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BLACK PANTHER Wakanda Forever Trailer & TV Spots Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Characters Explained

Credit: Marvel Studios (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)

  Ok, so the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is right around the corner, and we have some brand new TV spots and trailers released as the marketing ramps up. Throughout this video, we’re going to go through it all to discuss the hidden details, things you missed, and also give our theories on […]

ANT-MAN And The Wasp Quantumania Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Post Credits Scene, WTF Questions & Review

Credit: Marvel Studios (Quantumania)

Ok, so Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantmania is now out, and throughout this video, we’re going to be breaking down the film, talking about some of the easter eggs, that ending, and also where it could be going in the future. This review is going to contain major spoilers, so if you haven’t had a […]

AVENGERS SECRET WARS Plot Leaks, Early Details And Theories

MCU Multiverse Saga - Leaks

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show! I’m your host Paul, aka The Biggest Kangster on Youtube, and in this video, we’re breaking down some of the big leaks and plot details we’ve heard about Avengers: Secret Wars. Cast your mind back a couple weeks, and you might remember that we did a video discussing the […]

SPIDER-MAN 4, Across The Spider-Verse And Avengers Secret Wars Updates, Leaks And Rumors Breakdown

Spider-Man: All Three

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show! I’m your host Paul, aka your friendly neighborhood Spoiler-man, and in this video, we’re breaking down lots of major Spider-Man news. Not only do we have major announcements on casting news, but I also have some stuff I’ve heard to tell you about how Andrew and Tobey are returning. […]

GUARDIANS Of The Galaxy Volume 3 Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details, Reaction And Baby Rocket

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Ok, so the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 is now out, and in this video, we’re going to be bringing you a big breakdown of the teaser, the hidden details, and also our reaction to it. Now this is picking up in the aftermath of the holiday special. In case you didn’t […]

ANT-MAN And The Wasp Quantumania Ending Explained | Post Credits Scene Breakdown, MCU Future & Phase 5 Predictions

Kang in Quantumania

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I’m your host Paul and this video we’re breaking down the two post credits scenes shown at the end of Ant-Man and The Wasp Quantumania. As is always the case with Marvel movies, the audience is treated to a tease of the future if they kang around until the […]

CAPTAIN AMERICA New World Order & THUNDERBOLTS Breakdown | Everything We Know, Plot Leaks, Red Hulk Harrison Ford Theories And Casting Rumors

Captain America: New World Order and Thunderbolts are some of my most anticipated MCU movies. There seem to be a lot of cool things coming out of them, and with the casting of Harrison Ford as General Ross, I think that the movies are going to be something special. Throughout this video, we’re gonna be […]

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