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THE BOYS Spin-Off Trailer Breakdown | GEN-V Explained, Supes Easter Eggs, Hidden Details, A-Train And Reaction

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show. I’m your host, Paul, and in this video, we’re breaking down the Boys Spin-Off Series Gen V. The first look has a lot of references to the show, including nods to Homelander, an appearance by A-Train and Ashley along with a puppet of the deep.

In this video, we’re gonna be going in deep (hey!) and talking about the show, the new characters, and things that we think will be happening in the series.

Gen V is basically gonna be an X-men parody, with several teenage kids being trained as superheroes in order to become the next big Supes. The title Gen V is, of course, a play on Gen Z and also Vought and Chemical V. However, I actually think there might be a deeper cut to it that links back to the X-Men. Back in 1996, there was a live-action X-Men show released called Generation X that got shown on Channel 5 in the UK. I had my tape all set up to record it, and the next day realised I’d set the time wrong, so I never got to see it. It’s stuck with me, though, and has finally paid off by appearing in this video. Thank God.

Who Is Godolkin?

Now, this opening instantly sets up where the show will be taking place. That is Godolkin University, and fans of the comics will instantly recognise the name. John Godolkin was the leader of the G-Men, and he was a sort of Professor-X-type figure that pulled together lots of supes to form the group. He had his own mansion out in the countryside, similar to Xavier, and this school for gifted youngsters trained several of them.

I think that’s likely what’s going on here, with us potentially even meeting the character at some point in the series. Godolkin has a darker side to him, and in the comics, we learn that he was abusing the students. Hughie infiltrated the group disguised as a new supe, and he slowly started to unearth the seedier side to it, which was also something that Vought became aware of.

In the end, Godolkin went to set his students on The Boys, but soldiers from Vought arrived, and they wiped them all out along with Godolkin. They’d become aware of what he was doing and didn’t want the PR disaster that was bound to come from this getting out into the public, so put a stop to him before it could.

Now the comic was written way before the #MeToo movement, and it is possible that it could be tied in with that in the show, or they might not show Godolkin at all. If he is in the series, I can see him possibly being Clancy Brown; however, he may also be someone who worked with Vought and unearthed the truth.

The teaser opens with us at the School Of Crime Fighting, and to the left of the entrance, we can see a statue of Lamplighter.

Lamplighter was replaced by Starlight in Season 1, and we were told that he had retired. However, he’d actually been shipped off to the Sage Grove Centre, which is where he was freed in Season 2. Lamplighter ended his own life by setting himself on fire in Vought tower, but the fact that this statue is here makes me think that this was hidden from the public. Vought have a habit of covering up the deaths of their supes, and they used to run cover stories to hide what had really happened to them. The statue for him being there hints that it’s all been swept under the right, and Lamplighter’s reputation hasn’t gone down in flames ey.

Now, this then transitions into Marie Moreau looking up at one for Homelander.

When we last saw him, he was about to start his Kanye arc, and he’d murdered someone at a rally to rapturous applause. He is still Vought’s number-one money-maker with a loyal following, so the company probably hasn’t gotten rid of him yet. However, there is also potential that this could be a prequel to the show, and that takes us into theory time, theory time, theory time.

Now we’re unsure of when this series is taking place as there are some things in this that hint it could be a prequel or something that’s happening alongside Season 3. There’s a nod to Black Noir, and though he died in Season 3, we do know that the mantle will be taken up by someone else. Due to his wearing a mask, his murder could go undetected, and this school might actually end up being a training programme that selects who the next one is gonna be.

When Gen V Takes Place

Big theory time there, but yeah, there are ways around this. Now, the Deep puppet has his gills out, too, which was only brought to the public once the show had started, so I am thinking that it takes place either as Season 3 is unfolding or just after it.

Marie Moreau isn’t from the comics, so we can’t really use that to judge, either. However, she has potentially popped up in the show continuity with a potential nod in the Red River files. When investigating Victoria Neuman, Hughie and Starlight came across a list of Red River students, and slap-bang in the middle was Marie M. This was a really nice touch placing their main character in Season 3, and as I’ve been saying, it’s all connected.

Later on in the teaser, we see Marie standing in a room and to the left and right of her are signs for the location. There’s blood lined on the walls, and potentially, we’ll be seeing her training her powers here.

According to the Wiki, Marie has powers very loosely based on Wolverine. Now, she possesses vein and artery manipulation, which means that she can fire them out of her wrists, allowing them to latch on to people.

But, Kevin, how is that like Wolverine?

Well, Timmy, Marie has a regenerative healing factor, and her wrists are torn open when she’s using her abilities. When the veins go back into the wrists, they heal themselves, similar to how Wolverine’s claws retract. I’m guessing this also stops people from just cutting her veins and killing her easily.

I actually think she might try this in the show, as we see her pulling out a pocket knife after the Red River shot. Again on the floor, we can see a sign for Red River, and it looks like we’re gonna be exploring this location. It popped up in The Boys: Diabolical, and it was a horrendous place where people got experimented on in order to improve their powers.

We cruise the corridors of the school, and to the left-hand side, we can see a vending machine selling A-Train’s turbo rush. After this, we get to the word “murderer”, which is written in blood. Blood appears throughout the teaser at lots of different points.

Obviously, Marie has powers that link in with her blood, and I’m guessing that she becomes a suspect in the murders that we see playing out.

I even have a theory that someone might have similar powers to Victoria Neuman, and they could be ripping people apart. In the next shot, we see someone’s eyes opened widely, with them looking extremely bloodshot. This could either be a victim or the killer themselves starting their powers up.

Cut to swat teams going to the school, again symbolising that these have to be pretty high-level crimes.

We cut to a picture of a cartoon bunny rabbit, somewhat echoing the visions that Black Noir used to have. A swat team member slowly patrols the corridor hinting at how this could be an ongoing thing as more murders happen. The black SWAT team members are hammered home by the Black Noir sign, which says “No Lookie Loos” and then “this area is patrolled by security” just below it.

We then see a shot of someone crying and blood running into a drain.

From here, we get Adam Bourke, the director of The Dawn Of The Seven. What do you mean it was really Tony Gilroy? He does a sort of Chef’s Kiss gesture, and he also had a bit of a thing with Ashley, who also appears later on in the trailer. From here, we get an upside-down shot of a girl in her dorm standing in the middle of the room. The way this pans around and how she looks at the camera makes me think that this might be the person carrying out the murders who’s just found their next victim.

She looks shocked to see whatever this is, and yeah, that’s what I’m going with. I keep mentioning the serial killer theme, but it might not even be part of the show, and if you think there’s something else going on, then let me know. I’ll stop with that now, as it’s getting in the way – and in what’s a nice little easter egg, we can see a Queen Maeve poster hanging up on the wall.

What A-Train’s Appearance Means

We then get some quick shots of some characters that I’m unsure of before we finally see A-Train in the flesh.

He’s rocking a The Seven cap, wearing a suit, and clearly about to give a speech. I think he might potentially be opening a new wing of the school or doing something along those lines that requires his appearance. A nice little detail on the mic is that we can see that the news network VSN is covering it, which is obviously owned by Vought.

Though I’m saying this is a school, it could also possibly be happening at Vought tower, as we can see windows behind him that have crisscrossing diagonal lines on them. This is similar to what they have in Vought tower, so potentially this scene comes from there. It could even be the moment when they announce the new Seven members, as their numbers were whittled down massively after the events of Season 3.

Now, after the shot of Clancy Brown, we get several different scenes that are clearly at a medical facility. You can tell by the tiled walls and infrastructure that this is somewhere else where it seems like they’re carrying out experiments. We see blood and guts being swept up along with a character covered in blood, similar to Victoria.

Back to the murder theory – potentially, this could be someone carrying out their powers which are similar to Vic’s, and this is why there’s blood and guts everywhere. They clearly weren’t harmed as they’re covered in it, and it could be a splashback from their victim.

Now there’s also a character being carried along a hallway, and I have seen people saying that because they’re wearing the blue patient clothing this could be the Sage Grove Center.

However, I actually think this is Red River and that we’ll be focused on learning the back story of that rather than it being Sage. So I’m taking your Theory Time, and I’m putting it in the f**king bin where it belongs.

The Gen V Students

Now amongst these moments, we get a montage of students along with my man Ambrose from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Marie is played by Jaz Sinclair, who too showed up in that series, so hey, reunion. There are kids sliding along a hallway, and you might notice some snow to the left and right. Guessing this is an Iceman-type character, and he’s also holding a beer. Iceman in X2 chilled Wolverine’s beer, so it could be a nod to that. He was also played by Shawn Ashmore, who played Lamplighter and, hey, it’s all connected. There are some pancakes with a smiley face on showing Pancake Man… f**ks sake.

We then have Marie shooting veins out of her hands, and this happens in a kitchen that we later see get smashed up in the teaser. Guessing that the person she grabbed was attacking the family we see here, and she stepped in to take them out. It is possible that his powers were maturing, and he decided to kill his family, or they just let rip. The Red River episode in Diabolical had the students going back to their parents to murder them for what they’d done, and we could see a similar thing here.

This kitchen has a number of fights in it that pop up in the trailer, so expect to see this as a big scene.

We see Chance Perdomo busting out his powers, and by the looks of it, he’s telekinetic.

There’s also Marie being chased along the corridor, some of the kids busting out their powers and an Ant-Man-type character getting trapped under a plastic cup. Better than what they did in Season 3, I tell you, and we also see someone trapped in what I think is Red River before we cut to Marie being interviewed.

Puppets? For Real?

This is clearly promoting the university, and it’s another part of Vought PR that makes them seem like heroes instead of what they are. We can catch a Homelander statue here as well, showing how he looks over everything. This then leads into lots of blood shots and, weirdly, the Deep puppet popping up again. This also gets its head ripped off at one point, and it’s, of course, also on the sesame street parody Avenue V… like for Vought.

If you look at the puppet here, it has stubble, whereas later on, in the graffiti corridor, it doesn’t. Due to it also getting its head ripped off and there being a spine, I have seen theories that this is an actual person rather than being a puppet. If we look at the head-ripping scene, this puppet is actually grabbed by another puppet that rips this puppet’s skull from its body.

Therefore there might be several puppet characters that are vying for the top spot.

Puppets also work as a metaphor, as all of the students and staff of V are, of course, puppets for the organisation.

That’s a really nice thing you might not catch, and that ends the teaser trailer.

I can’t wait for the show to begin, and this trailer was kinda the sleeper hit over the weekend. Really sorry it’s taken this long to get to it, but I hope you enjoyed the breakdown, and obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

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