LOKI Season 2 Ending Explained | Deeper Meaning...

LOKI Season 2 Ending Explained | Deeper Meaning, Hidden Trees, Secret Wars Future & Who Loki is Now

Credit: Marvel Studios ('Loki')

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Paul, and in this video, we’re breaking down the ending of Loki Season 2.

Throughout this video, we’re going to be going through what happens in it and also our big theories for where things are going to go.

I’m going to assume if you’ve clicked on an ending explained video that you’ve seen the last episode, so no need for a spoiler alert, is there mate? What I’m going to do, though, is beg for a thumbs up, so if you enjoy the video, don’t forget to hit it like it’s your sexy variant.

Technically it’s self-love. With that out of the way, thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into Loki Season 2.


Ok, so the entry ends with Loki sat on the throne at the end of time, controlling all the branches that he’s able to hold in place. Finally, he’s realized the purpose of rule and that it requires sacrifice and giving up things for his people. This is something that he struggled with early on, and the MCU has actually shown he didn’t understand it. All the way back in the first Avengers, he came to Earth and had people bow down before him.

However, as Thor said, “the crown would fit you ill.” And in the end, he didn’t fully get it. Now, it’s important to bear in mind that the Loki we follow in the show breaks out from after this, though the one in the main timeline still shares the same beliefs. Even in Thor: The Dark World, they said, “Which shows that he thought leadership should be given instead of being earned.”

In Time Theatre 25, he also told Mobius that he wanted to be someone who was seen as a king.

Credit: Marvel Studios ('Loki')
Credit: Marvel Studios (‘Loki’)

However, the finale very much has him going through the right path and discovering for himself what he has to give up.

He spends centuries learning OB and Victor’s knowledge and also puts himself out on the bridge instead of the latter.

Huge shoutouts to KatLegoMokg, who on our last videos pointed out the symbolism here. As Loki walks out, we see his robes and crown being formed, but there’s something different about them this time around. Whereas in the past, he had golden finery; here, he’s got a busted-up cap and shabby clothes.

This shows his mentality’s changed, and he now no longer views leadership as being full of splendor.

Another thing Katlego pointed out was what he did in Thor: Ragnarok when he was pretending that he was Odin. The man was just lying around being fed grapes, not hitting the thumbs up, and it showed that he thought leadership was about self-satisfaction. When you think about it, the only reason that he even teamed up with Thanos was so that he could be given our planet to rule over. This was shown to us during a What If episode in which his leadership led to our downfall.

Now, though, he’s given up it all, and this is so that the TVA can build something better while he holds onto the threads. This doesn’t fully mean that the war is averted, but in the end, he’s going to try and retain as many threads as he can hold.

Now, Loki taking over is something that’s been foreshadowed quite a lot, and even in the opening shot of the season, we got a clue towards this.


This had Kang’s face as a big statue which Loki then ran in front of, covering it up. Shortly after, he then cracked his face, highlighting that his empire was crumbling. We also then had the TVA symbol getting cracked on the floor before we finished with him destroying the Time Keeper mural.

This mural itself had a tree in the middle, highlighting the tree that he’d create with the timelines. The timelines being represented as a tree is something that we’ve seen before, and this also showed up during Across the Spider-Verse.

Now, on top of this, I went back and started rewatching the series with my wife, and we got up to episode 3 before I hit this. At Victor Timely’s show, you can also catch some trees in the painting behind him. The foreshadowing in this series is so good, and I totally missed this.

Episode 5 was called Science Fiction, and that entry wrestled with the Who. He Who Remains was thought to be the best, but in the end, it was Loki that took over it all.

Ravonna also said something that pays off even more when we learn that she killed the kid on the Black Sea mission.

Now, He Who Remains in Season 1 was very much trying to shape them into something where one of them would take over from him. He stated that he paved the path, which is something he also brings up in this finale.

Loki referred to He Who Remains as the devil.

And he clearly saw how him being in charge was actually a good thing in the long term.

This was represented during the time on the Ferris wheel where he protected Victor because he understood the grand scheme of things.

Loki himself somewhat represents a devil too, as he has a thorned crown and too was tossed out of heaven. He realized that a God needed to be the one in control and brought this up during the automat conversation.

Loki even says there that they should just keep an eye on the Kang variants and try and let the rest of the universe have free will.

This is what he basically does in the end, with them watching over them all to make sure that they don’t rise up. However, they will definitely do it at some point, and Loki can only protect the branches that he’s able to hold.

This makes me think that He Who Remains was one of those that managed to escape, and though Loki tried to wipe him out, he wasn’t able to.

At the moment, we have a lot of people asking what’s going to happen with Jonathan Majors, as he’s about to enter a big controversial trial. I think, right, I think they’ll be like…at the TVA, right? We will keep an eye on Kang…and see how Jonathan Majors’ trial goes…and if he’s found guilty, then hey, guess what, we managed to keep an eye on him.

Loki may have become the God Of Stories, though I have other theories for later about how he could be a mix.

Credit: Marvel Studios ('Loki')
Credit: Marvel Studios (‘Loki’)

However, in episode 3, when we encountered the Baldur the Brave statue, it was a bit weird that a Loki one wasn’t there. Potentially he may have written himself out of history, which is in the aftermath of this ending.

Now, Loki became the perfect replacement for He Who Remains when we saw the actions that he took throughout the series. In episode 5, he recruited all the TVA members and very much brought them together to start things afresh. This in a way is like its own Ouroboros, which the entire season has been symbolic of. Glorious Purpose was the name of the first entry in season 1, and we close out with this finale being called that as well.

I am Loki, and I am burdened with glorious purpose. Everything in the end loops in its own cycle, creating this world tree that holds it all together.

The World Tree was really introduced in phase 1, with both references in Thor and the first Captain America. Perhaps Loki even had it put back in time to have himself created in the same way the book being given to Victor will lead to He Who Remains.

I think the imagery of a tree has been laced throughout the show, with the mail shoot above OB looking like it’s one. Branches, pruning, all these words are things used throughout the show that help to pull together this tree idea. On top of this, the bridge also resembled the Bifrost, which brings things full circle from the first Thor. That had Loki having a transformative moment on one, with it breaking and him then going off the edge.

Insert clip. I even think that the time stone being green could be linked to that, but let me know below if you disagree.

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Now, though there have been rumblings of Doctor Doom lately, I actually think that Loki may be at the heart of Secret Wars. In the 2015 version, Doom sat at the center of a tree, controlling the multiverse, or what was left of it.

That’s very much what we see Loki doing here, with him being at the heart of all of the timelines. This also plays into the god of stories arc, in which a younger Loki traveled to the end of time. Here, he found an older version of himself controlling it all, and it was from here that he started to change his role as a villain. Loki had always been used as a stepping stone and someone that would propel others to greatness.

Here, Loki’s sort of doing that as well, but he’s gone above and beyond, being angered by that happening. Now, he sees his glorious purpose as carrying the burden so that his friends can live their lives free without pruning.

However, Kang will still be out there, and inevitably, though he tries his best, he will still rise up and start a war. Loki and the TVA can only manage so much, and thus, this is something that is no doubt coming.

Now, this could be what’s happening with Ravonna, who we see down in the void after being pruned. He Who Remains did say that she was the one who helped win the war, and thus, she’s still a very important player.

Either way, at this point, it appears that she’s approached by Alioth, but I actually think that it might be someone else. A little peek behind the curtain here, and I’ll tell you where I am when I’m recording it. So, this is going out Saturday, but I’m writing and recording it on Friday morning, right after posting our finale breakdown. I had loads of thoughts that went beyond Easter eggs, so I thought I’d just put them into this video. Now, members of the channel got to see this early, and you get that by clicking the join button and paying 99 cents a month. Either way, I now think that might not be Alioth and instead, it could be Kang.

Kang’s colors are also purple too, and we know this is right beside the pyramid and sphinx. In the comics, there was a version of Kang called Rama Tut, who became a pharaoh back in ancient Egypt. This variant was potentially shown during Quantumania, but either way, he’s a very important figure.

The Sphinx was what Kang used as his time ship as well, and I feel like Rama Tut got pruned along with his trophies. This means that he’s now down there too, alongside what could be Mr. Gryphon.

Gryphon was the one who started up Qeng Enterprises, and he bought Avengers Tower, which we saw in the void.

Either way, I think they may destroy the TVA, which was foreshadowed by what we saw on the ground. In the end, she doesn’t look afraid and instead, she looks ready, come what may.

Now, as for Mobius, he returns back home, but we see a variant of him off with his kids. Not sure what’s going to happen here, but I feel like he might have to go back to the TVA. All this really seems is that it’s a hiatus, and he’ll be needed for what’s to come.

It’s been reported that he’s going to be in Deadpool 3, so I feel like he’s going to return back.

Credit: Marvel (Doctor Doom)
Credit: Marvel (Doctor Doom)

The only person whose fate we don’t really know is Sylvie. She might return to McDonald’s, or she might go somewhere else, but the whole point is that she now has a choice. I think that she still has He Who Remains’ temporal device and could easily go to any timeline at any time.

However, she can also go to Loki, and I feel like that’s what she may end up having to do. Loki is now sat at the end of time, and he’s probably going to need to step in when Kang gets too much.

Now, that could take us to the Avengers Prime story, in which Loki became the titular character. He ended up going to the end of time where he became a god that saw over all. Learning of his losses in the other timelines, he wiped out the Avengers whenever they beat him.

However, this left the door open for more multiversal threats, and thus he then had to assemble a team to help fight this. This lead to him getting Avengers throughout time, which could be the role that he has in Secret Wars.

All in all, there’s a lot to look forward to, and I can’t wait to see where things go from here. This was such a good way to end the show, and I could even be like, ‘they should’ve ended after Loki Season 2.’

Either way, let me know your thoughts and drop them below where you want to see things go.

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With that out of the way, a huge thank you for sitting through the video. I’ve been your host, and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace.

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