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Greatest Movie Ever: The Shining Review & Analysis Podcast

Greatest Movie Ever Podcast The Shining review and analysis by deffinition and alex bentley

The Shining Review by Deffinition & Alex Bentley

Regarded by many as The Greatest Horror Movie Ever Made, The Shining has a hefty reputation. Obsessed over by fans there is an abundance of theories and speculation over what the true meaning of the film is and Kubrick’s enigmatic movie certainly has a lot of things that could be taken from it. In the first episode of our brand new podcast series ‘Greatest Movie Ever‘, Deffinition and Alex Bentley (Shining Super Fan) discuss many of the theories that we have come across.

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The Shining Fan Theory Analysis

This is a must listen to for fans or even people who perhaps never realised that they liked the Shining. Pouring over it’s many details we offer our thoughts on the movie as well as discuss it’s production and critical backlash. This is one for true Kubrickians and we hope that you enjoy listening to the episode as much as we did recording it.

The Shining Fan Theory Analysis and Review as part of the Greatest Movie Ever Podcast

What are your thoughts on the film?

The Shining is a heavily polarising film and for every fan theory, there is another that directly contradicts it. What do you take from the movie? Is there anything that we missed? Make sure that you comment below and let us know your thoughts. Also, keep up to date with the Greatest Movie Ever podcast by subscribing to the channel.

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