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DCU Keeping Ezra Miller Flash? Wonder Woman Plans, Superman & The New Slate

Ezra Miller

Ok so yesterday several big reports on the DCU were released that talked about Ezra Millers Flash, The Rock and also some things about what’s happening with Wonder Woman in the upcoming James Gunn full reboot soft reboot that isn’t a proper reboot but it’s a reboot. People on the internet love nothing more than […]


Batgirl Cancelled

 Times sure are tough being a DC fan. Whilst Marvel is out here announcing their big movies for the MCU we have Warner Brothers constantly p***ing on us, telling us it’s rain and then whilst we’re busy drying our clothes they’re f**king our mothers. Marvel will give you X-men for Christmas whilst DC will […]

MAN OF STEEL Insane Details And Easter Eggs That Only True DC Fans Will Understand

   Man Of Steel is the movie that kick-started the DCEU. In my opinion, it’s the best Superman movie ever made and I think that the film is massively underrated. Throughout this post we’re going to be going through the best easter eggs in the movie that I think will definitely make you appreciate […]

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