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LOKI Season 2 Episode 6 Trailer Breakdown | Finale Theories & Things You Missed

Credit: Marvel Studios ('Loki')

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Paul, aka the guy who’s his own biggest fan like OB. The finale of Loki Season 2 is right around the corner and throughout this video, we’re going to be breaking down all the remaining shots, giving our theories on them, and talking about the potential Easter eggs that might be coming up.

Heavy spoilers ahead, and we have some leaked artwork for the promotion of the series, which could potentially spoil what they do with Loki. If it’s real, then yeah, you might want to avoid it like your brother’s getting a snake. That’s a Thor and Loki and a Mobius kids joke in one. With that out of the way, a huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into that trailer.


Now, I think that this scene happens when Loki and Sylvie are in the automat during episode 4. That would stop him from running into himself and creating further branches out from this point. Now, before diving into this, I think we have to talk about the way that time travel’s been changed in the show so it can give you a clearer idea of what’s going on.

Firstly, it was operating off the bootstrap paradox, which meant that everything had a cause and effect. If you’ve been watching Bodies on Netflix, then you’ll know that it works in the same way, but lots of time travel shows use the same device. Boiled down to its simplest terms, the theory states that a scientist one day gets a knock at the door and they open it to discover a book left on the ground. Reading through it, this tells them how to build a time machine, which they then make and travel into the past. At this point, they then leave themselves the book, and the cycle continues on from this moment.

This is something we saw happen with Victor Timely, and I think that because of this, he in some ways creates he who remains.

Now, this meant the entire show worked in a loop, but Loki managed to break this during episode 5. He was able to travel back in time and interact with things and alter them from the way they happened in the past. Now, as we know, with the way that time travel works in the MCU, is that if you change things, it creates a branch in reality.

Therefore, Loki going back to the moment at the end of episode 4, everything from this point will create a branch in time. Now, that’s important to bear in mind when you watch this clip, which I think shows that he’s repeating certain moments.

Here, we see him instructing Victor Timely and later on we see a different angle of him getting turned to spaghetti. I believe that he’s going to keep traveling back to this moment, and in the end, he’ll realize that he has to be the one to do it. Thus, he goes out onto the bridge, which is a shot we get in the trailer, showing that he has to be the one WHO saves it all.

Focus on that Who there.

Now again, going to the whole branch in time thing, technically these are all different realities. However, I think what will happen is that they will go down the route in which the attempt actually works and then this will leave that as being the sacred timeline. The other branches could then be pruned, leaving just the one in which they save the TVA.

Credit: Marvel Studios ('Loki')
Credit: Marvel Studios (‘Loki’)

Now, in the teaser, we also see a green strand effect heading out to Loki. Though this didn’t happen in the episode, I think it’s in the trailer to give us a clue. That takes us to the leaked Loki image that showed similar green strands all being held by him.

I believe that Loki will end up as the ruler of time and that after he heads to the bridge, he’ll be taken somewhere else. Potentially, in fixing the loom, he also gains control of it and now becomes the person that takes over he who remains.

Now we’ve seen in other trailers how Ravonna can be seen down in the void, clearly coming face to face with the beast Alioth.

I actually think that the way things are going to work is that we’re going to get these two stories balanced alongside each other.

I think when we get the scene where Loki walks along the bridge, that at this point, he’ll save things, and we’ll then hear this.

I think Ms. Minutes will reveal to him that he’s actually at the end of time and that Ravonna will discover this version down in the void. I believe that she’ll escape it like how Loki and Sylvie did, but whereas they saw he who remains, she’ll see Loki.

Now this ties into the Agent Of Asgard comic book, which the series has taken a lot of inspiration from. In that, Loki was sick of basically being a loser that only succeeded in bringing people together to stop him. This is something they touched upon in Season 1, but the similarities go beyond that.

Loki managed to make it to the end of time but rather than seeing he who remains, he met his older self.

He’d been the one that had been controlling it all, and I think that this will be where they take the show. That leaked art shows him holding the strands and if that’s real, then it makes sense they’d head that way.

Now, huge shoutouts to Josh from Den Of Nerds who actually had a really good theory on this all. He brought up how Feige’s now in control of Marvel comics too and that he’s been slotting in ideas for them that’ll pay off in the MCU.

Josh thinks that Loki may be Avenger Prime, who exists at the end of time.

But I’m not a rapper. He’s been rounding up Avengers and bringing them together much like how Loki does in the latest entry.

I actually think that Loki might end up being at the end of time, and here he could become Avenger Prime, who collects the Avengers in time to fight Kang.

From what I’ve heard, Secret Wars is going to be a big multiversal event with lots of characters pulled from across time and universes. This includes the Fox X-men, Fantastic Four, MCU, and so on.

We have heard there’s talks to bring back ScarJo and RDJ, and having this would make a lot of sense.

Now, on top of this, there’s also the fact that Loki can now time slip at will.

He could potentially travel to whatever point he’d like to, recruit whatever members he wants to, and bring them into this war.

I think that would make a ton of sense, and it would allow them basically to redeem Loki into this hero leading the charge against Kang. I also even think that Loki might have been the one who was in charge of He Who Remains in the first place, with him believing that he ruled it all. He was the one that had a script, but in order to have that, someone had to write it.


Now in terms of where the show could be going in the future, I really hope that Mobius gets returned to his family. What seems likely, though, is that Loki’s recruiting these agents here so that they can all then be used as part of the TVA. They’ve all now had their memories wiped, and thus the cycle may be able to start again soon.

Who knows, Loki might not even save the TVA, and its destruction could be a necessary part of the cycle. This then has to come out and be built up again, and from the ashes, it’ll all start afresh.

Either way, there are lots of directions they can take things, but I think next episode we’ll see the scene in which Loki instructs Victor early on. Failing to do the job, he’ll go out instead, and it’s at this point it’ll all come together.

Credit: Marvel Studios ('Loki')
Credit: Marvel Studios (‘Loki’)

The finale’s rumored to be 56 minutes long, and thus they have a lot of things that they have to cover. The way the Variety article laid things out, it looks like Kang’s going to be a major threat in the end, which will, of course, lead into things further down the line.

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