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IT: Chapter 2: Book Ending Explained | Full Breakdown & Predictions For The Movie As Well As The Potential Third Film

it chapter two book ending explained

If you can’t wait for the release of IT Chapter 2 and also don’t have the time to read the massive epic that is Steven King’s novel, then this is the article for you.

Throughout this I’ll be going through the entire ending of IT and giving my thoughts on how this may translate to the upcoming film.

There will be Heavy Spoilers Here so if you don’t want anything potentially ruined about IT then I highly recommend that you turn off now.

If you’re still here then I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into my breakdown of IT.

It Book Plot Recap

Ok so unlike the first film, the book isn’t told in chronological order, with the perspective constantly jumping back and forth between the character’s childhood and adulthood.

At its core though the ending of IT centers around the reformation of The Loser’s Club. Mike has silently stayed in Derry whilst the rest of the Losers Club have gone on to lead pretty successful lives in their respective professions but after the death of Adrian Mellon at the Derry Carnival, he recontacts the group to carry out their Oath.

Bill has gone on to become a successful Horror Author and he lives with his wife Audra who plays into the story later on. Beverly is a Fashion Designer who is married to an abusive husband named Tom. Eddie runs a limousine company, Richie is a successful comedian, Ben is an Architect and Stan is an accountant.

All of them reluctantly answer the call except for Stan who, soon after hanging up, slits his wrists in the Bathtub. It’s safe to say that the film is carrying this across as in the promotional material Stan is missing at the restaurant.

it chapter two book ending explained

IT Chapter 2 The Restaurant Scene

At the restaurant, they reunite and they begin to be slowly tormented by Pennywise who throughout the book manifests in different forms to try and dissuade them from going to his lair. He even frees Henry Bowers from the mental hospital that he’s been stuck in since a kid and after a confrontation with Mike the character is killed. Mike is hospitalized and at one point has to fight off a nurse that has been possessed by Pennywise.

Pennywise also reaches out to Tom Rogan and orders him to capture Bill’s wife which he does and then he takes her to his lair where Tom dies from seeing his true form and Audra goes into a catatonic state. Now whilst all of this is going on, the Losers club are slowly remembering their childhood and gaining strength. There’s an awesome chapter where Mike brings Bill his old bike Silver back and this reminds the character of happier times.

With their new-found unity the group minus Mike descend into the sewers and it’s at this point that they come face to face with Pennywise who has taken on the form of a Giant Spider. Here they perform what’s known as The Ritual Of Chud which is a very higher-dimensional esoteric moment that sees Bill and Richie enter Pennywises mind to fight him.

IT Book Ending Explained

If you remember from the first film, the belief that they can beat Pennywise almost transforms the weapons that they use and Eddie, who believes that his inhaler has acid in it, sprays it in the creatures face which hurts it pretty badly. Pennywise isn’t out of the fight yet though and he kills Eddie. Those who didn’t enter Pennywises mind discover that Pennywise is actually a female and has laid eggs and Ben destroys them whilst Bill and Richie inside Pennywises body find his heart and destroy it.

Bill finally kills Pennywise and he and Richie manage to escape which is when the group leaves the lair with Audra and Eddie’s body. Now I don’t think that this part will happen in the film as there are rumors that there could be a third iteration, excuse the pun, but at this point all of the scars that Pennywise inflicted on them as kids disappear which indicates that the creature is finally dead.

At this point, Derry has begun to flood and the downtown area of the city completely collapses which for those who’ve read the book will understand that Pennywise is Derry and Derry is Pennywise so without the creature the town cannot exist. Mike moves on and begins a new life, Ben and Beverly become an item and Richie returns to California.

Bill stays in Derry and with his wife and together they ride on Silver which wakes her up out of her Catatonic state and she finally comes back to life, free from Pennywise because of Bills love for life.

This ends the book and I can see the film adapting the majority of this due to it’s lengthy run time. The Ritual Of Chud is going to be in the film and this will no doubt be one of the most thrilling scenes in the movie that I think will take a trek through the history of Derry and even showcase when Pennywise first came to the town.

it book ending and spoilers

IT Chapter 3

Now the rumored followup film will apparently focus on the Children of The Losers Club returning to the area to discover that Pennywise has not been defeated. The movie will also apparently show Pennywise’s origin story and follow his journey through landing in Derry and allowing a settlement to be formed there so that he always had a steady supply of food for when he slipped out of hibernation.

If IT Chapter 2 is indeed the biggest horror movie of all time as it’s predicted to be then I can definitely see them heading down this route, potentially not killing Pennywise at the end of the film or letting one of its eggs survive.

Either way, I am really excited for the film and can’t wait to see what it delivers in September. If you haven’t read this book but this video has piqued your interest then I definitely recommend that you pick it up. It’s hard to do the work justice but it’s the epitome of great storytelling and has so many amazing moments in it that it’s difficult to ding it for anything other than it’s length.

Your Thoughts

I’d, of course, love to hear your thoughts on the book if you’ve read it and if not let me know what you hope to see from this video in the final cut

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