Infinity: Volume 2 Review

Infinity: Volume 2 Review

marvel infinity volume 1 graphic novel breakdown

After a very lacklustre first Volume, I’m hoping that Infinity 2 can pick up the pieces and deliver the story that I’m hoping for but if not then this will probably be one of the most disappointing Marvel sagas that I’ve ever read.

Throughout this review, I’ll be breaking down everything that you need to know about the book as well as whether you should pick it up.

There will be heavy spoilers here so if you don’t want to know anything just yet then I highly recommend that you skip to the score.

With that out the way let’s dive into Infinity Volume 2!

Thane Rises

The book opens with a focus on Thanos attempting to track down his son Thane. I much prefer this plot over the meandering ‘Builder War’ storyline that was prevalent throughout the prior book and thus I was hooked back in pretty quickly.

The action-packed opening really gets its claws into you and it quickly washed the bitter taste out of my mouth from the prior graphic novel. Even the builders are dealt with in a swift manner that feels endearing and engaging and as far as getting the book back on track, this is probably the best way to do it.

There’s the aftermath of the destruction of Atillan, The War For Wakanda and several more massive moments that really blast the book far past its predecessor in terms of quality.

With The Builders dispatched we can finally focus on Thanos and he makes his play, unleashing the Terrigan mist upon earth to reveal his son’s true identity. This comes as a shock to Thane who in this revolution unwittingly murders a large group of people around him. Throughout his life, Thane had tried to be a good man, unlike his father, but the mist apparently showcases his true nature and almost sends the character insane.

It’s an amazing psychological study on how men are almost always destined to become their fathers and throughout the graphic novel, it’s fascinating watching Thane struggle with what potentially could be his true side.

marvel infinity volume 1 graphic novel breakdown

Avengers Assemble

The Avengers rush to save Thane and whilst the latter part of the book drops the psychological edge that it had over its predecessor, there’s still a lot to like action wise. Who doesn’t love watching our heroes fight the Black Order?


This makes for an awesome showdown that really gives each member of the evil organization a chance to shine. As they’re dispatched you get the feeling that the Avengers might actually win but notions of that are quickly silenced when Thanos steps forward.

Living Death

Defeated by Thane in the finale, the book slightly under delivers in its over premise and I felt that the latter part of the book was rushed over which left somewhat of a bitter taste in my mouth.

There was a wealth of potential here but in the closing chapter it failed to really deliver.

Whilst the epilogue sets up some nice tangents for the future it ultimately feels underwhelming and in the end does little to really send off the book with a bang which is a shame, especially with how good the earlier chapters were.

Though Infinity Volume 2 is better than its predecessor, it still lacks a certain oomph and that’s why it gets a…


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