STARSHIP TROOPERS Explained: The Insane Theory ...

STARSHIP TROOPERS Explained: The Insane Theory That Changes EVERYTHING

STARSHIP TROOPERS Explained: The Insane Theory That Changes EVERYTHING

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Paul and today I want to talk about Starship Troopers.

The 1997 classic is one of my favourite sci-fi films of all time, but the more I look into it, the more I start to see. Now, on the surface, the film features Johnny Rico leading his squad to glory against the big bad bugs.

But what if… what if I told you that the main call to arms was secretly a false flag caused by humanity. Now, the event I’m talking about is the destruction of Buenos Aires, which acts as a way to get people to enlist.

You probably think I’m mental, right… well, let’s put on our tin foil hats and hopefully by the end of this, I manage to convince you.

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With that out of the way, thank you for clicking this. Now let us dive into Starship Troopers.


Ok, so to set the stage, we see Johnny Rico getting kicked out of the military. This is due to the accidental death that ends up happening under his command. Video calling his parents, they’re happy that he’s coming back, but something strange then happens as the call ends.

Moments later, we find out an asteroid has hit the planet and wiped out Johnny’s home, leaving nothing but ash. Immediately, you want to join in the fight and head out to stamp down the bugs.

“The only good bug is a dead bug.”

We find out after that people are now enlisting en masse, and in many ways, it reflects real life. The official stats in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor say that 134,000 Americans joined the military within 30 days of it. Less than a year later, there were 50 million Americans working for the war effort, showing how much those drove up registration.

There were even rumors at the time that the president knew of the attack and even let it happen as it could act as a way to get people to enlist. Now that… that’s a crazy conspiracy theory, but… the one I’ve got for you today, I swear it’s true.

That is, the entire bug attack was orchestrated by the humans in order to get people to enlist. This would help to secure military funding and mean that the federation stays operational. Now, what the film does is that it paints a society that’s wholly reliant on there being an enemy.

STARSHIP TROOPERS Explained: The Insane Theory That Changes EVERYTHING
STARSHIP TROOPERS Explained: The Insane Theory That Changes EVERYTHING

The entirety of civilization that we see is built off the back of military rule. Whether it’s the classroom, the constant propaganda ads running, or even how you get citizenship, it’s all building off the back of being in the military.

At the school, we see people protesting, though, and you could argue that there are certain people who don’t want this to be. Some people might even question if the war’s worth it because all we’d get is a desolate planet. However, those in charge need to keep things moving, and in order to do this, we need to have an enemy.

If there isn’t a war, then their society could collapse, and who knows what would happen to the government. Now from what we see, humans have stopped fighting amongst themselves, and even the criminals are executed quickly. We meet a prisoner who’d been caught for a murder, and within 24 hours, he was tried and executed. This shows how unquestioned the government is and how quickly they can push things through.

Again, people might start to question this, and thus they need something that pulls us all together. This is something that Watchmen, of course, touched upon with a false flag attack happening at the end of that.

Now this just sounds like a craaaaazy theory, so let’s look at the science behind it.


So at two points in the movie, we see the distance between Earth and Klendathu, which is shown to us in the propaganda news reports.

The first one of these happens at the beginning when we get the news report explaining the bug meteor.

Now I’m not somewhat of a scientist myself, but these clearly are billions or even trillions of light-years away.

The second report comes right after the asteroid strike, which shows the path it traveled on from Klendathu.

Now as we know, the planets in the solar system are constantly moving and spinning around in space.

Where we are now won’t be where we even are in half a second’s time, and we’re moving at vast speed throughout the cosmos.

Thus, in order for the bugs to hit us, they’d have to be next level at math.

The way it’s explained to us is that meteors orbit their planet, providing them with an unlimited amount of ammo. From the planet, a bug then fires up into space and knocks one of these towards the earth.

So let me get this straight, right, they do that, and then the meteor travels across the universe and gets a bullseye on us. In order to pull this off, you’d not only have to know where you were in space but then also know where the earth was. You’d then have to work out where it would be in a trillion light-years’ time and also what exact angle to hit the meteor.

This would need to be worked out so that when you hit it, it travels on a straight path directly to us.

You see, with that distance, that kind of distance mate, even if you get it wrong by a degree, it’s gonna miss us by trillions and trillions of miles.

STARSHIP TROOPERS Explained: The Insane Theory That Changes EVERYTHING
STARSHIP TROOPERS Explained: The Insane Theory That Changes EVERYTHING

Let’s pull that map back up and draw a straight line between our planets so you can get an idea of what I mean.

Now let’s move that line by just one degree so you can see how much of a difference it makes. Now this is without even factoring in that all these planets and systems are constantly spinning at a rate that adds countless extra variables.

In order for the bug to pull this off, they’d have to have shot the meteor aeons ago. They’d also have to know what the mass of the rock was and also what speed to hit it at to make sure it traveled to the point we’d be at. You’d also have to be aware of how fast planets move, and yeah… no way can these bugs do all that.

From what we see, they don’t have any technology and most likely wouldn’t have even known we existed back when they needed to fire at the meteor.

It’s clear that the official human stance is that the bugs aren’t intelligent, and this is hammered home by this line.

So clearly, humanity thinks bugs are dumb and wouldn’t be capable of carrying this out. On top of it, there’s just too many variables, mate, and this is made more complex by another scene.

That happens with the crew of the Roger Young, which we see piloted by Captain Carmen. Carmen ends up encountering the meteor that later on ends up hitting the planet. The ship hits against it and barely scrapes by, but again, this is something that would make it change course.

Going back to the idea of angles, this would cause it to veer off course slightly, meaning that the meteor would’ve missed anyway. So technically… technically, the Roger Young might have been what caused it to hit Earth.

I’m not buying it, though; I think it was always a false flag, and in the opening report, something else seems afoot.

In it, we see another rock heading towards the earth, and this is again about to hit Buenos Aires. This is located in South America, which we can see the meteor heading towards. However, we’re saved by this brand-new ship, which the federation now has for planetary defense.

No doubt that cost a bunch, but because of the attack, the government obviously funded it. No matter what, they’ll always have money for wars, and this is, of course, something that we’ve seen in real life.

Now, on top of this, look at the animation that they knock out to showcase the attack. I know Kevin Spoilers has a reputation for getting videos out quickly, but I don’t even think we could’ve got this report out seconds after it happened.

It’s detailed, has a mix of graphics, and lots of footage of the aftermath that would’ve just happened mere minutes before. How they would’ve managed to get this, compile it, and put it in a report, you couldn’t bloody do it, and it shows that they likely had this all to hand. It’s like when they say, ey that footage is from another thing, you know mate, you’ve seen it when they say one tragic event is using something from something else.

The reports also make it clear that they didn’t use wormhole technology and that the asteroid traveled directly from Klendathu. I’ve seen that often used as a reason to explain it, but yeah, I doubt the bugs have any grasp of the understanding of how black hole and wormholes work and if they’d even transport a meteor to the right place to continue its journey.

Also, let’s dive into the ethics of journalism to talk about what’s going on.

Normally when attacks happen like this in real life, we wait until there’s one of two things.

That is an investigation into who carried it out, which normally takes several hours. Either that or a group claims credit for it and comes forth as the ones behind it.

There’s no way that humanity would be able to say that this was the bugs in such a short space of time. This is literally 30 seconds after Rico’s phone call, which isn’t near enough time to know if it’s the case.

Even if they had that assumption, you’d still want to double-check it, but nope, ready to just blame them straight away.

Now I’m no bug sympathizer, but they didn’t own up to it either. Again, humanity also thinks bugs are stupid, so why would they immediately know it was them.

No… no, you scumbag… no, I think they were in on it, and they either let it happen or carried it out themselves. This is all to continue the industrial military complex and gain support for spending and enlistment in the war. Telling people there’s an enemy, that’s one thing, but showing that enemy can eradicate you, that’s another. Humanity clearly wants Klendathu, which we know from hints towards colonization, and they clearly want us to agree that’s the right thing to do. I know it’s true, I know I can prove it, and I’m so glad you listened, so we know the truth.

Who… who’s that… quick… quick, share this video… expose the truth, the truth is out there… wake up, spoiler society.

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