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We Figured Out The DOCTOR STRANGE In The Multiverse Of Madness Plot By Watching The Trailer In Chronological Order

 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness looks like it’s gonna be more exciting than finding out your variant is hot and it’s technically not incest… No, let’s do that again. Ok, so Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness looks like it’s gonna be more exciting than a Party no one remembers at […]

TENET Opening Explained: Opera Scene And Train Yard Breakdown

 Due to the timey wimey wibbly wobbly nature of Tenet, the opening is arguably one of the most confuddling things ever put to film. Who is The Protagonist working for, why do the SWAT team members turn on him? What happens to the algorithm and what the hell is everyone saying? Well, we’re gonna […]

TENET Temporal Pincer Explained And The True Meaning Of The Movie’s Ending

   Tenet’s Temporal Pincer move is probably one of the most confusing plot devices ever put to film but we’ve got you covered in terms of how it works, why it’s so effective and how the movie itself is actually a huge one going on before your very eyes. There will be Heavy Spoilers […]

TENET: Neil’s Timeline Explained + What Happens To The Character In The Ending Scene

Tenet - Is Neil Max?

 Thanks for checking out the post, this was Heavy Spoilers, you’ve been the best and I’ll see you next time….wait we started in the future again. Neil’s timeline in Tenet is one of the most confusing out of all the characters. Throughout this, we’re gonna be going through it step by step and discussing how […]

THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Season 1 & 2 Timeline Explained + How Time Travel Works In The Show

Umbrella Academy - Five Apocalypse

   Umbrella Academy is filled with a lot of timey whimey wibbly wobbly stuff and throughout this post, we’re gonna be breaking down how time travel works in the show, all the timelines that happen in it and how the show avoids creating a paradox. This is really heavy doc and because of this, […]

The Witcher Timeline Explained | Full Order Of The Netflix TV Show

Yennefer The Witcher Netflix timeline Explained

Throughout this, we’re gonna be breaking down everything that you need to know about the timeline of The Witcher on Netflix. The events may leave you confused as some things that happen in episode 4 set up things in episode 1 and so on and yeah…it’s a lot of timey whimey wibbly-wobbly stuff. Anyway, there […]

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