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DOCTOR STRANGE In The Multiverse Of Madness New Plot Leak Breakdown | Post Credits Scene

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I@m your host Paul and if you’re losing your patience like a bad doctor then this is the multiverse of madness video for you. Throughout it, we’re gonna be building on our last plot leak video and discussing all the new info that we now have on the movie.

I wanna get straight into it but obviously there will be some major spoilers here if these leaks turn out to be true and I can’t cast a memory spell to make you forget anything so check out now if you don’t want things ruined.

With that out the way, huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into the breakdown.

Ok so if you’ve been following the channel for a while then you might have seen our last plot leak breakdown that we did all the way back in October detailing major elements of the movie. Since the trailers release it looks like the majority of these things are indeed true and though we know there’s been some reshoots, it seems like the majority of the plot elements we talked about in that are still in place.

Now if you’ve already watched that video and just wanna see us talk about the post-credits scene then time codes will be linked below.

The movie is basically gonna be a multiversal battle between Doctor Strange and Wanda as she attempts to take America Chavez’s powers so that she can travel to a dimension in order to get her kids.

Hide yo wife, hide yo kids, hide your human-looking vibrator because the woman doesn’t stop when it comes to getting what she wants.

I don’t wanna just go over old ground so if you want to have a beat by beat play on how the movie pans out then make sure you check out that plot leak video which will be linked on screen right now. This is mainly covering the new details we’ve heard about but as always take them with a pinch of salt as you know how things can get chewed up in the rumour mill.

The Book Of Vishanti

Now a new bit of info that we’ve learned since then is that the book of Vishanti will also play a big part in the film. You could probably figure this out from the trailers and the book even featured on the poster just behind Strange.

It’s basically the opposite of the dark hold and whereas that corrupts, Vishanti contains pure light and positive emotions like the feeling I get when someone hits the thumbs up button like Wanda wants to hit those Ultron bots.

Goddamn so sexy.

Anyway the book contains pure light and we can catch it in the trailer on a pedestal in the dimension that Strange, America and the Christine Variant travel to. You might recognise this as being the same location that has Defender Strange there and apparently he’s one of the only people in the multiverse that knows the location of it. He, America and a Wong variant travel there at the start of the movie but they’re ambushed by a red ribbon like monster and this is when Defender Strange saves her from being killed by it.

He pushes her through a portal and both he and Wong are killed by the creature. Now, this death apparently sends shockwaves across the multiverse and the MCU version sees it all play out in a nightmare. He wakes up in his bed which we see in the trailers and we’re meant to learn that he has nightmares every night in which he dies. These are actually his variants across the Multiverse and the person killing them is actually Wanda.

In case you were Wandering what she’s been up to, the Darkhold has basically corrupted her completely and early on we’re gonna be getting a scene where Mordo visits her at her log cabin that we saw at the end of Wandavision.

When we last left him at the end of doctor strange he was out hunting for sorcerors around the world and he now has his sights set on the Scarlett witch. Things don’t go the way he planned and Wanda kills him like they did of all your hopes of us getting an R Rated Kingpin that slams peoples heads in car doors.

At the wedding a big Squidward monster attacks New York and this is chasing after America. We then see Strange fighting it in the middle of the street to protect her and this is the scene in which he cuts the bus in half. Thank God it had no one on board and the MCU is so lucky that in both this and the Eternals, people don’t ride buses in heavily populated cities.

Now, this giant monster is Gargantos and we learn later on that Wanda has been summoning these creatures through the dark hold so that she can get America. Strange goes to visit her in order to help fix the multiverse as he thinks it breaking open is linked to the events of Spider-man No Way Home in which he helped out…P…Pet…someone, some idiot.

dr strange multiverse of madness benedict cumberbatch tv spot trailer breakdown

Its All an Illusion

Anyway, it’s at this point we see her garden is actually an illusion and this was somewhat confirmed in the trailers by these shots in which Strange is wearing the same clothes and the positions are mirrored.

Strange manages to get away and he takes America to Karmar-Taj where the wizards make their last stand against Voldermort.

Wanda rolls in on a cloud of smoke and from what I’ve been told, unlike what we see in the trailers, the cloud is actually red, it’s just had its colour changed to not give too much away.

Wanda wipes out most of the Wizards and Strange decides to travel with America into the Multiverse in order to find Vishanti. Because Defender Strange was the person who knew where it was located they decide to head to that reality which is where we get the statue scene.

A Variant of Mordo comes across Strange and America, blames them for basically destroying several universes and he then drugs their tea and takes them before the Illuminati. Now we still don’t have their line-up fully confirmed and every time I speak to my sources they tell me there’s been changes and additions in the reshoots. We can’t out and out say who’s in the Illuminati outside of Jay-Z but the people I’m constantly told are in it are Captain Carter from What If, Professor X who’s now in a chair similar to the one from the X-men cartoon, Maria Rambeau as this universe Captain Marvel and John Krasinski as Mr Fantastic.

We can tell from the chairs in the scene that there are a lot more members but again, I keep getting told different things about who’s in it. I’ve heard Tom Cruise, a Black Panther Variant, Namor, Bruce Campbell and even Deadpool. I dunno how legit those are and from the looks of it they’ve CGI’d out several of the other members like Stalin used to when he fell out with a mate over whether DC or Marvel was better.

They’re basically the guardians of the Multiverse and they have gates that can open up every universe, even the one where Mysterio was right.

Oh, wait that’s the MCU.

Now though Wanda is able to travel through dimensions like America can, she can still astral project and she ends up taking the body of a variant in the Ultron Bot timeline. She then attacks the Illuminati base and all the members of the group. She even kills Professor X and this kinda segways into our first post-credits scene.

Post Credits Scene Leak

Now according to the leaks, this is going to feature Deadpool, Cable, Domino and Vanessa who show up to the Illuminati base. It’s revealed that the multiversal gates have been left open and because of this, they’re able to come across and then move into the MCU. Deadpool makes a couple of jokes about the members of the group being dead and one about Professor X being dead for like the 3rd time.

During the kerfuffle, it’s a bit of a curfuffle, Strange and Chavez flee across the multiverse with Christine and apparently, this takes place in a number of different worlds. Again these might be changed, might not be in the bloody movie but they do seem to be in the trailer. The worlds include a 2D one similar to what if, the savage land which is full of Dinosaurs and some cube worlds so be there or be square, you punk.

Eventually they end up in a reality with a variant of Strange Supreme for What If who’s basically made it kick off more than Twitter has been over that two-second shot of Flash Thompson in No Way Home.

Wanda ends up going into another reality where her kids are and here she comes across one who ended up getting that house in Westview.

She attacks this version of herself and when her kids see this they run away scared.

Wanda then throws everything she can at Strange and both she and America end up fighting across the multiverse. Unable to get to the dimension they’re in, Strange ends up astral projection and he takes over Defender Stranges corpse which we somewhat saw in the trailers.

They all battle it out and Wanda is kicked into the Multiverse to a fate that we don’t find out about in this movie.

dr strange multiverse of madness trailer breakdown wanda

Back in the MCU timeline, we’re meant to see Wong and Strange training America to hone her powers.

They’ve also got the Darkhold with them and this is meant to carry over into the post-credits scene for the film. We catch Strange once more in bed like how he was at the start of the movie and he has another Nightmare. This time he catches a version of himself in a ruined New York City with a Dead Wong in the Sanctorum. We can also apparently catch Kang The Conqueror there played by Johnathan Majors. Strange is training Dormammu’s sister Umar and the pair are pouring over the dark hold whilst Kang stands smiling in the background. Strange manifest a third eye and then the MCU version wakes up when he hears the voice of Clea played by Charlize Theron. She says Help me and we see that the MCU version of Strange forms his own third eye which ends the movie.

So lots of things going on with the film and I am very excited to see it when it releases in May. Again I’m not sure how accurate this is but if you go back and watch our video from October then it does seem to line up with the trailer that was released shortly after and these details kind of expand on that info. I’m really excited to see what they do with the X-men characters and cameos and I’ve heard there’s actually a number of them that haven’t been leaked yet. The big one that’s currently going around at the moment though is Tom Cruise who may be appearing as an Iron Man variant. Much like the Illuminati line-up I’ve heard a lot of conflicting reports but I really do hope that the guys in it.

There’s also no mention of White Vision and maybe they’re saving him for more stuff down the line. It was announced last month that Elizabeth Olsen had just signed a seven-year contract with Marvel Studios so no doubt they’ll have plans for him at some point, I think they just kinda wanna throw her off the deep end and showcase to us what kind of threat she can be. Wanda in the comics is always a wildcard and House Of M very much dealt with the X-men and Avengers weighing up whether they should kill her or not because of how dangerous she was.

I really hope that’s the direction they take things as we’ve got to know her since Age Of Ultron and it would put the audience in the position of us weighing up whether we want to see her happy at the cost of the multiverse. Lots of fascinating things they can do with her and obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the video and the details.

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