THE BOYS Season 4 Trailer Explained: How BLACK ...

THE BOYS Season 4 Trailer Explained: How BLACK NOIR Is Back

THE BOYS Season 4 Trailer Explained: How BLACK NOIR Is Back

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Paul, and in this video, we’re breaking down a big question about “The Boys” Season 4.

That is: How is Black Noir still alive?

The man got given a fatality in Season 3, but we’ve seen him parading about the trailer like nothing’s happened.

Throughout this video, we’re going to be breaking down the big theory times.

About what’s going on and giving our thoughts on why we think this is. Now, this video will contain spoilers for the comics, so if you don’t want what happens in the show potentially ruined, then I recommend you turn off now. I will save that stuff until the end of the video, with a heavy spoilers warning in full effect, though, so you should be safe…FOR NOW.

With that out of the way, a huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into “The Boys” Season 4.


Ok, so firstly, we have to look at what’s going on with Black Noir and how we last left things. Homelander clearly murdered the character, but it’s what happened next that showed there’d been a cover-up.

Now, this kind of ties into the events of Gen V, in which we know that Homelander is going to stand trial. That’s for the murder of Starlight in Season 3, but at no point has Black Noir been mentioned. His name’s been kept out of the headlines, and it’s safe to say the world thinks that he’s alive. This is why he’s rocking the same costume, and I think it goes beyond just passing the mantle. Typically, when a hero tends to take over another hero’s role, they’ll get their own costume to mix things up. That’s been seen recently with Captain America, with Sam Wilson’s now being in line with The Falcon too.

THE BOYS Season 4 Trailer Explained: How BLACK NOIR Is Back
THE BOYS Season 4 Trailer Explained: How BLACK NOIR Is Back

Plus, in the comics, we had several different Soldier Boys, with each one rocking their own unique design.

Now, Black Noir’s costume hasn’t changed, and due to the lack of news, there’s clearly been a cover-up.

I know people saw the shot of him standing with A-Train and The Deep and thought that might be a moment in which they brought the new member in. These drafts were showing during Gen-V, but with Noir, they don’t really need to cover anything up. The man wears a mask, and no one’s seen his face, so all in all, stuff’s gonna be pretty safe.

Now, back in our Gen-V finale, I actually talked about who I thought would take over the role. I gave the theory I thought it would be Sam, but now…I actually don’t think that’s the case.

Now, I know from the comments on the last one that a lot of you were saying that too, and hey…the evidence is kinda there if you look close enough. Sam has a similar sort of power set, and Homelander was watching over him on the Cameron Coleman show. The pair even hallucinate similar sorts of things, with Sam’s puppets replacing Noir’s cute little critters.

However, Nathan Mitchell is still playing Noir, and I dunno if they’d do that if it was gonna be Sam. Instead, I feel like Mitchell might actually get some lines now, and they had to kill off the old version to bring in the new.


Now, there’s also something that could happen if we look at the comics, and that’s the fact that Noir could be a zombie.

In case you don’t know, there are quite a few characters in the comics who get killed and come back as the undead.

Now, the way V works in death is that it supercharges your brain and organs, and your entire corpse is then re-animated.

You’re able to walk around and murmur, but most of the higher brain function is completely gone. What Vought would do is that they’d take one of these heroes and parade them around on a farewell tour. They’d then make up a lie like they were going off to Mars, and the character would then never be seen again.

That happened most notably with Lamplighter, who was locked up in Vought tower and covered in sh*t.

So, I think there is the potential that Noir could even be a zombie, and they might be parading him around to show things are all well and good.

I think if Sam was playing him, they’d probably have him in the role and probably now want to give Nathan Mitchell something to do in the show.

So, that’s Sam and one theory, but there’s another moment in the trailer that could hint at what’s going on.

At one point, we see A-Train picking up a jar which has a strange…strange material in it. Now, in our breakdown, I thought that this could be the virus that Neumann had confiscated from the doctor in the woods.

THE BOYS Season 4 Trailer Explained: How BLACK NOIR Is Back
THE BOYS Season 4 Trailer Explained: How BLACK NOIR Is Back

I also said it could be Stormfront’s hair, with this being the last thing that remains of her after her demise. Before picking it up, there is the photo of her that we can see, and that’s why I drew the connections.

The Boys’ Twitter account actually cleared it up that that’s hair in the jar, and yeah…might…might be pubes.

Now, whether this belongs to Stormfront or Homelander is another thing entirely, but it could be leaning in with the cloning from the comics.

This is the point where we hit the brakes and tell you if you don’t want it ruined, then turn off now. Also, if you’re enjoying the video and want to support the channel, then please consider clicking join to become one of the boys. For 99 cents a month, you’ll get early access to some of our breakdowns, along with things like audio versions of our film analyses and a lot more. A huge thank you to everyone who’s signed up so far, and thanks for making it so I don’t have to get a real job.

Now, the cloning idea takes us into the big reveal in the comics. It turned out that Black Noir was actually a clone of Homelander and that he’d been created for a very specific reason. That was to kill Homelander if he ever went rogue, as Vought needed someone powerful enough to take him out if it came to it.

However, being unable to complete the one thing he’d been created for, the man had been robbed of his purpose in life. It would be like if your one purpose in life was to hit the like button, and you didn’t. Slowly, you’d go crazy, and Black Noir then put in place a plan to send Homie off the deep end.

Dressing up as him, he’d go out and commit heinous acts like eating babies and murdering people en masse.

He’d then photograph these moments and send them to Homelander, which made him start tripping balls. The man couldn’t remember doing it, and he was worried that he’d started to go insane himself. However, this eventually emboldened him because he believed that no one was going to stop him, no matter what. Thus, in the end, he created a supe uprising and stormed the White House, which is where he killed President Victor Neumann. You see where this is going, mate.

In the end, the army arrived and sent Butcher in to stop him. Black Noir also arrived as well, and it was at this point that we got the reveal about who he really was.

Now, after giving you an omnibus worth of story, I don’t think that they’re going to do this. That’s purely because Homelander has selected who the new members of the Seven are, and he’s clearly wanting people who are onside.

The man didn’t even mind attacking the Guardians of Godolkin, and this was because he’d seen they’d happily fight against other supes if it was the right thing to do. In the past, Homelander had issues in the Seven because people like Maeve and Starlight have stood up to him. Thus, the new members are probably handpicked by him, and I’m guessing that includes Noir too.

Now, again, this may mean that it’s Sam, as he was watching him on the news and smirking away.

He would be someone that could fit into the role, but then I kinda have to worry about what would happen with Cate. People would also probably ask questions about where the new Guardians of Godolkin went, and thus, I think it might just be easier to keep things simple and have him remain as a Guardian, with the Seven being their own thing.


There were a ton of different teams in the comics, and barely any of the members in them made their way up to being in the ranks of the Seven. I think it makes more sense for Homelander’s followers to be spread out in other teams instead of just getting them all into that one group.

Still, though, they may be going the clone route, and potentially they’ve made someone that can be controlled by Homelander rather than us getting what happens in the comics.

THE BOYS Season 4 Trailer Explained: How BLACK NOIR Is Back
THE BOYS Season 4 Trailer Explained: How BLACK NOIR Is Back

Honestly, anything could happen, but I kinda feel the Sam thing might have been teased at the end of Gen-V if that was the case. Now, guess what, mate, I want you to do some bloody work instead of me. Drop a comment below with your best theory about what’s going on, and if it turns out to be right, you’ll have evidence that you’re a genius.

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With that out the way, huge thank you for sitting through the video, I’ve been your host and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace.

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