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Avengers Vs Thanos Review

Avengers Vs Thanos Graphic Novel Review By Deffinition as part of Infinity War Comic Book Talk

Avengers Vs Thanos Review By Deffinition Avengers: Infinity War is everywhere you look at the moment. The film capitalises on a ten-year setup in the MCU and showcases the arrival of Thanos and The Infinity Stones. [spacer height=”20px”] The hype has never been realer! [spacer height=”20px”] Whilst this plot is revolutionary on the silver screen […]

Marvel Zombies: Volume 1 Review

Marvel Zombies Graphic Novel Review by Deffinition as part of Graphic Novel Talk

Marvel Zombies: Volume 1 Review By Deffinition I’m a Diehard DC fan through and through. I’ve pretty much always preferred them over Marvel in every aspect (yes even films). However, running a predominantly based Comic Book Review website means that I have to be open to what I lovingly refer to as ‘The Enemy.’ [spacer […]


The Avengers Infinity War 8 Bit Trailer

8-Bit Infinity War Trailer I was blown away when this popped up in my suggested videos on Youtube. Waaaaay better than the Lego trailer, I was blown away by how good this was. Check out the Avengers: Infinity War 8-Bit trailer remake here. It’s absolutely incredible! [spacer height=”20px”] I’m mega-hyped for the movie, especially after […]

Zbox December 2017 Unboxing And Review

zbox decemeber 2017 unboxing and review by deffinition

 Zbox Subscription Review I picked up my first ever Zbox and saw whether it was worth the discounted price of £10. Check out my video and subscribe to my youtube channel for more unboxings like this every month.

Spider-Man Homecoming Review by Deffinition | Film Talk

Spider-Man Homecoming Review by Deffinition | Film Talk

Sony’s First Movie In The MCU Spider-Man Homecoming Review by Deffinition Spider-Man Homecoming is the best MCU movie in my opinion by far. They knocked it out the PARK…er….what? It’s a completely grounded story that doesn’t need New York getting destroyed, there’s no blue laser shooting into the sky, it’s just a down to earth […]

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