How To Beat Homelander

How To Beat Homelander


Once in a while, we’ll do a How To Beat video centred around a superhero. However, the most fun ones to do are about Supervillains because more times than not they’re left living so that the heroes have someone to face once more down the line. All of Batman’s villains are still breathing to this day because the caped crusader refuses to kill. This is something that is seen across the board in comic books but in The Boys, that’s totally different. Several characters are actively trying to kill Homelander no matter what but they just can’t seem to do it.

So throughout this post, I thought I’d put together several of the ways that I think the character can be brutally murdered yaaaay. This also contains which person I think has the greatest chance against him and the abilities that you better hope you get when you shoot up some V24.

Death by Ego

Now when Garth Ennis was first coming up with the concept for The Boys he made it clear from the off that he wanted the big weakness for the Supes to be their egos. These are people that can destroy the planet if they put their mind to it but the idea of celebrity twisted them into narcissists that were desperate for attention. Just the thought that someone might not like them could send them off into an angry rage and ultimately that’s their biggest weakness of all.

However, it still doesn’t mean that they’re easy to kill and in the case of Homelander, there are several gunning for him that all have their own powers.

Victoria Neumann

Now the first is Victoria Neumann, who will blow your head off down a back alley after work like Rya…you know what I’m not even gonna say it.

The Boys - Victoria Neumann

Anyway, throughout the shows, there’s been a sort of ‘will they won’t they’ motif with her and Homelander over whether she can actually kill him or not.

At the end of Episode 1 in Season 3, we get a better indication of her powers as she blows off someone’s jaw first, then a part of their head before destroying their entire body.

Can’t show this because of Youtube Demonetisation but just imagine it’s happening, imagine hitting that bloody thumbs up button whilst you’re at it as well.

To me this makes me think that she can do more than just explode someone’s skull and she can control blood on a molecular level to make it exit the body at speeds strong enough to destroy it.

This is also hinted at when she taunts Starlight after Annie refuses to side with her. Neumann gives her a nosebleed and says that it would be difficult to kill her but not impossible.

Now I always took this as meaning that it would be difficult to make it look natural rather than whether Vic could actually do it or not.

Homelander also taunted Vic by trying to pop his head when he went to visit her with V for her daughter.

Now because of this control over blood, I actually do believe that she could kill Homelander it would just take a lot for her to do it.

When fighting against Maeve, Homelander ended up getting stabbed in the ear which caused him to bleed.

As they say in Predator: “if it bleeds we can kill it”.

So I do think that Victoria could kill him if it came down to it it just depends whether she could get the drop on him first when he’s spamming his eye laser attacks.

Now that takes us into our next power which is likely another way that he could be killed once and for all.

Death by Eye Laser 

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that both Ryan and Butcher have powers that centre around being able to shoot lasers out of their eyes. Sure Billy’s came from the compound whereas Ryan’s was natural but still, there’s a reason that both these characters have this ability.

I think that’s purely down to the fact that it’s a way that can kill Homelander and honestly, I think this will be what happens to the character when he’s taken out in his final episode. I mean it would be pretty ironic if he went out this way, especially considering that he spams it whenever he’s in trouble.

This happened on the aeroplane, during the protest at the end and even when he escaped the battle at Herogasm.

So having him go out like this would be bitter irony.

Now I think that when the show is coming to a close that it’ll come down to Ryan almost killing his dad after he realises how bad he’s become. However, Butcher at this point will then step forward, take a final shot of v24, unleash his own eye lasers and kill the character once and for all.

This would stop Ryan from becoming a murderer and it would also mean that Billy’s life goal is complete. I think this final shot will mean that he succumbs to the compound but with him living on borrowed time already it’ll be him going out on his own terms.

That might not happen but either way, I think that the pair both have this power for a writing reason. Plus we know from the fight in Herogasm that the beams can block each other so if Homelander was to use it then this is a way to stop his favourite attack. If used for long enough this could be completely devastating and though with Stormfront it was initially used to “laser my tits”, we saw come to the end of Season 2 how this could completely wipe her out if it came down to it.


Lasers in the comics

Now Ryan having the exact same abilities means that he can potentially stop him if it comes down to it. This is also demonstrated in the comics.

In them, Homelander’s death came at the hands of Black Noir who was revealed to be a clone of him. He had the exact same power set but he’d hidden this from all the other characters by just pretending to be a ninja type of Supes. During 9/11 when the Seven were called in to stop a hijacked plane he even ended up falling from it to what should’ve been his death if he was just a normal character.

The Legend told this whole story to Hughie and even he recounted how no one knows how Black Noir survived it but in hindsight, we know that this was due to him flying away.

This shows that if you have the same skillset as Homelander that it is difficult to take him down.

I don’t wanna go over the whole clonelander thing as that’s been done to death thousands of times in my videos but Black Noir at least to me demonstrates that Ryan at the very least could kill him.

Now there is another way beyond this in the source material…

Little Nina

Now early on in the comics, The Boys end up going to Russia to take down Little Nina. We discover that she’s got a refined version of Compound V that’s capable of exploding the head of a Supe if the correct radio frequency is used to trigger it.

The Boys - Little Nina

Nina was planning a coup on the country with Vought but the Boys ended up stopping her before she and the corporation were able to take control.

Little Nina had an army of over fifty Supes and Butcher arrived at the end of the issue to destroy them all by blowing their heads off using an emitter.

Cut to the end of the comics and this is the same method that Butcher attempts to use to wipe out every Supe on Earth. He climbs to the top of the Empire State Building to carry this out and he would’ve got away with it if it wasn’t for that meddling Hughie.

However, this shows that there is a way to kill Supes across the board and it would likely also work with Homelander who as we discussed with Victoria can be killed by using this method. But how would you get this into his system? After all, it will be difficult to get close to him and if bullets have trouble breaking through his skin then a needle probably would too. Sure you could do what Maeve did and hit him in the weak points like his eyes or ears but I can think of a much better way…

Put the special V in the breast milk.

Gaaddaaam I love some bitty from that itty bitty titty.

This would get the V in his system so just go to Vought, fill up the fridge and let the man’s cravings do the savings. Judging by the reveals in Season 3 we also know that Novichok can work as a way to subdue the supes. Not only did it impair Maeve when they were transporting her but we also saw how it kept Soldier Boy sedated for several decades. I guess that this nerve agent will start popping up more and more down the line and that it’ll be used as one of the main weapons by The Boys to put him to sleep worse than my voice in this video.

Hit Him Where it Hurts 

Lastly, you could always just find a Supe that can shrink down and have him jump into his d**k.

That would work and ey, #JusticeForTermite.

So how do you beat Homelander, well either you or explode his head, shoot him with laser beams or use Black Noir.

However, I think we all know that the best way to defeat him is just to cancel him. As I mentioned earlier his ego is his biggest weakness and though the guy threatened Starlight with destroying the Earth if he was exposed, I think it’s all a bluff.

She exposed him throughout the series at numerous points and even got him on camera admitting to his crimes. Still, he’s showing up at rallies, being the head of Vought and overall if he was gonna do it he would’ve done it by now. Homelander’s need to be loved is too much and this, of course, calls back to his childhood, namely how he was raised as a lab experiment.

So what you need to do is dig up some old tweets, post them on the internet and act as if you’ve never said anything problematic or offensive in your entire life.

Because everyone is self-righteous on the internet they’ll all join in too and do whatever they can to be the real heroes.

Before you know it #HomelanderIsOverParty will be trending worldwide and he’ll be reduced to shivering and shaking like he’s just seen his dad pop up at a rally after he told him capes are for pu**ies.

Go on you, another celebrity has been taken out until they inevitably return in a year’s time.

You summoffabi**ch

I love you for it though.

I’d, of course, love to hear your thoughts on how you’d take out the villain so make sure you comment below and let me know.


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