THE BOYS Season 4 Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eg...

THE BOYS Season 4 Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Gen-V, Hidden Details, Comics And Reaction

THE BOYS Season 4 Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Gen-V, Hidden Details, Comics And Reaction

Ok, so The Boys Season 4 trailer is now out, and throughout this video, we’re gonna be breaking it all down. CCXP is now happening in Brazil, and over the weekend, we’re getting some big first looks. That includes this and House of the Dragon, along with Godzilla X Kong dropping tomorrow. Obviously, I’m gonna be covering it all, so make sure you’re subscribed to not miss those videos. However, I just wanna get straight into this, and just to set the groundwork, here’s where we left things. Season 3 had Butcher taking V24, for which, in the end, left him with a death sentence. That’s given the man about 18 months to live, and now he’s gotta ramp things up to finish his mission. As for Homelander, he murdered a Starlighter at a protest, and since then, has been gearing up to go on trial.

Now, we know this because of Gen V, which if you haven’t seen…what the…what the bloody hell’s wrong with ya. I’m gonna talk a bit about what happens there, so if you don’t want spoilers for that, then please skip ahead. It’s kinda difficult to talk about where things are with this if we don’t touch upon it, but I’d rather you experienced all the twists and turns.


Boiled down to as spoiler-light as I can get it, though, that show had a virus being developed in the school. This attached itself to the cells in compound V, and in the end, it only targeted the supes. Completely killing them, this could wipe them all out, and we ended with Butcher coming across the experiments. Just before that, we had Homie watching things fall into place too, after he’d arrived at the school and apprehended our heroes. There we gonna take the fall for what had been a massacre, with him watching on from Vought tower as the messages piled in. Definitely go check that series out, as I can’t overstate how good it actually is.

Now, this position is sort of where we pick up in the trailer, with Homelander again up in his room. This is a similar thing to what we got with the season 3 trailer, with a lot of the shots mirroring how that opened too. Every time focus is given to Homelander’s back, I can’t help but think about how they give a lot of focus to the American flag. That’s something that Eric Kripke has discussed throughout the seasons, and he’s gone into what angles they’re satirizing in this season.

THE BOYS Season 4 Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Gen-V, Hidden Details, Comics And Reaction
THE BOYS Season 4 Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Gen-V, Hidden Details, Comics And Reaction

Now, disclaimer mate, I don’t really care about what your politics are, and to be honest, I’m not really in the loop of how stuff’s going out in the US at the moment…unless it’s the whole George Santos thing ’cause…man said he produced a Spider-Man Musical on Broadway, and as soon as I heard that…I had a cheeky…cheeky look.

Either way, though, yeah, I’m just gonna say what the producers of the show said, so any allusions to real-life politicians are from their mouth and not mine.

Now, Homelander being on trial is meant to loosely be similar to what’s happening with Trump’s trial at the moment. Many people also took the ending shot of Gen V as being a similar smile to DeSantis, and Eric Kripke has brought him up when talking about the show.

He said, “They’re up against the DeSantis ticket. That’s part of the fun of getting into Season 4, which we’re just figuring out for this, but he’s got a crazy ticking clock. He’s got so much to do that he hasn’t done.”

So, Homelander is going all out there while he’s getting scrutinized in the public eye, and it’s clear that Vought is now fully backing him. Not only is Cameron Coleman covering the story in his favor, but we’ve also got Ashley out here promoting the hashtag Home Free.

Now, I think that this is all gonna lead us to the White House, which is a big thing that happens in the comics. Homelander ends up creating a supe uprising, which was somewhat also hinted at during Gen V. Man ended up taking down the heroes after realizing that they’d been having to attack other violent supes. The two behind the massacre were propped up as the heroes, and he’s clearly wanting people for his army.

Now, in the comics, he ended up storming the White House and killing then-President Victor Neuman. In the show, we’ve, of course, got Victoria Neuman, but they have changed things beyond just the character’s gender. Victoria here is also a supe and she tried to dispose of the virus during Gen V. I actually think she might be the one who helps to get the heroes out in that, but that’s just one big theory time…theory time…theory time.

Now her campaign with Robert Singers really mounting up to leading her to go right to Washington. I feel like she’s gonna then be someone that takes Singer out, which is something that Vic also did to the president in the comics. He then got made the country’s president and then Homelander ended up killing him in the end.


So, yeah, I kinda feel that’s where things could be going as Homie feels like he’s getting more and more powerful. Now, on the flip side of this, we have Butcher with the virus, which is also similar to something that he did in the comics. Butcher found a way to kill all the supes on earth by using a specific frequency that blew off their heads. This is likely what they gonna try and use the virus for, with it being Butcher’s final act, like how that is in the comics. At that point, Homelander wasn’t around anymore, but I can’t see how you do the show without him. So instead, I think the virus thing will happen while he’s still alive, and we’ll have Butcher probably die from his own ailments after failing to release.

Least I think anyway. The show and comics are never one for one, and we have lots of new elements involving Ryan. Kripke has stated that he’s gonna be a big driving force of this season too, and as I’m sure you all know, the kid wasn’t in the comics either.

There were theories during season 2 that thought he might be Soldier Boy, but these were all cast out after Jensen Ackles came in. Still, though, he’s actually his grandson, so maybe those theory times…weren’t too far off. I wonder if he’s gonna take up the mantle from his dear old grandad, and then you’ll have father and son working together like a sort of Batman and Damian Wayne Robin thing.

THE BOYS Season 4 Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Gen-V, Hidden Details, Comics And Reaction
THE BOYS Season 4 Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Gen-V, Hidden Details, Comics And Reaction

You’ll also have Butcher trying to lead him away from the dark side too, with Kripke comparing the situation to the sitcom My Two Dads. Huge shoutouts to Collider for compiling some info about this and talking about every time he’s touched upon it in an interview.

They stated that Kripke views The Butcher and Homelander as parallels, stating he considers their relationship like Batman and The Joker or Holmes and Moriarty. Aside from a deep, personal hatred, there lies an intimate understanding of one another. With the stakes rising as Ryan grows up, the two men have much more in common than they’d like to admit. Kripke stated the next season will also largely focus on the rise of Victoria Neuman. A morally gray supe in the White House that can kill anyone instantly will likely be an issue for both Vought and The Boys.

Huge shoutouts again to Collider for that, and we also know on top of this what the episodes are gonna be called.

Their names are: Department of Dirty Tricks, Life Among the Septics, We’ll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here, Wisdom of the Ages, Beware of the Jabberwock, My Son, Dirty Business, The Insider, and Assassination Run.

All of them are named after comic issues other than We’ll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here and Beware of the Jabberwock, My Son. The latter comes from a poem, whereas the flag comes from the song Red Flag by Jim Connell.

Assassination Run focuses on the calm before the storm, with it setting up Homelander’s rising before everything falls apart.

I can see that leaving things on a cliffhanger, and then it’ll all ramp up for the events of Season 5.

On top of this, there’s gonna be two new supes added to the mix. They are Firecracker and Sister Sage. Neither appear in the comics, so there’s no real predictions for where we can go with it, but the creative team always smashes it with the new characters, so I’m hyped to see what happens with them.

When discussing the pair, Kripke said:

“These new Supes are some of the best & craziest ever written for The Boys. You are going to love them. And by love, I mean be absolutely horrified & a tiny bit nauseous. Welcome To The Family You Guys.”

Simon Pegg has also said that he’s appearing in 4 of the episodes and that this is gonna be the craziest season yet. On top of this, we also have Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who many thought was gonna play Tek Knight.

As we now know, that won’t be the case, but he has described his character as making the show filthier.


Now that wraps up the trailer, and we also know that we’re getting a big spinoff with The Boys Mexico coming soon. There’s also gonna be more seasons of Gen V, and Kripke has said that Season 4 won’t be the end of this either. Normally, I get a bit worried when they start announcing 40 spin-off shows as you never know if the quality will be retained.

Still, though, Gen V gave me faith, and I think that they can probably get away with doing more stuff. That was so good, and Season 4 looks amazing, so I’m really hyped to see where things go. This looks like it’s building off what’s come before and taking things in really big directions that feel like it’s building perfectly off the comics.

THE BOYS Season 4 Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Gen-V, Hidden Details, Comics And Reaction
THE BOYS Season 4 Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Gen-V, Hidden Details, Comics And Reaction

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At least they tell me that… better not be slagging the boss off behind my back.

Anyway, if you want something else to watch, then please check out our breakdown of our theories for Invincible Season 2, which will be linked on screen now. That’s coming out in 2024, and I can’t wait to see what Amazon does with it.

With that out of the way, a huge thank you for sitting through this video, and I’ll see you on the next one. Just realized I haven’t even introduced myself… my name’s Paul if this is your first time here, and thank you for sitting up until the end.


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