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THOR Love And Thunder Trailer Explained | How Jane Foster Became The Mighty Thor

 The Thor Love and Thunder Trailer ends with an electrifying shot of Jane Foster wielding Mjolnir. Looks like she’s come a long way since we last saw her and she’s now bringing that Hammer Time that makes you feel like you can’t touch this. Natalie Portman coming on stage at Comic-Con to lift Mljonir […]

THOR Love And Thunder Trailer: Gorr The God Butcher Explained | Comic Origins, Theories And More

 Thor Love and Thunder is gonna show a Christian going after the Gods like Passion Of The Christ 2, Jesus Gets Revenge. The new trailer for the film has just dropped and in it we see Gorr The God Butcher aka Gorrdermort facing off against the God Of Thunder. Before you can even say […]


 The MCU is filled with hundreds and hundreds of amazing moments. It’s a franchise that truly deserves its legendary status and it’s difficult to not marvel at all its achievements which as of now are unmatched by any other studio. Picking the moment that embodies all that it is is very difficult but there’s […]

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