SPIDER-MAN 4 And Avengers Secret Wars Leaks

SPIDER-MAN 4 And Avengers Secret Wars Leaks

Spider-Man will show up in Avengers Secret Wars

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show. I’m your host, Paul, aka your friendly neighborhood Spoiler-Man, and in this video, we’re breaking down some new information on Spider-Man 4. We’ll also be discussing some older leaks and how they play into Secret Wars, which could hint at the direction the MCU is going. Obviously, this stuff is all still in early development, but it could provide a general outline of where things are headed.

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Okay, so Spider-Man: No Way Home ended with a big teaser that had Tom Hardy’s Venom in the MCU. Though he was sent home, he left a trace of Venom behind, which means that the symbiote is now in the universe.

Now, although this might seem like it’s going to be a major part of the next film, from what I’ve heard, they’re keeping Venom out for a while. Though it will be a part of the plot, it won’t be in a major way, with them just setting up the black suit to appear in Secret Wars. This, of course, is what happened in the comics with the 80s event being where Peter first got it. At the time, they hadn’t created Venom yet, and it was more just seen as a suit with special abilities. From what I’ve been told, that’s the way it’ll initially be played, with us getting minor hints of something being off but nothing too conclusive. In the past, in things like the Tobey Maguire movie, it’s been introduced and then became Venom straight away.

Here, though, from what I’ve been told, the Venom arc is being saved until after Secret Wars.

Venom will show up in Avengers Secret Wars
Credit: Sony (‘Venom’)

Now, I don’t know how stuff is going to be brought into Spider-Man 4, and honestly, I feel like the suit might just be in a post-credits scene. Maybe they do something where they have the villains beating Peter, and then he gets the black suit and finally takes them out in the end.

At this point, Peter’s without all his Stark tech, and the upcoming film will have him being very bare bones. The AI that used to be in the suit is now gone, and though down the line, a Venom voice could replace it, they want to keep things low-key.

Now, that somewhat includes the villains too, and my source has backed up a claim by My Time To Shine. They’ve said that Michael Mando will be in the film too, with us finally getting closure on that Homecoming teaser.

On top of this, Daniel RPK has said Michael Keaton is in the film, and that Marvel Studios is ignoring the Morbius post-credits scene. Also, every time I say Morbius, I have to double-check I’ve said it right because man’s been saying Mobius for about the past 7 weeks. Nevertheless, though, that’s quite a wild thing to have happen, and I imagine that Keaton and Mando will interact at some point.

When we last saw them, the pair were both in prison, so I think that this will be how the characters are both used. Potentially, Keaton might even know Peter Parker exists, and this is because he was off in the Morbius timeline. Who knows, maybe man gets pulled back, and then he can explain how he managed to get Chitari tech in an alternate universe.

Now, on top of this, we also had Josh from Den Of Nerds earlier in the year talking about how he’d heard Tobey Maguire was gonna play some part in the film. This has since been backed up by a number of rumors that dropped over the weekend, with Daniel RPK saying that this film will be something that merges the Sony Spider-Verse with the Tom Holland version. So potentially, that’s how they get Michael Keaton into it, with Morbius bringing an intriguing element into it as well. This could also set things up with Venom, and hey, I might be wrong, mate, just what I heard.

Venom 3 will drop in 2024, and that could tie into it and also allow the other side characters to be brought across from projects like Madame Web and stuff. At the moment, because of the spell, Peter is on his own, so it makes sense to have new characters come from other places instead of leaning on him being by himself for the entire film.


Now, another thing with the multiverse is how it all plays into Loki, but the timeline for that show kind of explains it. The events of Season 2 actually happen before No Way Home, with only the scenes after Loki ascends happening after.

So Loki basically sat on the throne and helped hold the multiverse together, and this is how the events of No Way Home then played out. That somewhat ruptured everything, but the multiverse also will apparently be absent from the main plot of the film. Still, though, they’re gonna have to tie into Secret Wars, so I kind of imagine that there’ll be some way that it’s brought into the end.

The next Spider-Man film will release before the next Avengers, and it’s important to at least have some things setting it up.

Now, on top of this, there have been several rumors coming from sources in the scoop game that have all talked about how Peter Parker’s the chosen one. I did try to search who posted this rumor first, but unfortunately couldn’t find who broke the news. If you know, though, drop it below, and if I see it, I’ll put it up as the pinned comment.

Either way, this makes a lot of sense, and it’s something that’s also been happening in the comics. Now, in case you don’t know, Kevin Feige is currently overseeing Marvel Comics too, and there are theories he’s setting things up there for the future of the MCU. This is why so many of us think that Loki’s Avengers prime because it’s something that also happened in the comics.

Credit: Marvel (‘Avengers Secret Wars’)

Now, Peter being the chosen one appears in them too, with him being referred to it in End Of The Spider-Verse.

In the end, it was revealed to actually be Cindy Moon, who you might also know as being Silk. Still, though, she’s not been introduced in the MCU, and they might bring her in, but I’ve not heard any rumblings yet.

Now, what it basically means, though, is that the 616 Peter was sort of the prototype Peter that all the other ones kind of spun off from. However, he also has a greater role in the greater cosmic universe.

That sort of takes us into Secret Wars, which is also what his role will be there too. Peter will be seen as The Chosen one of that, with the rest of the cast being made up of many faces from across a number of X-men franchises. All the breadcrumbs they’re laying with the X-men will pay off massively there too, with us also getting the older Spider-Men actors returning as well. Contracts are obviously still getting worked out, but we reported this last year as well as the idea that this is gonna provide a soft reboot for things going forward.

Again, this has since been backed up by a number of different sources, and from what I’ve

been told, that’s what’s currently going on behind the scenes. Marvel has realized they have way too many characters already, and the introduction of the X-men is gonna add way more to that. So what Feige is planning on doing is scaling things back and having a more centralized universe once more.

I think looking back at the early phases especially, they worked because there wasn’t much going on. You had Iron Man, and then he popped up in Incredible Hulk, with Iron Man 2 then setting up Thor, Thor then set up the Tesseract before we hit Captain America, and that, of course, then led into the Avengers.

Now, though, you’ve got about 2 post-credit scenes a movie all setting up different things years down the line. Shang-Chi’s got two that could really go anywhere, and then you’ve got Harry Styles in the Eternals and stuff like Guardians as well. You’ve also got Clea in Doctor Strange, and none of this really seems all that linked. So the plan is to kinda scale things all back and have more centralized stories for the main universe. On the offshoot stuff, we’ll get more experimental things, which is mainly what Marvel Spotlight’s been invented for.

I still don’t know how Sony’s gonna play with this either, but there are also plans to make a live-action Miles Morales feature. I think he’ll probably be brought across soon and might even come into the main universe at some point in the future.

Still, though, we’re very early days, and we’ll see how things shake out. I know that the Marvel’s box office will have them scared, as well as the declining viewership in the Disney Plus shows. Loki had some big numbers, but Secret Invasions fell off, and it kinda shows the whole state of interest. So the plan is to scale things back and look at what works and what doesn’t, and I imagine we’ll be getting less Disney Plus stuff too. So far, it seems like they’re reshooting a lot of things, with Daredevil being done from the ground up. Captain America 4 is also getting reshoots too, which are currently gonna go over 4 months. You could probably film an entire movie in that time, and it shows the amount of work that they’re putting into it.

Anyway, in conclusion, the main plan is to have Spider-Man become a big focus in the universe, with them giving him a more downtrodden movie for next time. At the moment, no one on Earth knows who he is, and he’s gonna have to rebuild those relationships up before Secret Wars. I kinda feel like the spell will get reversed, and that he’ll go to Strange and tell him all about it. This will finally bring the world back up to speed as it all falls apart in the initial stages of Secret Wars.

Still, though, there’s a lot of things to look forward to, so let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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