HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Season 2 FINAL Trailer Brea...

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Season 2 FINAL Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Reaction

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Season 2 FINAL Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Reaction

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Paul, and in this video, we’re breaking down House Of The Dragon.

The new show drops on Sky and HBO on the 16th of June, and we have a brand new look at the season. Throughout this video, we’re going to break it all down and go over everything that you need to know. So smash that thumb up if you enjoy it and make sure you subscribe for our videos every week.

With that out of the way, thank you for clicking this. Now, let’s get into House Of The Dragon.


Now we begin with Daemon walking through the throne room of the Red Keep, which at this point is completely vacant. I believe because of this that it is, in fact, a dream. I don’t have a source, and that bit of trivia came to me in a dream, but there’s a lot to signify this. Firstly, Daemon wouldn’t be allowed to just stroll about, and secondly, the trailer seems like it’s packed with this imagery. We have Alicent walking through a meadow, which may indicate there’s more here at play. Dreams are something that have guided a lot of characters with Aegon’s being a song of ice and fire. This was then inscribed in Viserys’s blade, and thus I think the other characters are now getting them.

I feel like this might also be why we see the three dragon eggs, which look a lot like Dany’s. It is possible they’re just regular dragon eggs, but they do seem grouped together like the three. I think that we might get the seeds sown here for what’s to come, though dragon eggs play into things a lot later on.

Potentially, these three could be laid but might not hatch. These eggs could then be taken somewhere before eventually being given as a gift to Dany.

Either way, lots of dreamy stuff, and I believe that this might actually be triggered by Alys Rivers. This is confirmed to be a character we’ll be seeing who Daemon may run into.

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Season 2 FINAL Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Reaction
HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Season 2 FINAL Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Reaction

Later on, we see a woman with a fan in front of her face, which I believe is her. It might not be, but she’s quite mysterious, and they’re clearly hiding her to tease out there’s more going on beneath the surface. You might end up as her biggest fan.

In the book, that’s where he was at during the death of Lucerys, but the show changed it up so he was out with Rhaenyra. Still, though, he needs to go there at some point, and thus I think that that may be what’s happening. There are several things that could indicate this fact, including the pillar that we see in the wide shot. At the top of this, we have a new figure which could indeed be his brother.

We also have his crown which drops to the floor, perhaps highlighting the fall of the king.

This may also symbolise the fall of the Targaryens, and the hall being empty shows the family now has no followers. Now, Daemon went to Harrenhal and conquered it from Ser Simon Strong. I think we see this later on when he moves against the dark caverns and we see a fire pyre burning behind him. He seems to be on his own a lot in the teaser, and I think Harrenhal is a big thing that will appear in the show. This then made the Riverlands pledge allegiance to him, and I imagine it’ll happen early on in this show.

This brings the Riverlands a number of things, like delicious food. Anyway, that takes us into our sponsor’s factor.

Now, Daemon’s looking for allegiances, and the idea of allegiances is also shared in Jacaerys, who we later cut to at the top of the Wall. This was obviously a big part of the main series until the Night King did a Chris Jericho.

Beside Jace is none other than Cregan Stark, who has just inherited it from his father. That is Rickon Stark, who appeared at the end of episode 1 in the first season.

Other things he’s inherited are the sword, which is known as Ice. Made from pure Valyrian steel, Ned Stark also wielded this in the main series. We left Jace at the end of Season 1 going out to Winterfell, and it looks like he’s getting a tour of the entire region.

The Wall is so vast and expansive that you can actually see it behind the pair as they stand at the top. It’s here that it’s rumoured Jacaerys meets Sara Snow.

Apparently, he marries her in the woods while the Old Gods looked on. However, there are differing accounts in the books over whether this really happened or not. I’m interested to see where they go with it in the series as that surname especially could be used to tease other stuff.

She’s not really connected to Jon, but hey, wouldn’t be the first time a Snow got linked to a Targaryen.

That’s your aunty, mate, that’s your aunty you’re kissing there.


Now, the idea of Alicent being in a dream is another thing I want to touch upon, with her visiting the God’s Eye in the other teasers. This would go on to be the site of a big battle where her family would have to fight it all. This could be triggered by grief or depression. At a minute 28, we see her in the Red Keep, bowing her head like she’s lost at what’s happened. This may come in the wake of Blood and Cheese, who are two characters we end up running into. In the trailer, we see her and Helaena mobbed at a funeral, which comes in the wake of a Targaryen death. Through Mysaria, Daemon hired Blood and Cheese, who were two assassins sent into the keep.

At the 1:57 mark, we see a flash of Mysaria, who says there’s more than one way to fight a war. That is, of course, assassinations and treachery, with it going beyond just battles with dragons.

They ended up killing a notable character who I won’t spoil because this moment is going to break the internet. We’ve talked about it a ton of times before, though, and have done a big breakdown that we’ll discuss at the end.

However, I think this is shown at the 2-minute mark when we see two figures in the keep. This is next followed by coins exchanging hands, which I think is likely Daemon paying Mysaria. Then we see a woman lying in bed with a hand around her neck. It’s possible that this is one of the assassins and that they might be grabbing Helaena. However, it’s possible that this is a flashback of Aemma, as there are rumours her and Viserys are in the show. We might see the night Rhaenyra was conceived.

We can see the ring of the king and a slightly older-looking hand. Now it may be Aegon and Helaena, but instead, I think it’s more likely that. I feel like it’s just intercut with these Blood and Cheese shots to kind of give us a misdirect. However, maybe Helaena sees the attack as being like something from her brother, as we know that she has visions due to her predictions in season 1.

Lastly, we end with a blade being pressed against a dress, which probably happens during the scene.

Either way, Blood and Cheese is going down, and the death seems to have caused a riot at the procession. Alicent and Helaena have to flee, and the people are likely upset that the realm’s now at war.

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Season 2 FINAL Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Reaction
HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Season 2 FINAL Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Reaction

There have been trade routes cut off, the Velaryons are stopping boats and shipping lanes, and everyone is suffering because of these battles. So civil unrest makes sense, and having the royals out in public like this proves to be a mistake.

I think Rhaenyra’s having dreams too, as we hear her talking about the person on the throne. She describes them as a protector, and as we know, winter is coming. Aegon’s dream was that they must be ready, but this civil war is causing things to fall apart.

Aegon II clearly has no idea what’s going on, and we see him in the teaser holding the catspaw dagger. He’s just washing it about as he sits on the chair at the council and has no clue how important it is.

As we know, the kingdoms wouldn’t be ready, and a Baratheon would end up on the throne.

I also love how after he’s moving it about the council, we cut to Aemond. Aemond lost an eye to it, so you can see why he’s a bit like… hmmm… when his brother’s just nonchalantly playing with it.

Now, throughout the trailer, we get several shots of dragons and cut to Rhaenyra out at Dragonstone. Here we can see the bridges from the first season, and this is where she’s been forced to remain. Wearing a similar dress to what Dany had in the main show, this is her preparing for battle.

She’s also having to mourn her son Lucerys, whose funeral we likely saw at the start of the last trailer. There also seems to be a funeral shot at 27 seconds as well, with her and Rhaenys standing side by side. However, due to the differences in their clothes, it could be that this is another character.

My theory is that this is the outcome of the battle between Erryk and Arryk, with again… that outcome not going to spoil it. Think this is the Heavy Spoilers show or something. The two twins end up duking it out, though, with Arryk sneaking onto Dragonstone disguised as his brother. Upon coming face to face, the pair have a fight, but no one can intervene as they don’t know who is who.

At 1:46, we get a split-second shot of this and can see the twins clashing blades.

So the funeral off that would be a big thing as well, and it shows the civil war is brother against brother.


Now, from Rhaenyra looking over the sea, we cut to Aegon entering the throne room. Announced as the king, we have Lord Martin Reyne and Leon Estermont behind him. They’re brand new for the show, with neither appearing in the book. They’ve obviously sworn themselves to Aegon and always hit the thumbs up.

Now, Rhaenyra initially wants to fight honourably, or so it seems. I believe we catch her lighting a sword to demonstrate this, but as we know, Daemon isn’t about that. The next shot has him with Rhaenys saying that they’re going to King’s Landing. I believe this is how he’ll crack his deal with Mysaria, and it may even tie into that scene from before.

Later, at the minute 13 mark, I believe we hear she’s learned that he hired Blood and Cheese, which is what we see her berating him for. Just before this shot, we see Cyrax and him crawling out of a cave, which I believe is him leaving for King’s Landing.

Cutting to King’s Landing, we get a look at the small council, which is pretty much all the Hightowers. There’s Aegon, Alicent, Otto, and Aemond. Ser Criston is there too, and hey, hate must keep you young because the guy looks like he’s been de-aged.

Aegon isn’t interested in dignity, and this is something that people hate the Greens for. Killing an envoy is a big, big no-no, and it’s something that Aemond did to Lucerys. He’s now known as the kinslayer, with the end of season 1 carrying big repercussions.

People are now mounting for war, which we catch in the next shot. We can see knights on horseback carrying a red banner with a golden lion. That’s the sigil of the Lannisters, who one day will, of course, sit on the throne. Tyland Lannister is currently the master of coin, and we can catch him sat at the table at the small council. Next to him is Grand Maester Orwyle, with these all being loyal to the Greens.

Cutting to a forest shot, we then see a bird as we hear that news spreads through the realm.

According to Wake the Dragon, this is actually a messenger bird flying to Winterfell. They said this is how the season starts off, and hey, it’s a nice shot.

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Season 2 FINAL Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Reaction
HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Season 2 FINAL Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Reaction

Intercut with this, we get another flying creature in the form of Baela’s dragon, Moondancer. It shows how the spreading of news is going to lead to these beasts in the skies, which will in turn lead to some dragon fights. We do get a scene where she chases after Criston Cole, and he ends up riding into a forest to escape.

Either way, though, it shows that the sides are mounting up, and we get several houses all marching for war. We get several shots of Hightower forces, including them marching through the gates of King’s Landing. On the other side of this, though, we have Rhaenyra’s side, who we see coming by sea.

This is the Velaryon fleet, and we watch as they surround a small vessel in the centre of them. Boarding it, they’ve now conquered the shipping lanes, with Corlys then pledging allegiance to Rhaenyra.

It’s possible that these ships were carrying food for the capital, hence the unrest that we get at the funeral.

We then catch Aegon riding his dragon Sunfyre over King’s Landing. This is possibly to the Battle of Rook’s Rest, which is a major moment in the books. It sees Rhaenys vs. Aemond and Aegon, with it likely being the biggest dragon fight we’ve gotten so far.

Sunfyre is a really important dragon, as well as this dragon was shown on the Targaryen banners. This is why they changed colour to gold, as they mirrored the colour that Sunfyre possesses.

Aegon clearly wants to live up to his name, and we can catch Aegon’s crown over the top of his armour.

After some back and forth between Aemond and Alicent, we then see Cyrax landing on a wall. Due to how it crumbles away, this could be the dilapidated structures of Harrenhal.

We then get some big battle shots, which are juxtaposed by a vulnerable moment.

Catching Aemond with his eye patch off, we can see he’s lying down on a woman. It’s possible that this is the one from the brothel he we learned he lost that v-card to in season 1. I’m guessing he’s going to try and find comfort where he can, as the guy’s pretty much been ostracised a bit.

Like I said before, people think he’s overstepped the line in killing Lucerys, and Alicent was mortified when she learned about it. He’s also got his eyes… or well, eye… on the throne, with it being something he’s coveting after. This entire war takes a toll on him, and the guy clearly just wants to chill out.

We then get a shot of a foot stepping into water, which I also believe might be a dream. Just the way the camera spins and rotates makes me feel like it might be a vision.

Now after this, we see Alyn of Hull. There’s a guy on the right who looks like he’s rowing a boat, and therefore I believe he’s part of Corlys’s army.

During the Dance of the Dragons, Rhaenyra’s side needed more dragon riders, and thus they started recruiting people known as dragon seeds. These were basically bastards that the Targaryens and Velaryons had fathered. Alyn and Addam of Hull were amongst these, with them being the sons of Corlys. Addam ended up flying Seasmoke, and we’re probably going to see how these are all called upon to fight.

Next, we cut to Rhaena out in what appears to be the Vale, before we then see her riding a dragon. It’s likely that this is Sheepstealer, with Alyn trying to tame him in the books. Sheepstealer was then grabbed by Nettles, who was another of the dragon seeds. However, the rumours on the show are that Nettles isn’t going to be in it, and they’re going to use those plotlines with Rhaena.

Lastly, we close out with Rhaenyra and Vermithor. This is one of the largest dragons in the realm, with only Balerion and Vhagar being bigger. Balerion is dead at this point in the lore, so Vermithor is coming in second place.

Vermithor belonged to Jaehaerys, and it’s appeared in the series before. During episode 7 of season 1, Daemon ended up going to him and singing. Vermithor could really tip the scales, and it’ll be a big creature to bring into the show. However, due to the timeline, I think he’ll be saved to mainly be in season 3. I think we will have the claiming of him here, and then that can lead to other things down the line.

Anyway, that’s a breakdown of the major new trailer and the shots shown in the promos, and I hope you join me when we go through the series.

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Obviously, let me know your thoughts below and leave a comment if there’s anything we missed.

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