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BEN AFFLECK Officially Returning As Batman For Aquaman 2 & Superman Henry Cavill Status Breakdown

We have a major update on Ben Afflecks’ status as the Batman. The actor was said to just be coming back for The Flash movie but we now know that he will be returning in some capacity for Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom. We’re gonna be breaking it all down in this post and I also wanna discuss what I’ve heard is happening with Henry Cavill’s Superman and why there’s so much back and forth over the status of the character.

Secret’s Out

This comes directly from Jason Mamoa who shared a post of both him and Affleck together on Instagram.

Mamoa posted two photos of the pair together with the caption Reunited Bruce and Arthur. The rest of it went on to talk about what happened and apparently they wanted to keep this a secret but a Warner Bros studio tour stumbled on set and went through the backlot. They found a dressing room with the initials B.A. on it and obviously this secret would’ve got out.

Dunno why he couldn’t have just Andrew Garfield his way through the next 6 months but that kind of acting takes a heavy toll.

Either way, Affleck is back and though he might not be donning the cape and cowl he will be there at least as Bruce. This is coupled with him showing up in the Flash so we’ll be getting at least two appearances of him.

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We also have Michael Keaton playing a version of the Dark Knight in that movie as well and we know that he’s returning for Batgirl.

On top of this, we have Robert Pattinson playing Batman and yeah, I don’t think DC know what they’re doing but you know what, I’m here for it.

Just bring every Batman back ever baby. My Batnipples are getting hard.

Our Thoughts 

If you’ve followed the channel for a while then you’ll know that we loved Batfleck in the role and I’m really hyped to see him back. I know there are a lot of arguments online every day about which Batman that DC should be going forward with but if they’re gonna have 3 then f**k it, let them.

I’m a big fan of Keaton, Affleck and Pattinson and if they can find a way for them all to co-exist together in their own timelines then I don’t see why not.


Batgirl Update

Now there is also speculation that Batgirl may be pushed back now, Affleck will cameo in Aquaman and then be killed off in The Flash. I’ve heard a lot of conflicting things about how he’ll be erased but then other things that contradict this and there’s plenty of time for DC to put things in place to go with public opinion.

It’s super confusing if Batgirl doesn’t get delayed and at this point, I’m expecting Batman to show up in the Marvels or some s**t cos DC yeah, who knows what they’re doing.

DC in Hall H

Now DC of course had a panel at Hall H over the weekend where they unveiled the first Shazam trailer and also a new one for Black Adam. I think Marvel came in after them and completely sucked all the wind out the room and after their phase 5 and 6 announcements it was difficult to feel like DC had done all they could.

That’s why I’m surprised that they didn’t announce this there, especially with all the buzz that there was about Henry Cavill showing up which turned out to be untrue. Now Ben was honeymooning at the time with his new wife Jennifer Lopez but they could have said he was going to be in the movie or have done something more.

Aquaman 2 has a lot of people threatening to boycott it because of the whole thing with Amber Heard and though her role has been reduced, that still stands at 4.6 million signatures.

Aquaman non spoilers review

So I think this would’ve helped to restore some faith in the studio, especially for people like me who want to see Batfleck back. Now the filming of Affleck took place during the reshoots for Aquaman 2.

By the way,  every time I say Aquaman some f**king d**khead in the comments is like ‘ah actually it’s pronounced awwwkwaman.’ Yeah, maybe where you live mate, but words yeah, they’re pronounced differently depending on where you live you stupid f**king c**t. It’s 2022 and you still don’t know this you f**king f**k.

Role & Timeline

With this being part of the reshoots I think it shows that Affleck has a minimal role that is likely going to be either part of the film, beginning, ending or even a post-credits scene.

Most of the movie has been shot and it would take so much for them to rework the entire script to have him as a fully fleshed-out character so expect to see him probably pop up for a scene or two at most.

Now I think what will likely be happening with the timeline itself is that The Flash will split things off and we will get The Snyder-verse classed as the previous universe whereas Keaton and co might go forward to the future.

This won’t necessarily mean that things are erased and potentially they can pick up where they left off in another universe if needs be. This will give them an out for if their next universe underperforms and they just decide to go into that.

Pattinson will continue with the Matt Reeves-verse which we know is getting a sequel and I believe the Penguin show is dropping on HBO Max next year. Probably should’ve checked that but ey, but DC clearly have different timelines and universes going on so that they don’t actually have to put a full plan in place like Marvel has.

We still don’t know which continuity that Black Adam is in and in all honesty I don’t think that Warner Brothers know either.

From what I’ve been told, that’s also the case with Henry Cavill too.

Superman Updates 

For the next part of this, I wanna go over what I’ve heard is happening with his version of Superman. It’s probably something you’ve heard touched upon in other things but I just thought I’d go over what I’d heard from people behind the scenes that have their own sources and contacts at Warner Bros.

Now they said that Henry isn’t out completely but that he and the studio are having a lot of difficulties nailing down their terms and conditions.

Personally, when comes to that stuff I just click agree and that’s probably why I’m a Youtuber.

Now David Zaslav took over the control of Warner Brothers after the Discovery merger and he was completely perplexed as to why Cavill had been cut as being the character.

It’s a bit weird that we keep getting these headless cameos and apparently he wants a universe built with him as Superman at the centre of it. Originally there were plans for Supergirl to take over after the Flash and though she’ll still be a big part of the DCEU, Cavill is who is wanted at the centre of it.

However, it’s apparently coming down to money, projects and also what else is going on in the universe.

I think that Black Adam vs Superman would be great but even The Rock seemed to not fully know what was going on with the situation. when asked about a fight between Black Adam a dn Superman he said “it depends on who’s playing Superman”.

So yeah doesn’t exactly seem like a done deal and though actors have been known to play coy with questions on upcoming projects, with Cavill already being cast as him I don’t see why they’d do this.

Why isn’t it Coming Together?

Now Cavill apparently wants more money than the studio is willing to offer and he also wants a sequel whereas they see him doing more cameo-type roles.

They basically want him as a sort of Tony Stark after Iron Man 3 where he pops up in the team-up movies or as someone who acts as a mentor to characters like Supergirl.

However, from what I’ve been told by my uncle, Uncle Kevin Spoilers, he wants a solo movie which the company is unsure about taking a risk on.

There are some higher-ups at Warner Brothers that don’t know how to make the character relevant in these current times and thus they think that anything centred around him would underperform.

If only there was a Superman show on right now that showed you could make him relevant, but I digress.

Now Affleck coming back shows that there is hope. However, he is appearing in a diminished role at the moment where he’s likely just doing a couple of days of shooting whereas Cavill’s parts would be much more demanding. I think it’s still all on the table and hopefully, we hear something locked in soon.

At this point, Man Of Steel was released almost ten years ago and when they were this deep Marvel was up to their third Thor movie whereas we haven’t even had a standalone sequel for DC’s flagship character. Kinda sucks seeing them unveil stuff all the way up to phase 6 whereas I still have no idea what Warner Bros are doing.

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the situation with him, whether you’re happy to see him back or if you’re not. Me, I just wish they’d make a decision instead of these constant teases and actually lock something in place but maybe that’s what they’re doing we just don’t know it.

Also huge shoutouts to the team over at Project Justice League 2 who have just dropped a big trailer for their fan film that takes the original Snyder Storyboards for the sequels and makes them into an animated movie. I’ll link that in the description if you wanna go check it out as it’s definitely worth watching if you want more Snyderverse.


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