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IT: Chapter 2: Book Ending Explained | Full Breakdown & Predictions For The Movie As Well As The Potential Third Film

it chapter two book ending explained

 If you can’t wait for the release of IT Chapter 2 and also don’t have the time to read the massive epic that is Steven King’s novel, then this is the article for you. Throughout this I’ll be going through the entire ending of IT and giving my thoughts on how this may translate […]

Crazy Rich Asians: Post Credits Ending Scene Explained

crazy rich asians post mid credits scene ending explained I discuss the book differences as well as that final cameo in my spoiler talk review featured image

 Crazy Rich Asians breaks the mold in more ways than one. Typically mid-credits scenes appear only in the big blockbusters of DC and Marvel, however, Crazy Rich Asians delivers a mysterious cameo at the films close that may have left some viewers scratching their heads. Throughout this video, I will be discussing the end of […]

The Meg: Ending Explained & Book Main Differences

the meg ending explained and main book differences movie review by deffinition

The Meg is a summer blockbuster Shark film starring Jason Statham and Ruby Rose. Early reactions to The Meg are calling it the perfect popcorn flick and the film is set to be 2018’s biggest monster movie. Originally based on the 1997 book ‘Meg: A Novel Of Deep Terror’ the movie diverts from its source […]

I Killed Adolf Hitler Review

I Killed Adolf Hitler Graphic Novel Review

I Killed Adolf Hitler Review By Deffinition I Killed Adolf Hitler by Jason is a book that I often see cited as one of the greatest graphic novels ever made. Having been pretty much a superhero fan my entire life, it’s rare that I venture into any other genre, which of course is quite ignorant of […]

Eating Buildings Review

Eating Buildings Review By Deffinition Eating Buildings is the debut novel by Thomas Russell. Taking place during an alien invasion it centres around Orwell Wells, a completely unlikable person who just so happens to be our planets last hope. [spacer height=”20px”] Throughout my review, I will discuss the book’s intricacies in the aims of letting […]

Greatest Movie Ever: The Shining Review & Analysis Podcast

Greatest Movie Ever Podcast The Shining review and analysis by deffinition and alex bentley

The Shining Review by Deffinition & Alex Bentley Regarded by many as The Greatest Horror Movie Ever Made, The Shining has a hefty reputation. Obsessed over by fans there is an abundance of theories and speculation over what the true meaning of the film is and Kubrick’s enigmatic movie certainly has a lot of things […]

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