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How To Beat Homelander

= Once in a while, we’ll do a How To Beat video centred around a superhero. However, the most fun ones to do are about Supervillains because more times than not they’re left living so that the heroes have someone to face once more down the line. All of Batman’s villains are still breathing to […]

Why Tony Stark’s Death Is The PERFECT Send Off For The Character | AVENGERS ENDGAME

 The MCU is easily the most successful franchise in Hollywood. Often imitated but never duplicated it’s consistently knocked it out of the park and provided us with incredible stories and characters. When we look at the MCU as a whole it’s incredible what they’ve managed to achieve and whilst most studios struggle to make a […]

DOCTOR STRANGE In The Multiverse Of Madness Post-Credits Scene Explained | Ending Breakdown + What A [SPOILER] Is

 Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness has a major post-credits scene that teases some big things in the future of the MCU. In it, we get Clea and present danger as we learn that Stephen has caused an incursion. This is a major thing in the Marvel Universe and it’s all leading toward […]

THOR Love And Thunder Trailer Explained | How Jane Foster Became The Mighty Thor

 The Thor Love and Thunder Trailer ends with an electrifying shot of Jane Foster wielding Mjolnir. Looks like she’s come a long way since we last saw her and she’s now bringing that Hammer Time that makes you feel like you can’t touch this. Natalie Portman coming on stage at Comic-Con to lift Mljonir […]

THOR Love And Thunder Trailer: Gorr The God Butcher Explained | Comic Origins, Theories And More

 Thor Love and Thunder is gonna show a Christian going after the Gods like Passion Of The Christ 2, Jesus Gets Revenge. The new trailer for the film has just dropped and in it we see Gorr The God Butcher aka Gorrdermort facing off against the God Of Thunder. Before you can even say […]

Why The Ending Of THE BATMAN Is Perfect

 The Batman has one of my favourite endings to a comic book movie ever. Not only does it bring the character’s arc full circle from being a figure that represents vengeance, but it also symbolises the dedication that Bruce Wayne has to Gotham. Just before the release of the movie we did a video […]

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