VENOM 3 The Last Dance Trailer Explained | Brea...

VENOM 3 The Last Dance Trailer Explained | Breakdown, Spider-Man Easter Eggs, Plot Leak & Reaction

VENOM 3 The Last Dance Trailer Explained | Breakdown, Spider-Man Easter Eggs, Plot Leak & Reaction

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show. I’m your host Paul and in this video, we’re breaking down Venom: The Last Dance.

The first look at the third film in the trilogy is now here, and we have a lot of things to talk about. There are tonnes of Spider-Man Easter eggs, lots of things going on, and we’ll be going over it all in this breakdown. Last week, Cris from 3C Films went over a big plot leak he’d received on the movie.

This came from a film survey on a screening asking how excited people were and weren’t for certain elements.

For this video, I am going to talk about them and though it doesn’t spoil things like the deaths, ending, or whether Madam Web finally says the name Peter Parker, there may still be things that spoil the movie for you.


I think going through these leaks gives a lot of context to what the movie’s about, but yeah, you might not want to know.

This is of course still the Sony, show things that aren’t in the movie in the trailers universe, so even with these details, things could end up changing.

Looking at you, murderer poster in Morbius trailer.

Either way, we last saw Venom being taken to the MCU at the end of Let There Be Carnage.

Upon tapping into the hive mind that the symbiotes possessed, he then became aware that Peter Parker was Spider-Man. This took him into the MCU as Doctor Strange was carrying out the spell. From here, he sat at a bar at the hotel which… yep… great use of the character guys, glad we waited for years to see Peter Parker and Venom interacting.

VENOM 3 The Last Dance Trailer Explained | Breakdown, Spider-Man Easter Eggs, Plot Leak & Reaction
VENOM 3 The Last Dance Trailer Explained | Breakdown, Spider-Man Easter Eggs, Plot Leak & Reaction

Instead, we get him talking about stones and how aliens don’t like stones. However, we are going to be getting a new Sony Peter Parker so don’t worry kids, we’ve got Peter Parker at home.

That takes us into this new trailer in which Venom has returned home.

Through his hive mind, Venom will have learned that Spider-Man is destined to kill Eddie and Venom.

Now according to Cris, this movie will actually be a film about Venom protecting a young Peter Parker. That’s not really shown in the trailer but it’s been rumoured for a while. It seems like it’s fighting a symbiote creature akin to the one in Old Man Logan, however, Cris said that’s not the case and in fact, it’s about Eddie trying to stop those hunting him while also finding a young Peter Parker.

Now if this sounds familiar, then it’s because this was the original plot for Madame Web. So we heard anyway. We talked about this before the film’s release but originally the plan was to have Ezekiel Sims learn that Mary Parker was carrying his future nemesis and he’d try and kill her before she was born. This would lead to a sort of Terminator thing where Web and the gang would have to protect her. This would all go down in the final act of the movie, with the movie before that remaining relatively the same.

As we know, that wasn’t in the final release and there is the possibility that my uncle who works at Sony was just talking out of his arse. However, we do know that all connections to Spider-Man were removed from the movie.

Dakota Johnson has also said that the movie drastically changed when they were making it, and I wonder… I wonder right if they did that because of the script for this.


It says that Venom and Eddie discover Peter’s just a ten-year-old boy in this universe, but they still kidnap him and want to kill him.

Is this… is this a Marvel movie, mate… you sure? Obviously, you know we’ve wanted Spider-Man and this Venom to meet on screen. It’s the third movie, it’s the last dance but like. I dunno… ten-year-old kid just ain’t doing it for me. Guessing they’re going to save the proper Venom vs Spider-Man stuff for the MCU as we of course know the symbiote got left behind in No Way Home.

Now Eddie apparently begins to start having second thoughts. Peter is supposed to be exposed to spiders which then give him an allergic reaction. I dunno if this will be him getting his powers but I can imagine that’ll be the case. Eddie has to then take him to the hospital and it’s here that he pretends to be his father.

Now whereas Ezekiel Simms was steadfast in trying to smash the Spider-women, Eddie realises he can be a mentor-type figure to him.

It’s kind of leaning into the lethal protector thing which Venom also touched upon in the last movie. This moniker had him becoming a…. well a lethal protector and it’ll be interesting to see if they lean into that.

So that’s kind of what the basic premise of the movie is and yep… the studio that brought us Morbius is bringing us More BS. Delay that Kraven movie another year.

Now Venom is apparently unhappy about this and the pair go through their usual odd couple routine. Honestly, it’s probably the best part of these movies with Tom Hardy really getting to ham it up.

VENOM 3 The Last Dance Trailer Explained | Breakdown, Spider-Man Easter Eggs, Plot Leak & Reaction
VENOM 3 The Last Dance Trailer Explained | Breakdown, Spider-Man Easter Eggs, Plot Leak & Reaction

However, every movie needs a villain beyond that, and here it comes in the form of Stephen Graham. In the last film, he played Detective Patrick Mulligan and he was infected by an offshoot of Carnage.

That is Toxin.

First appearing in Venom vs Carnage issue 1, this character debuted in 2004.

There he appeared as a black speck on Mulligan’s neck before eventually taking over the character. Known as the 1000th symbiote in its lineage, Toxin packs all the power and memories that the previous ones had.

Toxin is extremely powerful and more than capable of standing against Carnage. Now where things differed is that due to Mulligan being the host, Toxin isn’t necessarily a bad guy. Being a policeman imbued him with a certain sense of honour and he’s even worked alongside Spider-Man.

He’s very much an anti-hero in the comics and though Venom is too, he initially started as a villain. Over the years Venom’s been seen as an anti-hero but Toxin was one right from the off. That’s kind of what they’re going with, with him sort of being a bad guy but for the right reasons.

Cris said that his goal is to destroy all monsters with this of course including Venom. However, he apparently also wants to destroy Peter as he sees Spider-Man as being a monster himself.

Now in order to do this… he’s gonna… make other symbiotes? Yep, classic Sony…. not slagging off the Spider-Verse movies there obviously. They’re like when the guy who wrote Scary Movie 4 also wrote Chernobyl. Craig Mazin, you killed it.

Anyway, Toxin ends up spawning new symbiotes including one that merges with Patricia Robertson. Played by Juno Temple, she’ll be a love interest for Eddie in the movie.

Patricia is of course Scream in the comics, with this being a mainstay symbiote. If you played the recent Spider-Man 2 PS5 game then you’ll know the character appeared as a boss. This took over someone we won’t spoil but now we’re getting a version more akin to the comics.

In the source material, she was a communications specialist in the army that worked at a radar station in Canada. Coming across a lab littered with corpses, it was revealed this location had been studying a Venom clone. This escaped and after killing the scientists, it stowed away on her. Eventually, it bonded with Patricia before travelling to New York to kill Venom.

The rest is history with Scream’s powers being based around her powerful scream. This is kind of akin to Shriek except. Beyond this though also able to use her hair as a whip.

Michelle Williams’ Anne is of course off doing her own thing now so it makes sense to bring in a new love interest for the third film. This character is more on the level Eddie is so it makes a lot of sense. Kinda reminds me a bit of Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. By The Dark Knight Rises we had Catwoman who was way more on the level with Bruce.

There’s rumours that they’re doing the Life Foundation which will have several villain symbiotes.

Now these aren’t the only antagonists in the movie. Beyond that, we will also get a group known as the Jury. These are a group of vigilantes that come from the comics who all have their own beef with the symbiote. Led by Orwell Taylor, he’s gonna be played by Chiwetel Ejiofor.

In the comics, Orwell worked at a superhuman prison known as the vault. A High-Ranking General, his son Hugh had followed his footsteps into the army. Working at the vault he ended up being killed by Venom.

Orwell swore revenge and he formed the group who are judge, jury and executioner. Made up of his former army buddies we’re apparently gonna be getting something similar in the movie.

The plot leaks said that his son was killed by Carnage during his escape from prison in the second movie.


So Eddie basically has to keep Peter alive and deal with attacks on both sides. I can actually see things from both sides mate and Eddie’s gonna have to stay vigilant.

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Mrs Chen returns too and we also have a Venom horse as well.

VENOM 3 The Last Dance Trailer Explained | Breakdown, Spider-Man Easter Eggs, Plot Leak & Reaction
VENOM 3 The Last Dance Trailer Explained | Breakdown, Spider-Man Easter Eggs, Plot Leak & Reaction

Now other things we need to talk about is the multiversal elements that play into it. We see the bar that was in No Way Home with the same bartender there. He looks dishevelled and I am wondering If this is the MCU. If it is then everything in Doctor Strange is f’d cos yeah, don’t reuse actors, mate. I was thinking, “What the hell is going on?” and I have no idea how this works in a narrative sense. Now perhaps it shows that there is another version of this bar that Venom was transported to. It could also show that people now have government tech to travel between universes. It could be Sony back on their bullshit though and just completely ignoring everything set up in the MCU.

So one of two things, either they can go to the 616 and can move between multiverses… or this is the bar in Eddie’s universe, which is a variant version of the 616 one. This would explain why the guys hair is longer though I feel like that might be to show the passage of time.

I do wonder if this ties in with the Peter Parker leaks or if they’re something completely absent from the trailer.


Either way that’s everything you need to know about the movie going into it. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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