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Batgirl Cancelled

 Times sure are tough being a DC fan. Whilst Marvel is out here announcing their big movies for the MCU we have Warner Brothers constantly p***ing on us, telling us it’s rain and then whilst we’re busy drying our clothes they’re f**king our mothers. Marvel will give you X-men for Christmas whilst DC will […]

MAN OF STEEL Insane Details And Easter Eggs That Only True DC Fans Will Understand

   Man Of Steel is the movie that kick-started the DCEU. In my opinion, it’s the best Superman movie ever made and I think that the film is massively underrated. Throughout this post we’re going to be going through the best easter eggs in the movie that I think will definitely make you appreciate […]

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five: Volume 2 Review

The final year of Injustice is here and so far the annual event has gotten off to a flying start. It finally feels like all of the pieces are falling into place and there’s a lot of potential in the upcoming books. Throughout this review, I’ll be discussing everything that you need to know about […]

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