Monarch, of course, also ties in with Royalty, and maybe they’ll crown him or something in the movie. Just a theory on that, but the red hand there, as well of course, ties back to the other films. A red handprint appeared in VS as well, and it’s constantly popped up throughout the Kong films.

This was something Kong put his own palm on, as I’ve been saying….it’s all connected.

It’s clear that the movie’s marketing’s leaning into this heavily too, as both the Instagram accounts and posters have had iconography of this. On Instagram earlier in the week, we had the 9 posts in total laying this all out. The first set was the handprint from the VS movie with something is coming making up the next. This all came off the back of the hand from Skull Island, with the poster getting this put across the logo too.

Also, I watched Kong: Skull Island the other day, and they had both Casey and Loki in it. Also had Captain Marvel and Nick Fury as well, so…bit of trivia for you.

Now inside that chamber, Kong sat on the throne, which is mirrored in the Scar King, who does the same thing. Apparently, he wants to take over the surface world and create what’s going to be the titular new empire.

Anyway, at this point, it awakens Godzilla, and this ties back into that prior movie. During it, Kong’s main weapon was an axe with his dorsal fin for the blade, which was a big mysterious point of the movie. We’re going to learn exactly what happened here, and it’ll be Godzilla that trapped Scar in the Hollow Earth. This explains how he found the weapon and why all of Kong’s species were cleared out.


Kong will also be returning with the Axe, but I do think that we’re going to see everyone getting some upgrades. That in itself includes Godzilla, and yesterday IGN confirmed that there will be a point in which he evolves. The first look at him was released showing what this entails, with Godzilla being behind a giant

ice structure. This fills up with the classic blue and acts almost like a cocoon. He’ll pop forward…like a…like a beautiful butterfly, and I’m wondering if this ice will be caused by a character we’ll talk about later on.

Either way, the man might have been beaten badly and then have to take this next step to get ready for the final battle.

Now Scar King will be amongst those that were trapped, and because of this, he’ll hold a grudge against Godzilla. Now from what’s been dug up due to the toy leaks and info on the film, he’s gonna command a titan that’s called Shimu.

GODZILLA X KONG Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Plot Details, Reaction & Things You Missed
GODZILLA X KONG Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Plot Details, Reaction & Things You Missed

Shimu is going to be designated as the first titan who in the past brought about the ice age. Shimu has an ice freezing breath, and man needs to chill…when it comes to destroying the planet.

He’s probably going to be what the G Dog fights, whereas Kong will likely go toe to toe with Scar King. There’s also his army to contend with, so I think there’s going to be lots of major fights in the movie.

Now my wife, yeah, she’s told me size doesn’t matter…but still, I’ve been googling a lot to see if it does. What I found, right…and I found this on a website, is that there’s actually a size comparison for all the different monsters. You can see the Scar King and Shimu greatly dwarf Godzilla, and it’s going to be a big thing in the film. Still, though, the little guy, my wife says the little guys can still pack a punch, and it’s not how big the hammer is, it’s about how hard you hit the nail with it.

F**k sake.

Now these movies wouldn’t be anything without the human elements, and we’ll once more see Rebecca Hall’s character Ilene Andrews.

She’ll once more be caring after Jia, who still has a strong relationship with Kong. Her ancestors from the Iwi will be explored too.

They’re also going to be joined by Dan Stevens, who’ll be playing Stephen Randa.

He’s been described as being a bit like a nerd and weirdo, and also look at Ilene’s hair. Out here looking fast and furious…out here about to kill some fantastic beasts.

Brian Tyree Henry will also return, but unfortunately, we’ll be losing some mainstays. That includes Millie Bobby Brown’s Madison and her dad, Kyle Chandler. According to the leaks, the movie actually has a really strong human element in it, which…pfft, we’re going to see, mate.

To be honest, I’ve never out-and-out hated this stuff, but it’s always clear what it is that we come for. That is, of course, Godzilla and Kong, and the pair will also be having a rematch in the film.

That’s going to be going down in Egypt, with Shimu also being there too. I think this might be when he beats Godzilla, and thus he has to go to the point that he has to evolve. Cris from 3C Films also has been talking about how the early name for the film was Son Of Kong, so he might end up smashing some hairy cheeks. Cris also said it’s possible that Kong could adopt one of the apes from the Hollow Earth. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps they renamed it because they were going away from that angle, but yeah, we’re going to have to see.


Now that wraps up the teaser, and I can’t think of a better time there’s been to be a Godzilla fan. Not only have we got this coming out, but we’ve also got Monarch on Apple Plus right now. MT’s been doing weekly breakdowns of the series, and I definitely recommend that you go and check them out. Me, I’ve just loved being an onlooker and seeing it unfold, and it’s been a slow and steady burn, setting up Monarch. So if I missed any Easter eggs in this video tied directly into that, then please let me know because I’ve not been viewing it on a crazy Easter egg-type analysis thing where I watch it 3 or 4 times.

Anyway, we’ve also, of course, got Godzilla Minus One, which I’ve been told is the best film since the original. That’s coming out in England very soon, and I really can’t wait to see what it’s like. As for this, it looks like a banger, and I’m actually surprised about how much they’re building off the last film. I did kinda feel they sort of fumbled the ball a bit with Kong’s axe and I also thought that he should’ve been the one to take the dorsal fin and craft it.

With this, though, and all the handprints laced throughout the saga, I actually feel like it pays it off better. Now it’s all making a lot more sense, and I think there’s a lot of really cool things they can do with this movie.

GODZILLA X KONG Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Plot Details, Reaction & Things You Missed
GODZILLA X KONG Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Plot Details, Reaction & Things You Missed

I really don’t know where things are going to go from here, but I have to say, this teaser makes me think they could be building things in a really cool direction. I did have some issues with the last movie, and you could kind of tell it had been cut down quite a bit. Still, though, I thought there was a lot there to like, and the rumors are that they’ve been given a lot more room to breathe on this film. I think that’s something that should be the case, and it feels like we’ve subtly had this movie’s villain hinted at in a lot of other films.

I really think that’s some top-notch storytelling, and I’m excited to see what else the film builds upon.

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