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The Best Easter Eggs & Parallels In The MCU From Iron Man to Avengers Endgame, Spiderman Far From Home & More

 If you’ve been following our breakdowns of the MCU movies then you’ll know there are a lot of incredible shots in them that reappear throughout the franchise to signify certain elements and aspects. Throughout this post, we’ll be breaking down the best parallels in the MCU which will hopefully help you to appreciate the […]

CAPTAIN AMERICA The Winter Soldier: Insane Details, Easter Eggs And Things You Missed | MCU INFINITY SAGA

   Whenever someone says that the MCU movies are just theme park rides, I point them to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The political spy thriller is filled to the brim with subtext, social commentary and easter eggs that easily make it one of the best movies that Marvel has ever made. What’s more, […]


   Iron Man kick-started the MCU back in 2008. Had it not been for the film’s success, it’s unlikely that the Marvel Universe would be the way that it is today. Revisiting the movie after binge-watching the Infinity Saga makes it so much better and throughout this post, we’re going to be breaking down […]


 The MCU is filled with hundreds and hundreds of amazing moments. It’s a franchise that truly deserves its legendary status and it’s difficult to not marvel at all its achievements which as of now are unmatched by any other studio. Picking the moment that embodies all that it is is very difficult but there’s […]

Thanos Explained: Full MCU Character Biography, Origins, Creation And Everything You Need To Know

Thanos - Infinity War

   Since his introduction in The Avengers, Thanos has become one of the most fascinating villains ever put to film and throughout this post, we’ll be going over everything you need to know about him. There will be some spoilers here so if you aren’t fully up to speed with the Infinity Saga then […]

Infinity: Volume 2 Review

marvel infinity volume 1 graphic novel breakdown

After a very lacklustre first Volume, I’m hoping that Infinity 2 can pick up the pieces and deliver the story that I’m hoping for but if not then this will probably be one of the most disappointing Marvel sagas that I’ve ever read. Throughout this review, I’ll be breaking down everything that you need to […]

Infinity: Volume 1 Review | MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW

marvel infinity volume 1 graphic novel breakdown

It’s impossible to argue that the MCU’s Infinity Saga wasn’t the most successful movie franchise of all time. It’s been difficult to escape in pop culture and there’s so much love for the series that it’s hard to really discredit it in any way, shape or form. But how does the original source material measure […]

Black Widow Still Alive? Behind The Scenes Photo Shows Older General Ross & Confirms Parts Of Movie Set After Endgame

black widow still alive older general ross confirms red hulk fan theory and captain america returns soul stone in mcu movie behind the scenes

 We’ve been getting a whole host of new leaked images for the upcoming Black Widow Movie that tease that everything is not as it seems. Throughout this video, I’m going to be breaking down the new behind the scenes images of General Ross and how it confirms several things about the film. Now there […]

Alternate IRON MAN Post-Credits Scene Has SPIDER-MAN And The X-MEN References From Nick Fury

iron man alternate post credits scene referencing spiderman and x men in mcu marvel movies infinity saga box set deleted scenes bonus features explained

Today Marvel officially released a never before seen alternate post-credits scene for 2008’s Iron-Man that has a lot to unpack from it. The clip which lasts roughly one minute not only features references to The Hulk but also Spider-man and The X-men. I’m gonna play the clip in just a second as it’s kinda crazy […]

HUGE MARVEL MCU PHASE 4 UPDATE | New Plot Details & Leaks About All Upcoming Movies & Disney Plus Shows

marvel mcu phase 4 update leaked info breakdown everything we know about the upcoming slate the eternals doctor strange 2 captain marvel black panther widow guardians of the galaxy 3

We have a whole host of new leaks and plot details about all of the upcoming Marvel Phase 4 Movies and Disney Plus Shows. Throughout this I’m going to be going over everything you need to know about the news as well as what we can take from it. Whilst these are leaks and should […]

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