THE MARVELS Final Trailer Explained: Are The X-...

THE MARVELS Final Trailer Explained: Are The X-men Now In The MCU & Post Credits Scene Leak

Credit: Marvel Studios ('The Marvels')

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show. I’m your host, Paul, and in this video, we’re breaking down one of the big things about the brand new final Marvels trailer.

Heavy Spoilers ahead, and I want to talk about a major thing that’s going to be happening in the movie. This will spoil the rumors around the post-credits scenes and how the X-Men could be brought across into the MCU. If you don’t want to know, you know where to go… go see Ryan Arey. Actually, a nice guy.

Anyway, with that out of the way, thanks for clicking this, SIKE.

STFU, Ryan Arey.

Okay, so according to the leaks around the movie, we’ll culminate with DarBenn constantly opening up portals through using the other bangle that we saw Ms. Marvel getting in her solo show. This will be to replenish resources for Hala after it was almost completely destroyed due to Carol killing the Supreme Intelligence.


The overuse of this bangle will then cause an incursion to happen, which involves two worlds colliding into each other. This is something that was a major part of the build-up to Secret Wars with Jonathan Hickman’s run discussing how best to handle these universe-destroying events. An incursion involves two worlds being pulled towards each other, and if they collide, it wipes both worlds out. The illuminati started secretly destroying worlds heading to the 616, and in the end, this whittled things down to just two worlds remaining. That was them and the ultimate universe, which is what eventually took us into Secret Wars.

Now, according to rumors that came out of the screening for The Marvels a couple of months ago, we’ll see one being caused in the final act. We’ll then watch Monica go and fix it from the other side, which is when she’ll be stuck in this alternate reality.

Monica will then wake up on a hospital bed where she’ll be greeted by a couple of familiar faces. The first of these will be her mother, who as we saw became Captain Marvel when she was in the 838. I’m not sure if this is that universe, but it could definitely be due to another character that then pops up.

Credit: Marvel Studios ('The Marvels')
Credit: Marvel Studios (‘The Marvels’)

That is none other than Kelsey Grammer’s Beast, who now is fully CGI instead of a costume and outfit.

According to the rumors, this was placed in last minute because Marvel has realized that they need to get the X-Men in fast. Tickets for The Marvels have been selling like hotcakes, and so far, it’s the lowest pre-ticket sales for an MCU movie this side of COVID.

So what they’ve done is showed they’re tying things together and are pulling things across as fast as they can to hit Deadpool 3.

Now, as I said, these are all still rumors with us getting the info across from a lot of different sources. The scene originally just had Monica and Maria meeting, and this is what was shown at a screening back in June. However, they then realized that they had to move things up and tease more X-Men in the universe to get people back on board.

Now, MT is gonna actually be going to see this movie tonight, so if this video’s deleted, then you know what happened. Nah, I’ll leave it up, but we’ll have a clearer idea over the next couple of days about what it is that’s gonna be popping up.

Now, from what I’ve heard, if this is the 838, then this is still going to be the members of the illuminati. Maria will have survived her encounter with Wanda, and in the aftermath, she’ll have reformed the group with other members. If you’ve ever read Jonathan Hickman’s run, then you’ll know that a similar thing happened in that.

Beast ended up joining the group, and here it’s likely in the wake of Professor X’s death. The illuminati was actually formed to represent each aspect of humanity, so every superhero group had their own representative.

For example, you had Xavier for the X-Men and Black Bolt to stand in for the Inhumans. Namor was the ruler of Atlantis, and Doctor Strange was the head of magic.


So Beast stepping in makes a lot of sense as he’s up there as one of the most intelligent mutants on the planet.

Now going forward from what I’ve been told, they’re gonna sort of bring all these timelines together. In Deadpool 3, we’ll see things picking up from the days of future past ending where Logan returned back to the present. Here he saw that the school was still fine and that Beast himself was working as a teacher.

This will then all head towards Deadpool 3, where we’ll watch as they bring more of the X-Men in.

Now you might remember that last year we talked about what the overall plan for Secret Wars was and how it was about sort of doing a soft reboot. This is something lots of sources have backed up since, and I think that it’ll be used as a way to bring the X-Men into the main timeline.

If you’ve read the Secret Wars comic, then you’ll know they did something similar with Miles Morales.

Miles was off over in the ultimate universe, but this event streamlined everything and brought him to the main one.

Now what I think’s gonna happen is that we’ll see this other world where the X-Men were always a thing and that their history will be filled in during an upcoming show.

Credit: 20th Century Studios ('X-Men')
Credit: 20th Century Studios (‘X-Men’)

That is, of course, gonna be X-Men 97, which we know is getting worked on for Disney plus. In that, we have Professor X in his yellow chair, which we also saw popping up during Multiverse Of Madness. That too used notes from the X-Men theme tune, so I’m guessing that they’re gonna just be pulling all of that across.

They could then fill us in on everything we need to know and that could act as filling in the timeline at the end of days of future past. This could also be used as a way to show how the illuminati are set up and then take us directly into the events of Multiverse Of Madness.

Now one thing I’ve always been confused about with Marvel is the whole prejudice surrounding the mutants.

After all, we have like, have so many people with superpowers in the Marvel universe yet there’s one group who are hated on because of it. I know there’s reasons like it’s because they’re mutants, but I really don’t think that would matter when you have other people running around with similar abilities.

Anyway, a way I think that they could cause issues is by the fact that they come from another world. If the universes are indeed streamlined, then we may see the X-Men brought out into the 616. There could then be this prejudice against these people because technically they aren’t a part of this world.

Now Beast kinda also shows the direction that they’re going and how they’re pulling in a lot of the legacy actors. From what I’ve heard, Feige’s plan is to bring in the older cast and then once the MCU does its soft reboot have other actors coming in.

Now on top of this, the other post-credits scene is supposed to involve Ms. Marvel who tracks down Kate Bishop.

Throughout the film, Fury will have a device that gives him profiles on all the supes.

This is something that we saw him using during Secret Invasion, and at one point, Kamala will get her hands on it.

Using this, she’ll try and track down some other heroes, which is what will take her to Kate Bishop. It’s here that she’ll then come face to face with her, and they’ll apparently also bring up Cassie Lang.

Now this obviously helps set up the Young Avengers, which is something that we’ve had teased for a long time.

These two credits scenes are extremely important for the MCU’s future, with them not only further ushering in the X-Men but also setting up this group.

Honestly, I kinda wish they’d stop making the post-credits scenes the most hyped things about these movies ’cause I’d have loved to see these storylines actually integrated into the plot.

I know that Marvel’s having a difficult time marketing this, and you can see why they’ve gone as teaser-heavy as they have in that brand new trailer. Will it be enough? Well, we saw Superman couldn’t help save Black Adam, and I kinda think it’s just a sign of the time that people’s tastes have changed.

Now, I think the X-Men coming back is a big thing for Marvel, though, as they’re probably the studio’s most popular group. Well, they were before the Avengers hit their high point, but definitely in comics before the MCU dominated the industry.

Either way, I’d love to hear your thoughts, and if you weren’t interested in seeing this film, has this final push got you onboard?

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