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HAWKEYE Episode 4 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | MCU Easter Eggs & Things You Missed

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Hawkeye Episode 4 is now out and we’re past the halfway point of the season. This has a hell of a lot to unpack from it and throughout the video, we’re gonna be breaking down the easter eggs, hidden details, things you missed and also give our thoughts on it.

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With that out the way thanks for clicking this, now let’s get into Hawkeye.

Ok, so last week we watched as Kate and Hawkeye escaped the clutches of the Tracksuit Mafia. After learning of a mysterious figure controlling it all they set out to uncover the truth and ended up coming face to face with Jack in Kate’s mother’s Penthouse.

One thing I forgot to mention last week is that the young Maya Lopez was actually played by Alaqua Cox’s cousin, huge shoutouts to Kang Variant on Twitter for sending that through and there was also a young Kazi at the karate school who is a character that we’ll talk about later on.

Now the episode is called ‘partners am, I right?’ And this is clearly in Kate’s voice who throughout the entry tries to push the idea that she and Clint are a team but in the end, he shuts this down.

We pick up immediately where we left off with both Jack holding the sword to Archer’s throat and we also see that Elanor is there too. We then get the title screen which has two arrows hitting the bullseye on the A. This was also present in the second episode however for episode 3 no arrows appeared and that’s because the opening was centred around Echo. The two arrows of course represent Clint and Kate who are working as a team for this one.

From here we get a scene that was released on Youtube last night by Disney and it completely killed the tension of last weeks ending. It’s ok though Feige I forgive you.

Now in the scene, Clint, Kate, Elanor and Jack sit down together to discuss exactly what’s going on. I love how this scene sort of feels like when you introduce your partners to your parents and that’s also sort of what’s going on here. It’s at this moment that Elanor also confirms that it was her laptop that they accessed last week.

In this were lots of connections to the tracksuit mafia as well as Sloan LTD which we learn in this episode Launders money for the tracksuit mafia. We discover that Jack is the CEO of this company and I believe that this is going on under his nose and that someone else who’s using him to do it.

Though Jack was pretty much propped as the Number One suspect, I think it’s become clear now that it’s definitely Elanor as all the clues point to her. I also think that she was the one who killed Armond and she too would have access to the swords that Jack has about the house.

Speaking of Swords the set dressing as one in between the two sides sort of drawing a line between them. Jack thanks Hawkeye for saving the world and this is of course building upon the running gag that everyone is constantly trying to thank him and he hates it.

It’s at this point that he says Kate is working with him and though it’s not an Avengers level threat she’s still helping him out. It’s at this point that Clint goes to leave after spotting the Ronin sword he swipes it. Jack drinks from a cup with hexagons on it and bees in the middle. I’m sure Ryan are bloody loved that the scumbag.

The Swordsman?

We’ve long theorised that Jack is actually gonna be the Swordsman and I do think that the penthouse hints towards this.

In case you don’t know in the comics he has a slightly different origin story and Jack was actually the son of Armand Duquesne.

On Jaques’ 18th birthday Armand told him of his ancestor who was the Crimson Cavalier, a Zorro like character that helped the poor. Shortly after Armand was captured by a group of gangsters and Jacques ended up taking up the mantle to go and rescue him.

Armand sadly died but he continued on as the Crimson Cavalier.

Jacques also features heavily in the Matt Fraction Hawkeye run and in that we learn that he worked as a knife-throwing carnival performer. Here he met a young Clint Barton and over the years he trained him to be a secondary performer in his act.

This led to Clint being a master at throwing weapons and of course archery.

Now though he was initially somewhat of a good guy, The Swordsman, later on, ended up becoming a criminal. In the comics, he actually ended up seeking out the Avengers as that would give him a doorway to commit bigger crimes. However, they turned him down and this is when he became more of a supervillain that ended up going toe to toe with the group.

Clint also ended up going against him in the graphic novel alongside Kate Bishop so it’s gonna be interesting to see how they handle it here. I very much feel like Jack is being used as a red herring and that he won’t actually be bad. My suspicions are way more centred on Eleanor and though Kingpin is probably gonna have a big presence too I can see her being the main bad guy before he becomes the main one in the Echo spin-off.

Now as Elanor escorts Clint to the elevator we can see in the corner that there are red and blue swords which to me represent the Cavalier and also the Swordsman. I think these two coloured ones were put there for a reason and I’d love to see Jack in a costume come the end of the season.

Elanor rightly brings up to Clint that Natasha died at his side and even if I do think she’s the new Mephisto it’s clear that she cares for her daughter. Elanor, of course, lost her husband during the battle of New York and though the theories right now say that he probably faked his death I’m not so sure. I doubt that he would miss out on so much of his daughter’s life just for insurance money and I think Elanor could’ve taken him out to get the cash for the house. We know from what she said that she came from a poor background and clearly don’t want to lose it.

Clint gets laura to search for Sloan LTD and we see Elanor leaving a voicemail for a mysterious figure who could either be the mastermind behind it all or one of the Mafia members. Hell, it might even be Val and this could be why we get an appearance by the character that we do later on in the entry.

Laura has a couple of things we learn about too and she speaks German at one point in order to avoid talking shop in front of the kids. Now she asks if anything else from the compound went missing and other than the Rolex Clint says he doesn’t think so. It’s clear this item is very important and though we don’t learn what the Rolex is for it could have a hidden attribute.

The Rolex itself could contain some Iron Man armour or nanotech and we know from Civil War that Tony has had these in his timepieces at certain points.

There are several pieces of Iron Man armour there, time machines and also the Mark 2 Warmachine suit. We know that Armour Wars is right around the corner as a Disney Plus series and if the villains managed to get their hands on a suit it could lead into that. The ending of Falcon and The Winter Soldier also teased that Sharon Carter aka The Power Broker now had access to everything in the US military so potentially this all could be leading into that.

Clint said it belonged to someone and this could end up being either Tony or Nat which would explain why he wants it back. However, going beyond that it could actually be tied to Laura since she knows so much about it. Potentially she was an agent too and it could contain info on her and her past. He says the owner of it has been out of the game for a long time so I think it might belong to her.

Back at the Penthouse, Elanor and Jack talk about Kate like she’s not in the room and it’s clear they just see her as a kid.

Jack seems like a really nice guy in this scene and he clearly makes not only Elanor happy but Kate too by putting a smile on her mothers face. He also misquotes Forrest Gump and I really just don’t get the feeling that he’s the one controlling it all. Guys too nice like your Uncle Kevin Spoilers and there’s no way that he could be your uncle.

Their happiness makes Kate realise that Clint is alone on the holidays because of her and we cut to him reaching in the freezer to put frozen food on his wounds. This was something that she, of course, did in the second episode and this actually calls back to the comics in which Kate used frozen food to numb her wounds and as always it’s all connected. See I did the voice.

I love how they had to keep the Tattoo on Clint’s arm as he of course got it in Endgame and they now have to constantly have it whenever he’s wearing a t-shirt. We can also once more spot the creature of the dark galaxy poster which had Moira Brandon’s name on it who also owns this apartment. In the comics, Moira ended up setting up the estate that would become the home of the west coast avengers so it’s nice they gave her a nod in this hideout.

hawkeye kate bishop series disney plus explained breakdown

It’s a Wonderful life

Kate arrives wearing a Santa hat which is somewhat an opposite to the comics as in those it was Clint who wore it throughout the Christmas issue.

This scene has so much character development in it and Clint once more says that there are no trick arrows which he also said in Episode 2. Technically he wasn’t lying as he explains that there are no trick arrows themselves, only trick arrowheads. This prompts Kate to bring up a boomerang arrow which played a big part in the comics. During the car chase with the tracksuit mafia, it was actually ended by one of the members holding Clint hostage. He ordered Kate to put down the bow and arrow and Clint told Kate to let it go and she then fired it into the air. This then came back around and took the mafia member out and Clint explained that it was a boomerang one.

I do believe that Boomerangs arrows will pop up, potentially as the final one as this will complete the set of trick arrows. Boomerangs later pop up when we enter Maya’s apartment and it could be foreshadowing that this is how Kate will defeat her.

He also tells her how to hit a double bullseye by using wooden arrows and I kinda think this might end up coming back up in the season.

They also bring up Budapest and what happened there. We learned the other side of this in Black Widow and discovered that Clint was sent there to kill Nat but she ended up defecting. Yelena of course pops up at the end of the episode and I think the story of Budapest will be relayed in the next entry which will clear him with her. On the tv, the pair also watch it’s a wonderful life. This movie is about someone seeing what would have happened if they never existed and I think it perfectly reflects this moment. Clint clearly wrestle with the sacrifice Nat made in Endgame and I think it’s clear that he wonders what would’ve happened if he’d died instead of her. He refers to her as the best and I think a reason why he doesn’t want to accept thanks or praise for saving the world is that he thinks Natasha should be the one getting it instead of him.

When we think about Endgame he didn’t really do anything in order to get the stone and though he put himself forward, Nat gave her life whilst he just collected it. Obviously, there’s a lot laced throughout this subtext and Id love to hear your thoughts on it.

He lost his family after the snap but he had to lose a friend to get them back. Kate realises he’s the Ronin and Clint further gives clues that he was hired by certain people. I’m gonna be discussing the Kingpin theories later on in the breakdown but the idea that he was used as a weapon could be hinting to us that he was hired by someone to take the Mafia out.

There’s also the possibility that this was Val and that she pinned Nat’s death on him so that he wouldn’t be able to expose her. He ends up unplugging and reminiscing over the tragedies in his life. This includes the snap and also killing two people in a car as the Ronin. I don’t know who these people are but with it being at night and in a vehicle it could be a scene that happens just before the Fatman auto repair moment that we got last week.

Clint can be seen drinking from a purple Thanos was right mug and we also catch Kate wearing an arrow t-shirt with a dog silhouette in the middle. In the comics, Pizza dog was originally called Arrow but after Clint rescued him he changed the name to Lucky because it was a bit too on the nose. I’m not sure what the writing says but I believe that it says like, comment, subscribe. Now if you know what it actually means then please drop it below and let us know. It appears to be in Russian which could be foreshadowing a big Russian showing up later on.

Through his tracer arrow, they follow where they’ve been taken to and this brings Kate face to face with the Larpers. I didn’t really like the scene in the second episode but ey, I’m no longer being a scrooge and I quite enjoyed this one. I actually kinda hope they’re used in the final battle in some way as it would help Clint even the odds against the Mafia. In the comics, they ended up storming the apartment block that Clint owned. The residents ended up coming together to stop them and the character Grills was actually someone who lived there, potentially setting up them becoming more involved.

Here we’re introduced to Wendy Conrad who is actually a mercenary in the comics. She was given the task of cutting off Hawkeyes arm so that he wouldn’t be able to use a bow and arrow again and this was somewhat teased in What If when we saw that he’d had it taken off by Ultron. He did get a robot one in that but it would be interesting if him getting disarmed ey, somewhat popped up in the series.

Cut to Kazi at what I believe is Fatman auto repair. On the wall, we can see that there are two colours with teal tiling on the bottom and white on the top.

If you cast your mind back to the last episode this was also on the wall when Maya pulled up so I believe it’s the same location.

We catch up with Kazi as does Clint and here he tries to make a deal to smooth things over with him and Echo.

Now as for Kazi, much like Jack he’s been changed up quite a lot from the source material. In the Hawkeye run, he was a serial killer who ended up working alongside the Mafia rather than being with them from an early age. With him and Echo going to the same Karate school as kids I kinda feel like this was actually set up as a recruitment centre for the mafia in which they could see which kids were adept at fighting and then take them under their wing. This would explain why they had such a presence at the dojo and why we got introduced to Uncle there.

In the comics, Kazi’s family was killed when he was very young and he moved to America and became a Mercenary. He worked for several crime bosses including the kingpin and the owl before aligning with the Mafia to kill Clint.

In the comics, Kazi actually killed Grills which doesn’t bode well for our favourite Larper.

He also ran into Kate at several points and the two went on somewhat of a date together which could’ve been given a nod to when she called him the hot guy. Kazi wore clown paint when doing most of his crimes and he actually was the one who made Clint deaf by stabbing him in the ears with his own arrows.

Shortly after he also shot Clint’s brother but he was eventually taken out after Clint flicked a toothpick in his eye and beat the crap out of him.

He’s been changed up massively for this show but I just thought I’d cover exactly what’s happened with him in case they reference it more.

Now I do feel like the coin scene that they have where Clint teachers Kate how to use it as a weapon will pop up again at some point and potentially this will be used to take out Kazi in the show much like how the toothpick was used in the comics.

Uncle Fisk?

Now as for Kingpin there’s been several clues that have hinted towards his appearance. In episode 3 we were of course introduced to Uncle at the dojo and the black suit that the character was wearing was very similar to what he had on in the first season of Daredevil. There was also the characters laugh and add to that the fact that his footsteps were much heavier than Maya’s dad. Plus when she was older we watched as she went to Fat Man auto repair which was probably a nod to the Kingpins Nickname.

Just in the same way that Trust A Bro was a front for the Tracksuit Mafia I feel like Fat Man was a nod to the Kingpin. There were several landmarks that also appeared in the series including the building in episode 1 which Wilson ended up buying in Daredevil Season 3.

I Kinda have a theory that Kingpin actually tipped the Ronin off to Echos dads location and this would somewhat pull from the comics. In that, it was actually the Kingpin that killed him and in her dad’s dying breath he asked the crimelord to look after his daughter. Echo later discovered this and she ended up turning against him which will likely be the plot of her solo show. We know from the start of episode 3 that Maya’s dad owed a lot of money so potentially Kingpin had him taken out to settle the debt.

Now beyond that, if you’ve been paying attention to interviews and comments floating around about the MCU then you’ll have seen that on Wednesday former cast members from Waynes World confirmed a big bit of info. When discussing Spider-man No Way Home, Kevin Feige announced that going forward Charlie Cox will be playing Matt Murdock in the MCU. There are rumours that he will be potentially showing up in No Way Home and there’s been a number of reports saying that he’ll be a character in Echo too.

Now right after the announcement, Vincent D’ofrio popped up on Twitter to congratulate Charlie and the guy has constantly been talking about the show itself which of course teased his return.

Though Deborah Ann Wool hasn’t been confirmed as returning he did bring her up too and I think it would be great to see Karen come fully into the MCU along with Foggy. I’ve been rewatching Daredevil from the start and it’s such a good series that I think has so many characters in it that would work really well in these more grounded stories.

Now Clint brings up the fact that the boss doesn’t want anyone to know about him and this does mirror the crime boss. Throughout Daredevil he didn’t even allow anyone to say his name and this would explain why he goes by monikers such as Uncle. He says that Mayas need for vengeance is gonna get her killed and that she’s chasing a ghost. Her vendetta could very much be the end of her and I love this conversation as it shows Clint will do anything to avoid escalation.

Clint reunites with Kate and the Larpers and I kinda have a feeling that this armour might show up later on in the series. She also asks them to help with Clint’s costume and we know from the trailers that he will be wearing one later on in the season.

We discover the Rolex wasn’t destroyed and that it’s at 3715 Godfrey Road which we discover is Maya’s apartment.

The pair scope it out and Hawkeye tells Kate that it’s best not to rush ahead without thinking and to remain behind as a lookout but ignores this.

In the room, a strobe light goes off and this is used as an alarm for deaf people as they, of course, can’t hear the sound. We see the putty arrows return once more. Kate finds the watch which is when Kate talks about it belonging to a friend and she also discovers that there are notes being taken on his family. Maya ambushes Kate and the pair go head to head which is when we learn that someone else is there fighting Clint.

hawkeye black widow yelena belova natasha romanoff explained breakdown florence pugh

Yelena Be Cool

Now here we’re introduced to Sam Fisher…sorry Yelena Belova who has returned to take Clint down. If you cast your mind back to the ending of Black Widow then you might remember that in the post-credits scene that Clint was framed for killing Nat. Val ended up giving Yelena the task of taking him down and she also presented her with an image of him in the Ronin suit. This is somewhat similar to the Hawkeye run in that a videotape of Clint apparently killing a dictator was used to frame him and this was sold at an auction which the first episode of course referenced.

I absolutely love the look of her costume here and it actually pulls heavily from the comics especially the goggles that she’s wearing.

Now through a zipline arrow, Kate manages to catch up with Clint but she gets stuck halfway. Yelena inadvertently brings her down and Maya joins them on the roof. For a long time people have been hyping up Kate vs Yelena and it’s great watching it go down. We see Yelena bust out the Black Widow bracelets to stun Maya and these were of course worn by her sister.

Yelena throws her over the roof but Clint reaches out to grab her which of course calls back to the moment in which Natasha fell to her death. We even get musical notes from the Vormir scene at this moment clearly hinting at what’s come before. Clint tells her to get out of there as he doesn’t want to lose another partner but Kate returns and ends up using a flashbang type arrow which stuns her and this allows Clint to take off her mask.

Kate ends up putting an arrow in Maya and Yelena flees after realising she’s beat. She clearly knows that Kate won’t kill her and I can’t wait to see part two of this fight. Clint decides that it’s too dangerous for Kate and losing one partner already, plus the please of Elanor makes him realise that she has to go home.

She does this but we of course know that she will be back before too long.

It has been said that Episode 5 is gonna be the one that blows up Twitter so I’m guessing that Kingpin will appear finally in that one and then Matt Murdock will return for No Way Home which will fully cement the Netflix characters are back. It’s been a long time coming and though it’s still not definite yet, it does seem to be heading that way.

Now as for my thoughts on the show so far I feel like this episode was slightly weaker than the last one but still, it was a really really good one. I know I was on a complete downer for the first two episodes but in case I didn’t hammer it home enough last week I actually thought that that was one of the best Disney Plus MCU episodes that we’d ever had. I think my main issue with the series early on was that we pretty much had 90 minutes where Clint and Kate weren’t really working together all that much, but seeing them more as a team now just adds so much to the series. They’ve got such a cool dynamic and together they’re used to great effect not only in the action scenes but also in the more heartfelt ones.

This was another great episode but even if I said it wasn’t bruh there’s nothing you could do. Youtube removed the dislike count now so even if I come out here and said you’re the worst subscriber I’ve ever had you wouldn’t be able to do anything, sucker.

I’m just kidding mate I love you, you know you’re my number one viewer.

Now what I love about the series so far is that it’s got this really amazing chase feel to it at this point and just knowing the threat of the mafia and all the crimelords are out to get Kate and Clint really adds to the tension. There are some great new aspects in this episode too and it’s got me so hyped up for what’s to come in the final two episodes which we’ll be back covering next week and the week after.

Spider-man No Way Home drops next Wednesday in England and though I know a lot of my UK heads will want me to have a breakdown on the day of I’m gonna drop Hawkeye on Wednesday and then the one for No Way Home on Thursday to give it room to breathe and also to allow people to go watch the previews and early screenings.

Anyway, that’s the video and obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts so make sure you comment below and let me know.

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If you want something else to watch then make sure you check out our breakdown of 2002s Spider-man which will be linked on screen now. We go over all the cool hidden details in it and it’ll be a good refresher before we get into No Way Home.

With that out the way thank you for sitting through the video, I’ve been Paul and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace


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