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INDIANA JONES 5 Official Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Theories, Reaction And Plot Details

Indiana Jones 5

Ok, so the Indiana Jones 5 trailer has just dropped online, and throughout this video we’re going to bring you a big breakdown to discuss all the plot details, easter eggs, and our thoughts on how the movie looks. This is Indy’s Last Crusade, and it’s apparently going to be the final swan song for the character, which I’ve heard before.

Now in this video, we’ll be going over some of the plot details discussed in the recent Empire article, and because of this, there may be some spoilers. I haven’t read any leaks because I want to go in as fresh-eyed as you guys, but that’s just something to keep in mind when watching this video.

With that out of the way, I’m Paul, aka the guy whose career is in ruins; now let’s get into the video.

Indiana Jones 5 Trailer Breakdown

Now, elements of this trailer leaked a couple of months ago after D23, and it contained most of the stuff that we see here. We know from the Empire article that the movie will take place in 1969 and that it’ll have Indy going toe-to-toe once more with the Nazis.

So he must be fighting Nasa’s having that.

Oh sh*t what he actually is.

So in case you don’t know, Operation Paperclip was started in 1945 and involved the US recruiting more than 1,600 scientists to help in the race to the moon. In the Empire article, Jez Butterworth revealed that Indy will discover the fact that many of the people who are trying to beat the Russians to the moon are actually people that the government was fighting less than twenty years ago.

He’ll discover that some of the ex-Nazis aren’t so ex, and this will be what the main plot centers around.

Enter Mads Mikkelson, who will be playing the character Voller. Voller is actually going to be based on the real-life figure Wernher Von Braun, who was recruited by NASA from Germany to become an engineer during the time period.

Von Braun helped to develop the V2 rocket for the Germans, and because of this, he was welcomed with open arms. When speaking with Empire, Mads said that the villain has discovered something that could change the world and that he wants to get his hands on it, which will probably be some ancient artifact that will help him alter reality.

Indiana Jones 5

Now, because of its closeness to reality, we’ll also see a major event in real-life history, and this is the Apollo 11 Ticker Tape Parade.

This took place in New York on the 13th of August 1969, and it was thrown as a way to celebrate the entire moon landing mission. We see a big scene involving this in the trailer, as well as Boyd Holbrook’s character, Klaber. Described as being Vollers lapdog, he’s going to chase Indy through the streets of New York in a big action scene.

Now the 1960s bring a lot with them as well, and we already know that Indy’s favorite band is The Rolling Stones, so he’s probably going to love it there.

In his fictional biography, Indiana Jones was born on July 1, 1899. This puts him at 70 years old, whereas Ford is 80 in real life. Guys are still playing younger than their age, and I know everyone’s big worry about the movie will be whether he can still pull it off. However, this teaser has him doing a number of things, and we also know that we’re going to be dead at least at one point in the movie.

This will be a classic trip through several locations, including a desert city complete with a rickshaw chase. A deep sea voyage to possibly unearth the artifact; caves, trains, planes, and automobiles

We’ll also be getting the return of John Rhys Davies, whose voiceover we can hear in the teaser.

It’s a big return for the franchise, and John Rhys Davies actually turned down appearing in Crystal Skull because he was just getting a cameo role. He said his character was worth more than that, so let’s hope that he’s in this in a big way. That took place in 1957, and we know that, though Mutt doesn’t appear in the trailer, there are rumours that we will get a mention of him in some way. Indy got married to Marion at the end of that film, and you can see in the promotional material that he’s still wearing his wedding ring. It remains to be seen whether Karen Allen returns or not, but……………………

Is Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Indiana Jones 5? Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s character explained.

Now on a totally unrelated subject, Pheobe Waller-Bridge will be playing Indy’s goddaughter Helena. In the film, she’ll be coming along for the ride with him and will be one of the mainstay characters. We’re not sure exactly what’s going on with her, but I definitely recommend that you check out Fleabag if you want to see the sort of vibe she’s probably going to bring to the film. Really funny actress, and it looks like they’re bringing her into a lot of the movie. Just guessing here, but I can imagine she’s following in her Godfather’s footsteps and that she’s the one who unearths the plan by the bad guys. With her being his goddaughter, it’s even possible that she’s Sallah’s kid. Sure, he’s an Egyptian character, but John Rhys Davies is Welsh; just don’t tell anyone, mate, otherwise it’ll kick off.

Since 1957, Indy has been stuck in the classroom, collecting books and teaching his students, who probably still write stuff on their eyelids to woo him. Either way, to him, the days of adventure are over, but Sallah is attempting to woo him back himself by suggesting that the golden old days might not be over. Sallah seems very Indie-dependent, and it’s even possible that if we’re right about him being Helena’s father, we’ll go to Indy to help rescue her.

Indiana Jones 5

Either way, it doesn’t seem like the good days are over, as this teaser trailer is filled with lots of major moments and action scenes. I love all the stuff on horseback, and we know from the d23 footage that there’s going to be a ton of extra scenes like this that weren’t shown in the official online release.

There’s going to be motorcycle rides through New York, through the Subway, and through the night, along with a big motorcycle chase.

Indy says that he doesn’t believe in magic but that he’s seen things in his life that he can’t explain, and that he believes it’s not so much what you believe as how hard you believe it.

I think this is very much a wink to the audience to just believe that an 80-year-old man can do all this stuff, and hey, I believe mate, just dust off the hat and make a good movie, and I’ll be happy.

Now, because of his age, there are also theories that the movie will culminate with him dying.

I really don’t know if Indiana Jones is the kind of character that they just kill off, and I don’t know how they’d handle it if it came to that. I really hope he gets his happy ending because he’s the kind of character you just wanna see ride off into the sunset ah wait, they already did that.

F**k it, kill ’em. That might actually finally end this series. Kill ’em. Kill ’em all.

Now the teaser trailer ends with Indy using his whip while getting guns drawn on him.

Clear reference to the Raiders of the Lost arc, namely the scene in which he shot that guy and hit the like button. Great little twist on that scene, and the perfect way to end the trailer.

Now as for my thoughts on the teaser, I really enjoyed this, and I’ve been a big Indy fan for as long as I can remember. This guy had one of the best movie trilogies ever made, and I think everyone who’s my age grew up with him in some form or another. Whether it was being scared s**tless by Temple of Doom or even the River Pheonix opening in Last Crusade, every movie had something that’s burned into my brain from my childhood. Now, because of this love, I am always wary when I hear that they’re making another one.

The last one sucked balls, at least in my opinion, and because of this, when I heard that this movie was announced, I was like. Here we go again.

However, after watching the trailer, I have high hopes for it and am excited to see what happens in it.

Who is directing Indiana Jones 5? Is Stephen Spielberg directing the film?

Spielberg not being at the helm is a change, but James Mangold has been behind a lot of good films, so I have faith that he can do something good with it.

Interestingly, my wife actually saw Harrisson Ford when he was down the Quayside.

She said she saw him and only realized after that it was him.

It was a lucky escape for me, and if she’d seen Pete Davidson, then I’d probably be divorced right now.

Anyway, that’s the trailer, and I hope you enjoyed our breakdown.

There’s probably some stuff in it we missed too, so if you noticed anything, make sure you comment below and let me know.

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With that out of the way, thank you for sitting through the video; I’ve been Paul, and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace

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