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MAN OF STEEL Insane Details And Easter Eggs That Only True DC Fans Will Understand

   Man Of Steel is the movie that kick-started the DCEU. In my opinion, it’s the best Superman movie ever made and I think that the film is massively underrated. Throughout this post we’re going to be going through the best easter eggs in the movie that I think will definitely make you appreciate […]

JUSTICE LEAGUE SNYDERCUT Biggest Changes | Henry’s Mustache, Steppenwolf, Darkseid, Lex, Ending & More

Darkseid Snydercut

 In the wake of Zack Snyder’s commentary on Batman V Superman, people are once more crying out for Warner Bros to release the Snyder cut. It’s easy to see why too. Since 2017 we’ve learned a tonne of information on the project and it sounds like the film would’ve really been something special. Zack […]

Every Upcoming DC Movie In Production | Batman, Birds Of Prey, Black Adam, Shazam 2, Wonder Woman 1984 & More

all upcoming dceu movies dc batman 2021 birds of prey shazam 2 black adam wonder woman 1984 aquaman 2 green lantern man of steel joker blackhawk

With Crisis On Infinite Earths knocking it out of the park this week due to its awesome finale, DC fans are now looking to the future to see what’s in store for the universe. Throughout this, we’ll be breaking down all of the upcoming DC Comic Book Movies and discussing their release dates and what […]

Justice League: Snyder Cut Breakdown | FULL PLOT, CHANGES & ENDING EXPLAINED

justice league snyder cut breakdown update everything we know so far deleted scenes changes ending explained spoilers full movie zack snyder interview 4k

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I’m your host Deffinition and if you’re a huge DC fan like me then chances are that you are hoping and praying that one day we get to see the original version of Justice League, lovingly known as The Snyder Cut. It’s been two years since the release of […]

The Arrowverse’s Crisis On Infinite Earths Crossover | Everything We Know So Far

arrowverse crisis on infinite earths crossover explained everything we know so far brandon routh tom welling kevin conroy plot line story and trailer 4k

 The Arrowverse’s Crisis On Infinite Earths is set to be one of the biggest and best crossovers of all time. It’s going to be bringing together one of the most ambitious casts in comic book history to provide a satisfying conclusion to many DC movies and TV Show. Throughout this article we will cover […]

Watching The Watchmen | Doomsday Clock #11 ‘A Lifelong Mistake’ Review

doomsday clock issue 11 a life long mistake review breakdown and predictions watching the watchmen podcast analysis by deffinition and tom kwei

Doomsday Clock Issue 11 Review Story Analysis by Tom Kwei and Deffinition Doomsday Clock is back with Issue 11 ‘A Lifelong Mistake’. We break down the major plot of the issue as well as what we like and dislike about it. There will, of course, be heavy spoilers, offensive language and a general air of […]

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