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TROLL Ending Explained | Post Credits Scene, Full Movie Breakdown, Review

Troll Movie Netflix

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show. I’m your host Paul, aka the guy who loves to do a little trolling, and in this video, we’re breaking down the new Netflix movie Troll.

This is the best Troll movie since Troll 2.

Troll Movie Breakdown

Now we start off with a young Nora climbing the vast troll peaks and discovering that there’s some truth to the fairytales. Trolls turn to stone in the sunlight, and Nora brings up how there was a troll wedding in which thirteen of them forgot what time it was. Now the faces of them line the mountains, and we get the idea that trolls are in everything from the off, with Nora climbing up what appears to be a troll lying down.

Fairytales being real are hammered home to us, and 20 years later, we join Nora at an archaelogical dig where she unearths what appears to be the bones of a dinosaur.

Troll Movie Netflix
Troll Movie Netflix

Across the way in Dovre, after a company digs too deep into a mountain, they accidentally unearth a troll, and this gives us the main thrust of the movie. Much in the same vein as films like Godzilla, we watch as the Troll devastates the landscape. Nora is the scientific mind that we need to stop the creature.

It’s the biggest troll since Elon Musk bought Twitter, and we watch as Nora tries to discover exactly what’s going on alongside a special forces operative named Captain Kris Holm and a prime ministerial advisor named Andreas.

Now I think I’d be remissed if I didn’t mention how this film is very much a metaphor for humans destroying the planet and the causes that could come from it. I doubt that trolls are going to burst out of the ground, but throughout the movie, there is the idea that humans need to stop f**king around.

There’s of course the idea that they shouldn’t dig too deeply into the mountain because of methane explosions, the idea that the Troll is like a hypernatural disaster, and even a line that says better call Greta. This latter part is dismissed as them not needing it, but I think that there’s definitely this idea that if you push against nature, it will push back.

Is Troll Like Godzilla?

It’s also kind of funny how many similarities there are to the Godzilla 98 movie. That classic, yeah, that one.

Nora is asked if she’s a paleontologist, and we also have her visiting her elderly father, who talks about how trolls were also unearthed whilst the Germans were building railroads in the Second World War. This reminded me a lot of Godzilla being created by testing nukes, and even the footprints that litter the landscape have a similar sort of aesthetic.

Now, these are par for the course in movies like this with the myths and legends adding to the mystique. Troll handles it way better than that movie did, but we do fall into the cliche of her father coming with them due to being the resident troll expert.

The pair are estranged due to him becoming wrapped up in troll conspiracy theories, and you could say the same thing about my uncle.

He, of course, also dies after the pair reconcile, and these plot beats are easier to see coming than a troll from a mile away. The government gets in the way throughout the movie, doing all the wrong things because, yeah, that’s what governments do in movies… and in real life.

It’s pretty on brand for the human elements to be the weakest parts of these kinds of monster movies, but what Troll does differently is that it gives us a taste of Norwegian that we’ve not really seen before in these sorts of movies.

Troll Movie Netflix
Troll Movie Netflix

I think once you get that stuff out of the way, that movie can be fun; it just depends on how much interest you have in these sorts of movies.

And personally, I enjoyed the ride once the stereotypical setup was out of the way.

Now what you’re here for is the ending, after the battle against the troll rages across the country.

Using the old myths and the hatred that the trolls have for bells, they launch and attack.

Now we discover that the trolls can be harmed by the sonics used with bells, and we discover that when the Christians started to force their religion on the Norwegians, the trolls stood against them.

There was Norway; they were going to let their way of life be changed, and they used to throw rocks at churches to disable the people of faith and also the bells attached to them.

The Trolls are very much the keepers of order in Norway, and these supernatural beings do whatever they can to keep Norway Norway.

The government is sort of doing something similar with their constant digging, and they’re changing the culture that exists in the country to benefit themselves.

After going through her father’s notes, Nora realizes that they have to go to the palace, which is revealed to have been built on the Troll Kings home. The trolls were ambushed there by the forces of Olav the Holy, who stated that they didn’t fit in with the ideas of the religion and thus had to be wiped out.

One of the king’s children was spared, and he was forced into the mountain, which is what the diggers unearthed at the beginning.

Realizing that the trolls are indeed weak to direct sunlight, they start to launch their plan while the government puts theirs in place to bomb Oslo. This is stopped by Hacker Girl, and using a giant troll skull, Nora and Andreas start to lure the monster to the army.

They start up the UV cannons, but realizing that it’s wrong to kill the creature, she stops this from happening. However, it’s too late, and Nora’s efforts are wasted with the sun rising, which petrifies it.

Troll Ending Explained

Named Tobias’ Boulder after her father, this stands as a testament to him. He was ostracized after discovering the troll tomb, but now he’s been vindicated due to his work being revealed to be true.

Nora is thanked off by the PM, and everyone gets a happy ending.

However, those are the theories that other trolls exist in mountains that haven’t been dug into.

The post-credits scene reveals that another troll is out there buried beneath the rubble, and again, it’s similar to the ending of Godzilla.

Now, that movie never got a sequel; however, with this picking up some online buzz, it will indeed be something Netflix decides to continue.

Overall, I thought it was a pretty solid ride, albeit predictable. As soon as the dad came on screen, I wrote in my notes, “Dad will die,” but overall, this was a pretty fun ride for a Thursday morning.

I hope you enjoyed the breakdown, and obviously, let me know your thoughts below. If you want something else, check out our breakdown of The Menu, which will be linked on screen now. With that out of the way, thanks for clicking this; I’ve been Paul. Peace.

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