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Everything Everywhere All At Once Breakdown | Ending Explained, Every Easter Egg And Things You Missed

Everything, Everywhere All At Once is my favourite film of 2022 and I thought what better way to close out the year than with a big breakdown of the movie. In this video, we’re gonna be going through the film scene by scene to point out all the hidden details, easter eggs and little gems that elevate this above most of the other movies released this year.

Everything is really well put together with even the title sequence being something that is stagged out throughout the film during several shots that all echo each other.

Now throughout the film, we follow a laundromat owner called Evelyn who’s down on her luck. After being called into the IRS, her husband’s body is possessed by a man claiming to be him from the Alpha Universe. He drafts her into a multiversal war against a force known as the Jobu Tupaki who has the potential to destroy all life as we know it.

The name Jobu Tupaki is a bit of a weird one, and it was said by the creative team that this was chosen because it’s just a bunch of sounds that don’t mean anything. It’s meant to be disjointed and incomprehensible much like the multiverse itself and all the things that exist within it.

Revealed to be Evelyn’s daughter Joy she was selected by her mother to be someone who would travel across the multiverse. Unfortunately, it fractured her mind, and Alpha Joy now exists everywhere all at once. She can see everything and thus through seeing all life, she realises that nothing actually matters. It’s kinda like when you see those “universe, you are here” memes and Joy saw everything as being insignificant. She placed everything onto a bagel, and this has now created a black hole that can destroy all life everywhere.

Now a Bagel being used for this actually has a deeper meaning. Howard Bloom theorised that the universe itself is shaped like a bagel and thus the idea that a bagel encompasses everything has more to it. There’s also the idea that a bagel presents which reappears throughout the film. A bagel is a circular shape and at the centre of it is another circle.

Everything Everywhere All at Once Bagel

Circles appear throughout the movie constantly, and we open the film with the family singing karaoke in a circular mirror.

After this switches, we see a circular fan with a circle in the middle, a circular light with a circular ring in it and another circular mirror. Waymond’s face ends up reflecting in this, and it too carries a deeper meaning. At this moment in the movie the pair are slowly growing apart, and Waymond is planning to serve her with divorce papers. The pair being separated by this circular mirror shows how much they’re on opposite sides of things and when we see the universes later on they too are shown to be circles. Thus there’s the foreshadowing here that Waymond is in another Universe, and after their initial talk, Evelyn goes over to a cooker that has a round lid with a circular screw in the middle of it. On top of this, we also have the googly eyes that appear throughout.

The eyes are circular, and they have their own circles within them. Initially, when we join Evelyn here, there is just one bag with eyes on it.

This is important as it represents Evelyn being on her own. However come the end of the movie we get a repeat of this shot but rather than being on her own, she’s joined by her father, husband and also her daughter. Now as we said, that first scene just had one set of eyes in it. However, this scene at the end has four sets of eyes.

Just above the coat hangers, we can see a pair, and this represents her father.

To the top left of Evelyn, we can catch two sets, and these two bags are together representing her and her husband. Lastly, there is one to the right of Joy, and this represents her. So the eyes all being together mirrors this opening in which there was just one, and it shows how the family have all come together.

Now we are introduced to Joy in the next scene, and this is done with her staring into a tumble dryer… or washing machine… look, mate, I’m not a washing appliance expert.

Anyway, these of course litter the laundromat and they all have circular doors.

The way that the clothes are spinning here has them sticking to the side, and thus they create a circle within a circle again referencing the bagel shape.

Guess what Deirdre’s character draws on the receipts too. That’s right, a black circle again and all the followers of Jobu Tupaki carry this symbol on their heads to represent the bagel.

When Alpha Waymond and Evelyn end up hiding later on they also end up eating bagels showing how it’s all connected.

Also at about the 2-hour-and-ten mark, we see the bagel IRS receipt on the table. There’s a calculator to the left and if you look at the screen… that’s right. The number is 55378008 which…if we flip upside down says Boobless. They put that in.

The Universe-Travelling Montage Explained

Now one of the most creative things in Everything Everywhere All At Once is the rapid-fire montage that shows Evelyn throughout the multiverse. So much work went into these shots which are on screen for less than, and there’s so much going on in them. For this breakdown, I watched them in slow motion so that we could go through them bit by bit.

Now the first one has Evelyn wearing a red jacket in a back alley screaming. Next, we have Evelyn and her daughter looking over the bagel. From here we jump to her at the movie premiere from the Universe where she never went off with Waymond. We then have her with blood on her head in the IRS building, and this is where she seemingly died at the midpoint.

From here we jump to her singing which is where she gained breath control.

Now, these are all pretty standard and are shown throughout the movie. However, we next jump to a universe in which Evelyn died and see her in an Urn. Next to her is a fish tank being played on a tv screen and this is a similar set-up to the one we saw at the start when she was beside the table. Next, we jump to her working in the universe in which she spun the sign outside the pizza place. This was used by her so she could fight better later on in the movie, but the sign spinning is actually foreshadowed at the start. When the family drive to the IRS, they pass someone doing it on the street, and Evelyn potentially ended up as this person in another universe. Next, we cut to her in a universe where cats are people and then look at her in the desert. Judging by the suit in the back, this could be a nuke testing site, and Evelyn looks paler. Don’t tell Nolan they’re testing nukes in other universes.

Jamie Less Curtis in EEAAO

We then cut to a horrifying world where she seems fractured, and her eyes are bleeding black blood. Tying back to the nuke ideas we see a world that looks like it’s in the midst of chemical warfare with Evelyn wearing a gasmask and urban military attire.

Next, she stands in front of a wall of fire before we see her as a horrible lizard-like monster. Next is a bit of a standard one before we cut to her as a Nun and then what I’m calling the Star Trek Evelyn. Next, we get an animated world which is probably my favourite one. From here we cut to Evelyn as part of the universe, and this reminded me of Eternity from Marvel.

From here we go to the hot dog fingers universe where Evelyn is actually in a relationship with Deirdre. This shows how in the infinite space that is the multiverse that even our enemies can be our closest friends and it helps Evelyn later understand how important it is to be kind to people. In this universe, Deirdre is the best thing that’s ever happened to her, and she has the potential within her to become that. Deirdre’s clothes are really interesting, and the design for this was actually inspired by a real-life IRS stock photo.

After a return to the cinema, we see Evelyn as a man and her locked up in jail. It’s a really interesting shot before we transition back to the Jobu Tupaki scene before jumping into her in a neon world with her shoulders resting on a light and black tape around her fingers. We get some recurring shots before we cut to a really creepy one. Here we catch what appears to be a murder scene with forensics working in the background and police tape lining the area. Evelyn has her eyes closed, and this represents her being the victim.

Michelle Yeoh in EEAAO

We then jump to her in a hood before seeing her blended into what appears to be a military aeroplane camera used on either missiles or their guns.

Next is her as a little dog before we jump to her dolled up looking like she’s part of the Rio Carnival.

More repeated shots before we see her looking like she’s part of the member berries and then a shot of her wearing a Kasa.

We then get a shot of her in Asian dress before jumping to one of the great in-jokes in the movie. Here we catch what appears to be a zoom call with Evelyn against a green screen. Now, this is actually the VFX team that worked on the movie, and this is them brainstorming what to use in these scenes. Here, we can see five artists, and what makes the movie even crazier is that just five VFX artists did 80% of the special effects for the movie. Next time you watch a big Marvel or DC movie look at how many VFX artists are listed in the credits and compare it to this. Glad these guys got the props they deserve and that they even got included in the movie.

From here we jump to Evelyn as a statue before seeing her standing on a beach in front of a burned-out pier. I actually think that this is Brighton, which has the burnt pier as one of its many landmarks. After jumping back to the IRS fight, we go to another world that looks like it’s ravaged by chemical warfare, but this time, Evelyn is wearing a different type of suit and gasmask. Now whereas she was a nun in another universe, here we see her as either a priest or vicar before we jump to her as a tree. Next, we catch her back in the IRS building at a different part of the movie before catching her in a snowy street, and then we jump to a completely different actor used for Michelle Yeoh showing that in the multiverse people can even be played by different actors. Looking at you No Way Home.

Next, we jump to her with a short blonde bob cut, lighting up a candle and wearing a tracksuit.

Now if you thought the father and Nun thing was weird, we then see a skeleton in a nun’s outfit taking it to the next level.

From here we see Evelyn holding up a sweater over her face in a polaroid.

Next, we jump to her as an Alien in front of Pyramids that float in the background. There’s long been the theory that ancient aliens helped humanity build the pyramids due to the size and scale of them and this world could indeed show that it was indeed….aliens.

Everything Everywhere All At Once - Evelyn's forehead eye

From here we go to Evelyn drawn in chalk on some easter eggs (which is an easter egg) before we go to a Twin peaks reference.

Huge shoutouts to John Moros on our clips channel for pointing this out, and we can see the words meanwhile along the bottom with a white statue in the background similar to the show.

Now after more shots from other parts of the movie, we get a really good in-joke. Here is a youtube video about Illuminati symbols hidden in Hollywood films for one frame. This is, of course, some Illuminati symbols hidden in the movie and hey, nice work guys.

Anyway, more shots continue the montage, and we get a really weird one with Evelyn as a man who looks like he’s called Ian or Dave or something. No idea what this is but they love tennis, bloody love it. Bet they hit the thumbs-up button and also subscribe to the channel as well.

Next is an impressionistic painting of Evelyn. Multiverse Of Madness showed us that every multiverse has got to have a painted world, and this is theirs. We then cut to Evelyn wearing an ’80s digital watch with her eyes looking out from behind her hands.

We then see Evelyn as a little baby before jumping to her in a nightclub and then a world in which she’s wearing a sort of white domino mask over her face. Next is a nun world where she has several markings on her face before we see several lanterns flying up behind her. There’s then a world where it looks like Evelyn is even the centre of a multiverse and thus we have a multiverse that has a reality with its own multiverse in it.

We then cut to her on some plains with what I believe are buffalos behind her before jumping to a picture of a house with her face floating above it. Following this we get a creepypasta-worthy image with Evelyn screaming as a woman in a catsuit stands behind her. There’s a picture of a cat in a hat behind her as well, and I’m glad we only spend a second in what is the most terrifying universe ever created. Now the montage following on from this has Evelyn with different backgrounds showing some of the worlds we’ve already visited with a couple of ethereal ones dotted throughout.

Phew, I need a lie down after that.

How The Movie Sets Up The Characters’ Outlooks

Now after the introduction to the characters, we see Joy and her girlfriend Becky.

Joy drops this line about how her mother might call her fat or something. This pays off later on in the movie with it also being something that Evelyn uses to insult Joy twice in the car park. This shows she does care and it sets up the amazing monologue at the end.

A customer ends up complaining, and then later we see Waymond dancing with him. Waymond’s entire outlook on life is that we should treat people with kindness and this is one of the first instances of this. Now Evelyn goes into the back room, and we see that the clothes bag she gets has the number 42 on it. This is potentially a reference to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, in which we learned 42 was the answer to everything.

Evelyn also drops a line here where she basically says that Waymond probably couldn’t have survived without her. However, in the movie star universe, we see what his life would’ve been like, and we learn that he’s in fact a successful businessman.

Now in the Laundromat, we can see a TV in the background playing a film. This is starring Sunita Mani who actually has a connection to the Daniels. Daniel Kwan directed the music video for Turn Down For What, and Sunita starred in this.

Evelyn turns around, and we can see a little advert up for singing lessons with her. As we discussed earlier, there exists a world in which she became a singer. The theme that Evelyn is multi-talented is something that is laced throughout the film, and in the IRS building, we see that she’s tried to claim a lot of her hobbies as business expenses. I love this little touch, as it shows how many interests she has, and it foreshadows all the different versions of her across the multiverse.

Evelyn sits down with her father at the table and to cement the googly eye things we see some above the coathanger for her father and two bags above her. The blue one has big googly eyes on it, and to the left of it, we can see the white one with it too. There are actually three people in this scene as we have her father Gong Gong, Evelyn and if you look in the mirror on the right you can see Waymond in the reflection.

What Happens At The IRS Building

At the IRS Waymond sees an elderly couple kissing one another. This is a life he very much longs for, and it’s brought full circle at the end of the movie when Evelyn and Waymond kiss in the same spot.

In the elevator, Alpha Waymond takes over, and he pops an umbrella with doughnuts on it which… okay, it’s not exactly a bagel, but it’s bagel-shaped, yeah?

Waymond gives her the choice to turn right or left, and it’s decisions like this that create vastly different lives for people. One minor change can have massive repercussions, and we see Evelyn’s life playing out. Her father was disappointed she was a girl, and she chose to move with Waymond to America to open a laundromat. She gets pregnant with Joy too, who of course is also a girl, but opposite to her father, Waymond is actually happy.

Rather than going to the closet, Evelyn carries on, and we see the staircase when it all goes down at the end. Daniel Kwan actually cameos in the climax, and he is the first person to be sucked into the black hole bagel. He also appears during the Hollywood scene, and he’s the person who is clapped in the face by the Kung Fu master after robbing Evelyn down an alleyway.

Now upon the travel to an alternate reality being activated Evelyn looks into a round circular mirror. She’s then pulled back through the office, and the creative team said that they did this to reference the Buster Keaton film, Young Sherlock. This had a scene in which the background for someone changed whilst the character stayed static. It’s something that happens throughout the film, and the directors captured a lot of the backgrounds by just walking through the streets of New York and filming stuff on a go pro. This was then sped up with Michelle Yeoh being over a green screen which added to her being pulled through realities.

Michelle Yeoh in EEAAO

In the cupboard, she jumps back and forth between realities, and we get some amazing lines of dialogue that reflect one another.

Deirdre’s awards also look like… butt hugs, we’ll say, cos Youtube has been demonetising me recently. Later on, they’re… well we’ll not get into that, and this is clearly a comment on the IRS shafting people when it comes to money. Deirdre sends her home to get her affairs in order and another… weird picture of a cat on her desk can be seen. When we later jump into the hotdog world with her, we can also see cat pictures hanging up in her home, and maybe that’s what the montage was referencing.

After Evelyn hits Deirdre, it all kicks off with Waymond busting out the bum bag/fanny pack kung fu. Now, this was actually chosen by the directors because they wanted to play up the Asian stereotype of a tourist father who has one. This also could be a nod to Data’s gadget belt in the Goonies who was played by… yeah you guessed it.

He decks them including the security guard who we see more of later. There’s also an appearance by Andy Le and the pair actually own a youtube channel called Martial Club which has a video showing some behind-the-scenes stuff from the film.

After the fight, we get a reference to the Terminator.

Michelle Yeoh in EEAAO

Now in an alternate reality, we meet the Jobu Tupaki which has Joy as a baby who is then pulled through into the universe before she’s killed. Joy changes reality by clicking her head and in two split-second shots, we see two worlds. The first has her spray painting a circle within a circle once more representing the bagel. The second one has her about to head into a head-on collision, and this could be because Joy was jumping through worlds, which made her lose control – I don’t really see how else she’d get out of this. She’s pretty f**ked, and just in the same way that a version of Evelyn has just died, it shows that there are echoes across the multiverse with Joy living in a reality where she’s just about to die too.

We get some stuff filled in on the alpha verse and see Waymond in the back of an RV. This is actually the laundry delivery truck, and it’s what we saw the family driving to the IRS in. Rather than a guy spinning a pizza sign though we instead see a homeless man with a cardboard sign that says Hail Bagel.

The pair make it to a stairwell which is when Alpha Waymond discusses the bagel, making a reference to the song Nine Days by Absolutely.

How Universe-Jumping And Evelyn’s Training Work

At this point Deirdre attacks them, and Waymond gives himself paper cuts to transfer to another universe… pfft, I dunno. I always viewed them as having to do something weird because it’s so off-kilter from the path that they’re on that it actually opens up other paths and allows them to see into the universe so that they can navigate it.

This is why we get so many weird things and the weirder it is the further paths it opens up. Waymond explains that doing something weird puts you on the edge of your universe, which then opens paths to travel into others.

Evelyn fails the first jump, and she ends up in the car park outside the IRS discussing her divorce. Waymond ends up leaving her, which the other Waymond thinks is referring to the divorce because he doesn’t think she’s the right person, but Deirdre continues the attack.

Waymond starts to question whether their lives would be better if they’d never gotten together, and we see this when Evelyn defends herself from Deirdre.

Here we see shots from the real Michelle Yeoh’s life which are used as the backdrop of her being a movie star. Interestingly, the character for the film was originally called Michelle, but Yeoh had this changed because it was too close. We see a sort of Kill Bill Kung Fu montage where she is trained. Later on, this ends up helping to strengthen her little fingers. She uses this to bust someone up, and they actually use a sound effect from Super Smash Brothers for this moment.

Evelyn, her father, and Waymond at the IRS in Everything Everywhere

Now though I’m saying it’s like Kill Bill, it’s also clearly just riffing on 70s-style Kung Fu movies with us even getting the grainy sort of footage that was common in the era.

The teacher also says that even this cookie can be Kung Fu and this is a similar thing to what she gave Deirdre at the start. The cookie itself is also a circle with a… I’ll stop.

We see her on the catwalk and even get shots of her at premieres. In the background, we can actually see her at one for Crazy Rich Asians, and there’s footage from real life used for this moment. At the premiere, we can also see that the movie we’re watching is Everything Everywhere All At Once, with Evelyn being a character. So we have a movie… within a movie… within a movie.

Anyway, Deirdre is defeated, and Evelyn meets the Waymond of this universe.

The scenes with the pair are actually based on the film In The Mood for Love. This has a scene in which a couple speak in an Alleyway, which echoes how Waymond and Evelyn talk with each other here.

How The Movie Amps Up The Crazy

Joy arrives dressed as Elvis walking a pig, and this is where the movie starts to get even crazier. Joy’s face swaps sides on her head, and it comes through the back of her hair, which again is a reference to the switch scene that the T-1000 does in Terminator 2. She is a God, able to turn bullets into steam possibly referencing The Comedian taunting Doctor Manhattan in Watchmen.

Evelyn is transported to the hot dog universe, and here we get a homage to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. That movie opened with monkeys at the dawn of civilisation, and we see how the hot dog fingers won out in evolution to form the basis of this world.

After this Joy transfers her through to the bagel and we see this imagery repeated in the architecture that surrounds it with two circles left and right of it.

Here Alpha Joy reveals what the bagel is and also what she’s doing.

Alpha Joy actually wants to find a version of her mother that can travel through the multiverse to the level that she can. Finally, she’ll have some common ground with her and very much gain the mother that she was unable to have in all of the universes where she was pushed out of her life.  She wants someone who can understand the emptiness within her and also emphasise what it’s like living a life where she’s unable to find a true connection.

She wanted to see if Evelyn would see something that she didn’t and thus bring meaning to her life. In the end, Evelyn finds purpose in the pointlessness of reality, and she says that we’re all that we have so we have to look after each other. This is inspired by Waymond’s speech which states that we’re all alone and thus we have to look after each other and be kind.

Evelyn and Waymond in EEAAO

We are told by Alpha Joy that she put everything onto the bagel, but when she’s listing off the contents of this, she states it’s things like:

“All my hopes and dreams, all my report cards, every breed of dog, every last personal ad on Craigslist…”

The opening of these items pulls from her life, and it very much represents the hopes and dreams that she had but was forced out of having through Evelyn pushing down the path she wanted for her. This black hole very much represents the pain within her, and thus it’s become an all-consuming void that will destroy all meaning in the multiverse.

The film culminates with Joy wishing to travel into this, a metaphor for her becoming lost forever in the nihilism of what she feels inside. Evelyn however realises that she also can make everyone happy and all those that have tormented her throughout the movie become people that she transforms by using their innermost desires to transform them.

Now from here, we meet Alpha Gong Gong. He goes inside Richard Long’s office, and we see a black circle-shaped ornament. We can see on his desk that his name is Richard Long and Richard Long is actually played by one of the directors Daniel Scheinert. His name is Richard Long… of course is a play on Dick Long. He also has a… little thing hidden behind his desk.

Joy is let free whilst Jobu attacks the van in the Alpha world, and at this point, Evelyn talks about Raccacoonie.

This is her getting the story of Ratatouille wrong however in the vast and infinite multiverse, there of course exists a world where this is real. Her saying this could actually show that she was subconsciously aware of this world after jumping through several of them.

Jobu Tupaki

Alpha Gong Gong gives Evelyn a Box Cutter because he wants her to kill Joy whilst she still can. This will mean that she has one less universe to move around in as she’ll be dead here. The safest universe is actually the Hollywood one, and this is for a number of reasons. Not only are the events of the film an actual film itself but Joy never existed in this world. Because Waymond and Evelyn never got married, they never had Joy, and thus Alpha Joy can not appear here which is why she’s completely absent from all the scenes with them in.

Evelyn goes over to her with the blade, but she sets her free instead.

Gong Gong calls in his forces, and Evelyn develops her skills, which they all do by downloading skills into their brains. She sees a world in which she runs too fast and falls on a stick, and this blinds her. Being able to move whilst blind means that she sort of becomes like Daredevil and doesn’t rely on her sight which would be blinded by the tear gas. The way that these skills are downloaded is very similar to the Matrix in which the characters could download skills into their brains.

As she exits, we also see another circular ornament to the left of the painting.

She busts up some heads and even fights the dog whose owner swings her around in what is like… f**king hell.

There are so many good fight scenes here including her jumping into the Racaccoonie world. We also get a close-up of the IRS award and can see the name James Wyatt on it. This is actually the post-production coordinator of the movie, which is a nice little inclusion.

After Evelyn Dies

From here Alpha Waymond is killed by Jobu, and Evelyn dies after vomiting. This fully breaks the fourth wall with the credits beginning to roll, and the Daniels name pops up on screen sort of…sort of being a cameo I guess.

Evelyn watches this play out in the cinema, which could be a reference to the 2005 film Paprika. This had a character in a cinema watching a movie they’d just starred in, and it used a similar framing device.

Across the multiverse, she hops from world to world similar to Jobu Tupaki. It puts her mind in a constant state of chaos and in a nice couple of moments we see her as part of a Jury and also on a bus.

Eventually, she heads back to the laundromat, namely the world where she just went. The New Year party begins and the idea of the New Year is very important for the film. It symbolises new beginnings and making a change which Evelyn and the family end up doing from this point on.

She meets Jobu and is walked through alternate universes including one that looks like feudal Japan, a prison and a cartoon world before they become pinatas. Joy grabs a branch that transforms into a weapon and amongst these changes is an 8-bit one, a flag with a doughnut on, a number one glove, and lots of different things that are on screen for a split second.

Evelyn is taken to the centre where the bagel is held, and she’s given a book titled Everything Everywhere All At Once, which has a cover with Evelyn on the front standing in a black circle.

Evelyn ends up looking n the bagel, and we get a close-up of her eye, which once more is a circle within a circle.

Evelyn and Jobu Tapaki in EEAAO

At the laundromat, Evelyn also signs the divorce papers, and we see some circular coins with holes in the middle, once more representing the bagel and how nothing now matters to her.

She doesn’t care about the IRS coming in to seize her business and exposes Raccaccoonie before she stabs Waymond. At the laundromat, Evelyn asks her what she’s doing, and we can see that she has a necklace with a circular pendant with a hole in the middle. Deidre wears a ring around her necklace.

Keep telling ya.

Evelyn starts to believe that nothing matters and she’s arrested. At this point, she’s transported to a world where the conditions weren’t right for life to form. When discussing this moment the creative team said that this was actually based on the children’s book Sylvester and the Magic Pebble.

Eventually, Waymond pulls her away from going into the Bagel, and we get some flashes of their happy moments together. Even the highly successful Waymond says that in another life he would have loved just owning a laundromat and doing taxes with her.

He embodies happiness, and even his dustpan has a smiley face on the back of it.

He and Evelyn embrace, and Jobu ends up pulling her back. Love the details we have on her, and we can see that she’s styled her hair so that it says Jobu. Behind her, we can also catch one of her followers holding chopsticks between his fingers similar to Wolverine.

The bagel is brought in, and Evelyn takes on Jobu’s forces. She looks into them to see what pain and anger they’ve felt and heals them of it. We learn that Deirdre ended up getting divorced too and this made her angry so she can relate to Evelyn’s breakdown at the laundromat. We also see the hot dog version of who has to play the piano with her feet because they obviously have hot dog fingers. Love the moment when Evelyn wipes away her tears with her feet and to the left of Deirdre, we can see some hot-dog-shaped gloves.

The Final Fight Scene And Ending Explained

Evelyn is shot at, and she stops the bullets again, referencing Neo in The Matrix. There is one digging into her head, and this is similar to the scene in the first X-Men movie. She transforms this bullet into a third eye and places it on her forehead. Third eyes typically denote enlightenment and the ability to see beyond the plain we exist on. The third eye was also used in Multiverse of Madness to show this as well, and it’s kinda funny how we had two multiverse movies that dropped close to each other that both used this device.

Evelyn makes the first two people she grabs fall in love; she grabs the customer’s grenade and turns it into a perfume bottle. The SWAT team member’s neck problem is fixed, and Richard Long gets gagged and smacked. The chef is reunited with Racacoonie after Evelyn guides him. Everyone is given something they want, including the Kung Fu master who gets a cookie.

Evelyn confronts her father and tells her that even if he can’t be proud of who she is that she herself is. She tells Gong Gon that Joy is gay and refuses to ostracise her as her father did to her.

However, Joy pulls away from this, and she and Evelyn end up fighting across the multiverse. They return to Brighton Pier and also an airport as well as a number of locations. They end up in a courtroom, and battle across the locations from before.

In the car park, Joy wants to go their separate ways, which is of course metaphorically shown by her travelling into the bagel. The rock goes off the cliff, Joy steps in and all seems lost. However Evelyn has a change of heart, and though she thinks their life is a mess, she will always want to be there with Joy.

Though the multiverse is hectic, they do get a few specks of time where it all makes sense, and they realise why they exist. Together they will cherish those moments, and across the multiverse, we see as Evelyn helps the chef, Gong gong accepts Becky, Waymond and Movie Star Evelyn are brought together, and hot dog fingers get up to what could be some hot dog fing…

F**k sake.

They start off the next day on a new foot, and Evelyn wakes up appreciating everything she has.

Though she’s tempted by being pulled away into another reality, she chooses to remain in the moment. She’s undistracted, happy and content where she is, ready to embrace it all and live her life to the fullest.

And that ends the breakdown.

This was a lot to put together and huge shoutouts to the team for getting this all done in the space of two days. I really hope you guys enjoyed it all and make sure you drop a comment below about your favourite parts of the film.

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