THE MARVELS Post Credits Scene Breakdown &...

THE MARVELS Post Credits Scene Breakdown & Avengers VS X-men Set up | Ending Explained

Credit: Marvel Studios ('The Marvels')

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, and if you’ve seen The Marvels, then you’ll know that it teases a big thing with the ending. Though the movie’s getting mixed reviews, I actually think the final few scenes might tease something major coming down the line.

Not Jonathan Majors… something else, a war of the worlds that pits two franchises against each other.

Throughout this video, I’m going to be going through that big scene and giving my theory time… on what I think’s going to happen.

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With that out of the way, a huge thank you for clicking this; now let’s get into The Marvels.


So, the movie ends with an incursion happening that brings two worlds hurtling towards each other. Faced with no other option, Monica ends up flying into the other side to help close the barrier.

Incursions are a major thing that pulls from the comics, and if the worlds collide, then the entire universe is destroyed. We learned that there was a higher power known as the Beyonders that had placed a Molecule Man into every single universe. This is someone who was the same across all realities and thus could act as a multiversal bomb to destroy the multiverse all at once.

Setting him off would then wipe out all existence, but someone else came into play. That was none other than Doctor Doom, who’d formed a religion around himself called the Black Swans. These swans would then travel through all reality and wipe out the Molecule Man there so that he couldn’t be detonated. Now, this in itself had a domino effect, where it started off the incursions that sent the worlds towards each other. Here, though, incursions work differently, with them being caused by someone dream walking into another reality. I also think their presence there might cause things to set off, which is why in Into The Spiderverse we had something similar with 2099 going to an alternate universe.

Either way, Dar Benn is what brings these worlds together, and this is caused by her opening up portals that destabilize reality.

We close out with Monica being trapped in this reality, and at this point, she wakes up in a hospital bed.

This is in a sleek, futuristic room, which I think is the first clue about where this actually is. Now, we never get it confirmed that this is the 838, but I have my own theories about why it could be. Either way, it’s a room akin to the tech they had due to their civilization not suffering the snap. In that universe, they managed to stop Thanos and thus they’ve had five years on the 616.

Credit: 20th Century Studios ('X-Men')
Credit: 20th Century Studios (‘X-Men’)

Here, Maria’s also at her bedside, which is sort of a flip on what happened during Wandavision. In the show, we had Monica at her bedside, which is when the snap happened. This would be when she last saw her mother, and now it’s coming full circle from that. Maria doesn’t actually recognize who she is, and this is because this one clearly took them on a path in which they didn’t have a daughter.

Now, that was because she got to the hangar first, and we see in flashbacks how she never wanted to be Captain Marvel. Maria has been placed on this path, though, and thus she sort of got forced into a life she wouldn’t have chosen if she’d had Monica.

Now, as we discover, Maria’s also superpowered here, which is akin to the 838. This being that universe never gets confirmed, but I think the little things that happen actually show that it’s the case.

Firstly, Maria was Captain Marvel in that, and I don’t know how many other universes that would be the case. Secondly, we have to look at the old plot leaks and see what they described this universe as. They too said that this was the 838 and that Maria survived her encounter with Wanda. She, of course, has Captain Marvel powers, and we’ve seen in the films how strong that makes Carol. Girl got headbutted full-on by Thanos and didn’t even flinch n’ s**t.

Thus, I think the rubble falling on her just knocked her out, and since then she’s gone to the next level. The costume here highly resembles Binary, and she also gets referred to by that name. Binary is the next step up from Captain Marvel, and her getting beaten like this could have made her go this route, and this would explain why she’s had the costume change.

Now, on top of that, there’s also Beast, who is now fully CGI.

He looks exactly like how he did in the comics and cartoon, with the man even rocking little spectacles.

Once more, though, he’s voiced by Kelsey Grammar, which shows the way that they could be taking things. Now, in case you don’t know, the comics had a group known as the Illuminati.

The Illuminati was a secret society that controlled world events. Amongst the members was Professor X, but eventually, he ended up being killed. In death, Beast took up the position, which could explain why it is he’s here.

The 838 of course has its own Illuminati, and on top of that, Professor X was killed. Like, man legit got his face torn apart. However, as Beast mentions, he’s gonna go and inform Charles, which might…might negate our 838 theory. As we know, though, Professor X has died more times than Kenny and he’s come back multiple times. Whether it’s the Last Stand in which he was teased in a post-credits scene or whatever. The guy can actually transport his mind at the moment of death.

However, due to the Illuminati numbers being so low, they might have kept him in and recruited other members.

Thus, I think this again shows this is the world we’ve visited before and that it could be setting things up for where we’re gonna go.

Now, in the comics, after all the incursions whittled down the worlds, we were left with just the 616 and ultimate universe. These two ended up going head to head, which culminated in both earths being destroyed. Doctor Doom then brought fragments of every world together, and he created something known as Battleworld.

Now that’s kinda skipping ahead, and instead, I think what we’re heading towards is the idea of two worlds duking it out. If one world is made up mainly of X-men, then that could lead into them fighting the Avengers. This could play off the Avengers Vs X-men storyline that’s one of my favorite runs in the comics.

Now, that was a big whole thing on its own that was about stopping the essence of the Phoenix. The Avengers wanted to stop it dead in its tracks, whereas the Mutants saw it as being a way to save their race.

Instead, with this, I think we could have what’s basically a play on the Ultimates vs the 616 and use the basis of their survival to kickstart this conflict.


One of my favorite stories in the comics and movies is also Civil War, and I love the idea of heroes going against each other.

When you think about it, the 616 also drew first blood because Wanda wiped out their version of the Avengers.

Thus, they’re probably gonna be afraid of that universe because it’s left them without that earth’s mightiest heroes.

So you can see how they’d be wary of this world and likely have their finger on the trigger.

Now why I think this is the best way to go is because these are characters we already care about.

Game of Thrones, Game of Thrones, yeah, what they brilliantly did was build up every character throughout their seasons. When it came down to it, and they had to fight each other, you were gripped because you didn’t know who you wanted to win.

So the way that Marvel could go about it is they eventually hit the Avengers vs X-men story, with the latter team being made up of new faces. However, I think the best way to take it would be to go with characters we already know and love.

Imagine Kelsey Grammar’s Beast going against Hulk or something, or maybe even Wolverine facing off against him. Hugh Jackman yeah, I’m rooting for him, but you’d also have that attachment to Mark Ruffalo too.

Credit: Marvel Studios ('The Marvels')
Credit: Marvel Studios (‘The Marvels’)

To me, it would just make the battles more impactful and actually give them stakes if it was two characters we’re attached to facing off against each other. This is something I feel works really well in Civil War, and it’s one of the reasons that that movie pops so much.

Sure, the airport scene, you know everyone’s holding back and they all kinda make jokes about fighting each other.

However, come that final fight with Tony Vs Cap, you know that that battle could actually go anyway. Tony of course discovers his mother was killed by Bucky, and all that holding back’s now gone out the silo.

Maria being there for Monica could add some interesting dynamics too because you’ve got someone whose mother died before they got to say goodbye. This is a reality in which she’s still alive, and thus they could add something in where she’s desperate to be with her. Monica could really struggle with whether to help destroy this world as in doing so, she’s gonna kill this version of her mother.

It could really add some complexities to it and make it so that the MCU has some shades of grey that it’s sorely been missing for a while now. I think just having these two teams go up against each other could also add to the complexities we have in the comics.

For example, in the wake of AVX, Captain America became part of the Illuminati. However, when the incursions happened, they realized he wasn’t willing to destroy other worlds and thus they erased his memory. Eventually, Cap found out and he went to war with the Illuminati, who then were forced to go into hiding.

These sorts of things could be adapted into a really great story I think and I honestly kinda hope we get something like this before Secret Wars. That could then have both worlds being destroyed, and then Battleworld gets stuck with two sides that now have to work together.

This earth could also potentially be where Doctor Doom’s based at, and maybe even the Fantastic Four characters. Reed, unfortunately, got turned to mom’s spaghetti like it was 838 Mile, but the other members of the team could then be brought across.

Another Reed could then be brought into Battleworld, as in Secret Wars he was also thought to be dead. Reed emerged at the end to then stop Doom, and though it’s gonna be Kang-focused there’s a lot they can do with it.

So yeah, lots of different ways that I think they could be taking things and obviously let me know your theories in the comments below. There’s also that Young Avengers film that’s teased too, and I’m guessing that we’ll get an announcement for it shortly.

Either way, I think the movie sets up a lot of things for the future and obviously let me know what you wanna see in the MCU. It might not even be the 838, and that could be a reach, but I think some of the things I’ve talked about here could hint at that being the case.

I would definitely love to see an Avengers Vs X-men movie, and this could be built upon further in Deadpool 3. As we know, that’s too setting them up, and due to the score here, it could even just be the main X2 timeline. The score for that film’s also used at the end here, and Deadpool’s also basically in that universe. I dunno for definite ‘cos like, the timeline of that thing’s all over the place. Personally, I think it’s better to go with a universe we already know than to have another one where Maria’s superpowered. I dunno, the more variants of characters I see that have already died, the less threatening they become, which is kind of a problem that I have with Kang.

Either way, this credit scene got me so hyped, and ey, I think I might be a moron ‘cos I’m just like, yeah, whatever mate, post-credits scene saved the movie. One of those clapping seals that just claps for cameos.

Now, I’m probably not gonna do a big movie breakdown, so I thought I’d just give my thoughts on it now, in case you guys wanted to know. If you don’t like your heavy spoilers being a critic, then this is your chance to check out and just think about me saying whatever you wanted me to, to make you agree with me.

Unfortunately, I think watching Loki and then going directly into this hurt this movie a hell of a lot. Though I wanted to like it, the flaws were pretty bad, and I think tonally this was all over the place.

One minute you’d have a really serious scene, and the next, something really stupid. Editing-wise, you can tell they cut a lot out too, and it just means that there’s little to no character development.

I’m gonna give it another go when I’ve had a break, but the movie’s clearly been cut and reshot to s**t to try and form something coherent.

Dar Benn might be up there as one of the worst MCU villains too, and she’s in line with the weakest ones from phase 2. Everything is just scene, scene, scene, and instead of giving us moments to see the characters’ inner thoughts and feelings, we just jump from one place to the rest.

Felt like the whole thing rushed through things as quickly as possible to get to the ending to tease what’s to come next. Wish they’d made the flashback its own movie, and then this would’ve felt more impactful. I think the 60% aka 6/10 rating is pretty fair, and though it’s not the worst MCU movie, I wouldn’t put it anywhere near the top 20.

I think this film is indicative of all the issues that there’s been with phase 5, where we’re just getting content for content’s sake rather than it feeling like this story needed to be told.

You can definitely tell Feige hasn’t really been supervising this stuff like he used to, though. Fury from Secret Invasion to this is like a completely different person. This would be like if Tony watched Spider-man die in his arms at the end of Infinity War and then showed up immediately busting jokes. Man’s just lost Talos and Maria Hill, nearly caused World War 3, and messed up finding the Skrulls a home. They need to start telling their directors what’s going on in other projects.

I also think, right, I think the MCU is good at doing jokes but I don’t think that they can do comedy. Does that make sense, I said they are good at jokes but they can’t do comedy and when you can tell they’ve written entire scenes trying to be funny, I dunno it feels like an SNL skit.

So yeah, in the end, I’m going to revisit it and try to watch it without one of the best MCU things hanging over me. Also, maybe the movie just isn’t for me, mate, you know what I mean. I want to see stuff where Tony Stark gets shot at and just manages to stop it because he’s wearing an Iron Man glove.

You know what I mean, that kind of stuff.

Either way, this wasn’t the type of thing I like tonally, but hey, I’ll give it another go and see how I get on. I hate moaning to you guys as well because I know you hate it too. I just have to be honest with how I felt. Still, though, that final scene, clapping away, clapping like a seal.

Now, drop your thoughts below. Am I a clapping seal? Did you do it too? I’d really love to hear.

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