The Infinity War: Infinite Collection Review

The Infinity War: Infinite Collection Review

Infinity War Infinite Collection Review

Infinity War Infinite Collection Review

The Infinity War Saga has been a series that is full of highs and lows. For every phenomenal arc, there is an equally bad one to match it. However, I have had fun with the run overall.

Picking up where things left off is Infinity War: Infinite Collection. It will be interesting to see which side of the fence this one lands on and throughout this review, I will be discussing the graphic novel in full detail.

There will be heavy spoilers so it may be worth skipping to the score if you want to go in with fresh eyes.

With that out the way, let’s dive into Infinite Collection!

First Strike

When evil doppelgängers begin attacking the Marvel Universe, Thanos is brought out of hiding. He quickly teams with our heroes and it’s a brilliant aesthetic that showcases the complexity of the villain. At his heart, the Mad Titan has always had the Universe’s best interests at heart and I loved watching him rub shoulders with The Avengers, X-Men and Fantastic Four.

The good guys quickly discover that Magus, a twisted version of Adam Warlock from the future, has returned to take over the Galaxy. Magus has created duplicate versions of the MU and when some successfully infiltrate the ranks of acquired selves, the stakes rise exponentially.

It’s an engaging introduction that had me gripped instantly. Watching Marvel’s cast of characters come together never gets old and Jim Starlin, the writer behind the work, expertly gives each and every one of them time to shine. There’s really something for everyone and it’s told in an enjoyable way that whilst, feeling slightly outdated, is still a fun ride nonetheless.

The Ultimate Nullifier

The mid section is awash with grand battles that span splash page after splash page. Brimming with colour, this eye catching cataclysm of conflicts really sweeps you up in its aesthetic.

Sometimes the work seems slightly convoluted and hard to latch on to just for how large and overlapping the art is, however, I enjoyed every minute of it and the nostalgia of a simpler time in comics that it provided.

With the Infinity Gauntlet useless after the Celestials decreed it too powerful, our heroes must attempt to use the ultimate nullifier once and for all to stop Magus. However, when this fails and the Gauntlet becomes reactivated, Magus becomes an omnipresent being, able to end the galaxy with a thought.

Magus gets the infinity Gauntlet

The Freedom Of Thought

With Magus now in complete control of the cosmos it falls on Adam Warlock to save the day. The final battle is definitely the book’s biggest moment and one that works on a lot of levels.

Whether you are fans of psychological showdowns or prefer good ol’ fashioned fist fights, you will lap this up.

The book ends much in the way that you’d expect but teases what is to come and fans of the Infinity Story thus far will likely leave with a smile on their face.

The Verdict

Infinite Collection is a fun-filled book that carries on the aesthetic of the series so far. Whilst it won’t win over any new fans (and I definitely recommend that you avoid this if you’re yet to read the preceding books) there is still a lot of joy to take from this.

It beautifully evolves the saga in several ways and deserves to be picked up if you’ve read Infinity Gauntlet.

I’m giving it an…


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