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MOON KNIGHT Trailer: Insane Details And Theories | Snapped Before He Died, Multiple Personalities And Easter Eggs

moon knight oscar isaacs marvel disney plus breakdown

 The Moon Knight trailer is something special and piecing it all together is like solving a Rubik’s cube that’s constantly rotating as Oscar Isaacs Marc Spector jumps in and out of his alternate personalities. Trailer Summary Throughout we watch as Timid Steven Grant starts to learn about the other facets of his life and […]

MOON KNIGHT Theories | Midnight Sons, Ammit’s Plan, Jake, What’s Going On With His Mother, Bad Accent And More

 Moon Knight Episode 1 was pretty wild and God Ammit we have some big fan theories about what could be going on in the show. Throughout this video, we’re gonna be discussing what we think could be going on with Steven’s mother, Ammit’s Plan, why Jake may already be in the series and a […]

MOON KNIGHT Episode 5 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Easter Eggs & Things You Missed

 Moon Knight Episode 5 just dropped and there’s a tonne of easter eggs, hidden details and things you missed in it that we’re gonna be breaking down in this spoiler-filled recap. It’s somewhat of a trip down memory lane that fills in some of the blanks about the character, and with us talking about […]

MOON KNIGHT Ending Explained | Post-Credits Scene Breakdown And Who [SPOILER] Is

 The first series of Moon Knight closes out with a big post-credits scene that could tease some big things for the future whilst also potentially robbing our characters of the happy ending that they got together. Last Episode Recap The final episode follows Marc Spector and Steven Grant as they learn to live together […]

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