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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order: Story Breakdown & Ending Explained + Full Game Spoiler Talk Review

star wars jedi fallen order ending explained full game spoiler review

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Deffinition and this is the channel where we break down all the latest movies, new game releases, tv shows and comic books. This episode is for those who are strong with the force and have managed to complete Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and have questions about the game and it’s ending.

Throughout this, I’m gonna be discussing the full storyline of the new Jedi epic and giving my thoughts on the game as we go through it.

There will be heavy spoilers here so if you haven’t played through all of the game yet and don’t want anything ruined then I highly recommend you submit to the Darkside and leave this now.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video, now let’s get into our breakdown of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Story Breakdown

Ok so the game picks up five years after Order 66 was carried out by Darth Sideous without so much as a Maclunky in sight. Those who survived the purge have scattered themselves throughout the Galaxy, hiding from the long arm of the Empire. Obi-Wan fled to Tattooine, Yoda to Dagobah and our game protagonist Cal Kestis found a home on the planet Bracca as a junkyard scrapper.

Cal pretty much keeps himself to himself, hiding his powers from everyone and because of this, the ex-padawan has evaded the Empire’s gaze. However, one day he is forced to use his powers to save his friend Prauf who almost falls to his death. Cal is desperate to maintain a low profile but he quickly finds himself a target and the Empire dispatches two Inquisitors to find the Jedi and kill him.

It’s an awesome introduction and it beautifully recaptures the feeling of classic Star Wars films in a brilliant way. This opening level feels like a blast and fleeing from the Empire on a ridiculously fast train got my blood pumping early on in these sections.

The opening really makes you relate to Cal and see that he’s just a guy trying to do the right thing. He’s reluctantly shoved back into the spotlight and watching Second Sister kill Prauf really struck a chord with me even though it was a character that I’d only known for about half an hour.

star wars jedi fallen order ending explained full game spoiler review

Cere And Greez

When all hope looks lost, Cal is rescued by an ex-Jedi named Cere and her pilot friend Greez who operate a ship known as the Mantis. Cere has closed herself off from the force so she needs Cal for the journey ahead and there are also a lot of elements that come up from her past that play massively into the story as they go on. Aboard The Mantis, they travel to Bogano where an ancient Jedi vault is located which is where Cal comes across a droid named BD-1.

BD-1 would be the cutest thing in Star Wars but unfortunately, it got beat last-minute by Baby Yoda. We Stan for Baby Yoda.

Inside the vault, Cal discovers a message from Cere’s master, Cordova, that says he has a list of force-sensitive children hidden somewhere and that this group could one day topple the Empire. Before he can access it though, Cal needs to pass some tests to prove that he is worthy and whilst it’s very video-gamey, I actually loved traveling planet to planet, leveling up and fighting all manner of men and monsters.

I say loved, if I never had to go back to Dathomir again I’d be happy but on the whole it’s a really engaging game that feels like it’s constantly dangling a carrot in front of you to keep pushing you forward. Now I have had a couple of friends who also bought the game saying that they found this constant trekking boring but personally I loved unlocking shortcuts, traversing new routes and basically building up my own map of the area that allowed me to explore areas before diving further into them to see just how grand they were.

The Combat System

Add to this the combat system of Fallen Order and you have a match made in heaven. Now you aren’t exactly Yoda…or even Baby Yoda for that matter and taking on things without really planning and being evasive is gonna get you killed pretty quickly. It’s embarrassing being murdered by a little creature that’s only half the height of you but it shows just how much you have to be careful when taking these foes on.

Just because you have a lightsaber doesn’t mean you have it easy and running into groups without choosing your first target carefully can lead to you being killed in a moment’s notice. There’s a steep learning curve to it and Dathomir oh Dathomir how you kicked the crap out of me when I thought I was just gonna be going for a trot through the fields.

However, once you get the hang of everything it becomes brilliant, each battle feels enthralling and energetic with you constantly have to cautiously block, letting go of the button at the last second in order to strike. Blocking at the right moment also allows you to Parry and can send blaster bolts back at their attacker, however you have to wait until the last second to do this so it’s a gamble that sometimes doesn’t pay off.

Overall though it makes you really practice with the game and just as Cal grows throughout the story, remastering his powers, the player does too.

Trilla Fo’ Rilla

Cal and the group travel to Kashyyyk encountering Saw Gerrera from Rogue One before going to Zeffo where he encounters Second Sister once more.

Here we get one of the first big twists with it being revealed that the sister is Cere’s Padawan, named Trilla, who is a student of Darth Vader now. Under torture, Cere revealed Trilla’s location and this has lead her down a dark path. It’s a nice humanizing moment for the villain and it adds a lot of weight to her choices. Many people in a similar position probably would turn to the Dark Side instead of facing death and she’s a memorable foe for the game. Cere warns Cal that she will sell him out and says that she has herself turned to the Dark Side though Cal rebuffs this. We later learn that this is why Cere cut herself off from the force as she didn’t want to go down a dark path no matter how much easier her life would be.

It’s a great back and forth that makes you question whether Cere wants the list for the right reasons or if this is all a play by her.

Cal is captured by a bounty hunter and forced to fight in an arena for the entertainment of a crime lord but once more he’s arrested by Greez and Cere. They return to Kashyyyk to speak to Tarfful who instructs Cal to travel to the Origin Tree. Was it just me or did bits of this remind people of Neverending story?

Anyway, There he gets a message from Cordova telling him to go to Dathomir… thanks, end the game, sell it on ebay, and he’s attacked by Ninth Sister who Cal manages to defeat.

This ends the game, game over…we’re not going to…oh god we’re gonna have to go to Dathomir aren’t we?

star wars fallen order review


When Cal arrives there he meets Nighsister Merrin who hates the Jedi for killing her people during the Clone Wars and she pretty much puts roadblock after roadblock in his way and yeah, you best off just going through most of this without resting because it’s not nice having the enemies respawn, especially on the hardest difficulty.

Cal comes face to face with another Jedi named Taron who says he can help Cal harness the dark power of Dathomir and we get an awesome flashback of Order 66 in which Cal remembers his time when the Clone Troopers turned bad.

Jaro protected Cal from the attack and this is how he was able to escape. Jaro’s spirit returns and this ends up destroying Cal’s lightsaber.

Taron wants to tempt Cal with the darkness but he refuses and flees, traveling to Ilum to get a Kyber crystal to rebuild his blade. Cal once more fights Jaro’s spirit but this time he conquers the doubt, guilt and fear he faced in his death and therefore he bests the dark feelings within him. Taron once more tries to tempt Cal who again refuses and this sends him into a rage, he even gets double lightsabers out. Merrin joins the fight and sides with Cal after a heart to heart and eventually, she even joins the crew of the Mantis.

The group return to Bogano and Cal finally unlocks the vault and gets the Holocron with the names on. Trilla pops up and steals this though and escapes. Cere once more resumes her position as a Jedi Master and officially makes Cal a Jedi Knight and the group then attacks the Inquisitor Headquarters.

Cal takes on Trilla in order to get the Holocron back and he manages to defeat her in what is an awesome boss battle. Is it just me or did anyone else get Kylo Ren vibes from Trilla?

Fallen Order: Ending

Anyway, Cal was going to strike her down but Cere intervenes and tries to turn her back to the light. Cere admits that she failed Trilla and that all her choices pushed her into the darkness and just as you think the two are finally gonna be friends once more, we hear the unforgettable breathing noise of Darth Vader.

Vader kills Trilla and pretty much redecorates the room, hurling floor panels, ceilings and Cal about the place.

Running from Star Wars’ most famous bad guy really gets your heart racing and it’s an awesome way ramp up the game for its final chapter. Vader makes Cal stab himself and Cere battles the Sith Lord embracing the dark side of her personality in order to hold him back.

The pair manage to get away and they make it back to the Mantis with the Holocron. On the ship, Cere releases Greez out of his contract but he decides to stick around and the crew decides what to do with the Holocron.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Ending Explained

It boils down to two things, either they gather the children, rebuilding the Jedi Knights and using them to fight the Empire or they don’t and let the children live out lives where they aren’t living in constant fear of the Empire hunting them down. Both have their pros and cons and are pretty tough decisions to make but Cal realises that the destinies of others should not be in the hands of the group.

This kinda mirrors Cere’s choices eventually leading to the downfall of Trilla and Cal decides that their destinies should be decided by the force. He destroys the Holocron so that the Empire can’t have it either. This ties in with the vision that Cal had earlier in which he witnessed the Jedi being slaughtered and he knew that this prophecy had a high chance of coming true and thus decided that the best course of action was to keep the Jedi separate.

It’s moves like this that allowed Luke to rise up and take the Empire out and it’s quite a smart storytelling motif that feels like what a true Jedi would actually do. These are protectors of the peace through and through and Cal would rather not sacrifice lives if it is unnecessary.

It’s quite a mature ending and there’s actually quite a lot of comics and additional Star Wars material that have dealt with similar aesthetics. In those, the Jedi that rose up were quickly stamped down due to their lack of practice and knowledge and there is a lot of instances when padawans are killed early on by the forces of the Empire in order to stop them from becoming threats.

Cal realised that if they were to round up this list it would give the Emporer and Vader easier access to them and this would wipe out all hope in the Galaxy, leaving Cal and co in a far worse position.

Cere and Cal are haunted by their past so much due to the trauma that comes from it and this ending is about moving on from it. The entire game is about trying to return things to how they were but in the end, we realise that we have to go beyond this in order to progress. As Merrin said all that awaited those children was war and death or being turned into an Inquisitor so Cal made the right decision.

What this also does is leave everything open for a sequel, which I really hope we get.

Fallen Order Review

But what did I think of the game?

Well as I’m sure you can guess, I absolutely loved it. I’ve craved a single-player Star Wars game for so long now and after the cancellation of 1313 in place of Battlefront, I thought we wouldn’t get one for a while.

I was desperate for this to be good and it didn’t disappoint. It’s got everything in it that I’d hope from a Star Wars game including incredible easter eggs, the balance of comedy, drama, and cuteness and overall it knocked it out of the park in my opinion.

Though it takes a little while getting used to, once you are on board with it this is a brilliant game and I really can’t recommend it highly enough.

Fallen Order is an amazing rise of the Star Wars game and that’s why it gets a…


Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on Fallen Order so make sure you leave your review in the comments section below.

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