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THOR Love And Thunder Trailer: Gorr The God Butcher Explained | Comic Origins, Theories And More

Thor Love and Thunder is gonna show a Christian going after the Gods like Passion Of The Christ 2, Jesus Gets Revenge.

The new trailer for the film has just dropped and in it we see Gorr The God Butcher aka Gorrdermort facing off against the God Of Thunder. Before you can even say ‘let’s see Paul Allen’s Gorr’ the guy left a terrifying impression that definitely got all those bad feelings out of my head that I might have had from the toy leaks.

A lot is riding on Christian Bale’s shoulders and throughout this post, we’re gonna be talking about why Gorr is so loved in the comic book kingdom. We’ll be going over his backstory from the source material, talking about what his mission is and also giving our theories on what could happen in the movie.


Gorr’s Appearance

The first thing that’s gonna strike you about Gorr in the new trailer, is the black and white monochrome way that he appears.

Seeming like a vampire, Gorr presents a striking image of white against the black darkness that surrounds him.

This pulls heavily from the comics and in those when we saw Gorr at his most powerful he was surrounded by swashes of thick black ink that provided him with not only a cape but also a hood.

Early Life – Comic Book Version

Now he was a far cry from this early on in his life and Gorr came from a harsh wasteland where his entire species battled with extinction every day.

The people were poor and because they hadn’t developed any real scientific technologies due to their focus being on survival they became superstitious. Believing that Gods ruled their fates they put their faith solely in them and would curse the bad days as being things that were caused by them not worshipping hard enough.

It’s a motif that’s often discussed in the development of religions and you can pretty much track through the 20th century when religious doctrines were at their peak and the economic surroundings that caused the world to be like that. If you’ve ever read Frank Herbert’s Dune then you’ll know there’s a lot of talk in that about how the kwisatz haderach manipulated the people of Arrakis by taking away all that they had and then they put in place religion so that they would follow them. I’m kind of veering off track here but this mentality is important to bear in mind when we talk about why Gorr turned from his people’s ways.

In his early life, he experienced a lot of tragedy and his mother was attacked by beasts on the planet as she fought to buy him enough time to escape. She was highly religious as well, instilling in him this idea that if he prayed enough that the Gods would answer. But they never did.

Gorr grew up with this belief instilled in him however as it was one of the last things his mother ever said.

Losing His Faith

Still, he faced the harshness of reality and his wife died in an earthquake with their unborn child. Slowly his other children starved to death as well and this pushed him to the point of screaming to his tribe that there were no Gods. Those guys though were still highly superstitious and thinking that there’d be a reprisal for Gorr’s outburst they banished him to the harsh desert of the rock they’d be cursed to exist on.

Sound so…sound so f**king cool saying that stuff when talking about comics.

Anyway amongst the barren landscape, Gorr came across two duelling Gods that were locked in combat. This was a golden knight and a black one that I think was Knull, the wiki says it’s Knull but I got a lot of s**t on the last video for saying that so we’ll just say it’s a black knight but not the one from Eternals ok. Let’s calm down.

Anyway the Golden Godemergedd victorious but he was badly beaten and he reached out to Gorr and asked for help.

Enraged by this he realised that the one being that he’d prayed to his entire life for help that had never been there for him was asking for the same thing back. It drove Gorr wild with rage as he’d not only realised that Gods did exist but that all they cared about was themselves.

Gaining the Necrosword

At this point Knu…sorry the Black Knight’s sword turned into a ball of dark energy that wrapped around him and it gave him incredible powers. This was the Necrosword, a powerful element strong enough to kill even Gods. Gorr struck down on the Black Knight and thus began his millennia-long quest to kill Gods across the universe. He’d realised that the Gods didn’t care about those that worshipped them and for their arrogance they had to pay.

Gorr Meets Thor

Now Gorr went out throughout the Cosmos killing all that he could find. In 893 AD he ran into Thor and it was at this point that the God Of Thunder learned about him. The pair had many run-ins with their first being one of the darkest days of Thor’s life. Gorr managed to capture him and he tortured him for 17 days to find out how to get to Asgard. His Viking followers found him and when Gorr started laying the smackdown they all began to pray to Thor.

Gorr tried showing them how useless the Gods were and why they shouldn’t put their faith in them but Thor used this moment to cut off Gorr’s arm. From that point onwards he made it his life mission to get revenge and this anger fueled him into getting a longer than normal lifespan.

Believing he’d killed him Thor didn’t bother searching for him however Gorr kept going.

Eventually, Thor came across a planet that had all become Atheists because their Gods never answered their calls and upon going up to the heavens he found them all slaughtered. Thor then set off on a trip to Omnipotence City which is where he went to the hall of the lost which detailed all the Gods that had gone missing. Using this as a roadmap he followed Gorr’s trail of destruction and the pair fought several times with Gorr eventually leading him to, a sort of portal through time.

Gorr took Thor to one of the first Gods which he killed at the beginning of time.

The God Bomb

In the future 900 years from then, Thor came across a version of himself that had been battling Gorr’s black berserkers for centuries. He also came across a younger version of himself who had been enslaved by Gorr to build his weapon, the God Bomb.

This incredibly destructive device had the power to kill Gods across the entire timeline so that none would ever exist. Gorr also had a new wife and child the latter of which tormented Thor as he was enslaved.

Gorr’s wife eagerly awaited until his quest was over so that they could finally have a life together but she slipped up, she bloody slipped up. She ended up telling Gorr that in many ways he was now a God himself and angered by this he killed her. He hid this from his son but he found out and ended up calling him the God Of Hipocracy at one point.

After escaping, Thor and the other versions returned to finally fight it out with Gorr. He easily beat them but Gorr’s son aided them and Thor ended up grappling with the bomb in an attempt to absorb it as it was going out. Gods across the universe ended up praying to Thor to save them and empowered by this he absorbed the blast as well as the Necrosword. Thor ended up beheading him and he seemingly died. However, he did return three days later.

Now Gorr did pop up again after being resurrected by Loki but I do think that the film will pretty much follow his journey in the God of Thunder. They pretty much have the Falligar the Behemoth panel which is ripped right out of the comics so yeah. Probably follow this but don’t quote me on it.

Film Predictions

I think Thor will probably learn of Gorr at the beginning and then he’ll set out to warn the other Gods which is when he’ll bump into Zeus. I can see Gorr’s entrance being him showing up to murder Zeus and that will be where we start to learn about his backstory.

Also, the look of Gorr has massively changed up and in the trailer, we see one point where his face has tattoo-like markings on it. These are gone as he steps into the Monochrome world so I’m guessing that potentially his appearance changes whilst the necrosword corrupts him.

Lots of ways that they can go about it and who knows we might even end up with at least a nod to his design in the comics. I know that’s a big sticking point for people around the character but I’m not too bothered by it as long as Bale delivers a good performance which he seems to be going off this brand new look.

However that’s my opinion and I’d love to hear yours so if you wanna talk about that, his backstory or what you think will happen then comment below and let me know,


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