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MADAME WEB Trailer Breakdown | Spider-Man Easter Eggs, Things You Missed & Reaction

Credit: Sony ('Madame Web')

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show. I’m your host, Paul, aka your friendly neighborhood Spoiler-man. In this video, we’re breaking down the trailer for Madame Web. The brand new teaser is now here, and throughout this video, we’re going to talk about the characters, plot, and all the things connected to Spider-Man’s big web.

Now, the film is going to be the first of three Sony Marvel movies to release next year, with the others being Kraven and Venom 3. Beyond The Spider-Verse was originally meant to release then too, but they’re just taking their time with it to make it the best film possible. It’s totally fair enough, and I am curious to see how things go with this movie. It’s going to be heavily rooted in time travel, and early leaks were saying that it’s basically Terminator but with Peter Parker instead of John Connor.

Either way, we’re going to be going through it all, and if you enjoy the video, please hit the thumbs up. Don’t forget to subscribe for breakdowns like this every day. With that out of the way, a huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into Madame Web.


Now, the teaser begins with something we’ll talk about in just a bit, but it basically shows how events throughout the film will be repeated. It has web entering a diner where she’s united with the heroes of the film before they’re all attacked and killed by an evil version of Spider-Man. From here, we jump to a week prior where we see her working as a paramedic. She almost dies when doing this and is sent over the edge of a bridge in a car. Nearly drowning, we see certain clips in her visions, including her standing in front of a spider’s web in a tree. There’s also a shot of someone holding a baby and then passing this on. There’s also her falling into the water, and I’m guessing that these are visions of the future that will happen throughout the film.

Her being a paramedic is pretty new, I think, and it could be riffing off Jane Foster, who was one in the comics. Mat, our editor, said that, so who knows.

Now the song in the background is “bury a friend” by Billie Eilish. This is said to have been sung from the perspective of a monster under the bed, representing that something dark is lying in wait and ready to strike.

Credit: Sony ('Madame Web')
Credit: Sony (‘Madame Web’)

Now, in case you don’t know, Madame Web is a bit different from how she is in the comics. Dakota Johnson will be playing a much younger version of how she’s typically portrayed, and I think they’re going to slowly steer towards that as we go further through the franchise.

First appearing in 1980’s Amazing Spider-Man 210, she was created by Denny O’Neil and John Romita Jr. Introduced as a powerful psychic possessing clairvoyance, Cassandra was originally born blind due to a neurological condition. This isn’t something that they’re bringing to the film, and it’ll be interesting to see the way they take things. I feel like she might get blinded in the movie, but yeah, guess we’ll have to see when it releases in February. Now, due to her blindness, she developed powerful psychic abilities, and from this point on, she became a medium.

Web in the comics instantly realized that Peter Parker was Spider-Man and, through a phone call, helped him stop a politician from being assassinated.

Since then, she’s played a much larger role and has been someone who’s been able to tap directly into the multiverse. This is a concept that we’ll be seeing in the film, with Sony clearly leaning towards it in all of their Spider-Verse films. You have, of course, the Spider-Verse, which explained things like the canon events and also Venom, who ended up in the MCU. Mobius, well…that had a…had a very intriguing plotline, and now Michael Keaton’s Vulture is in there as well.

Apparently, right, apparently he’s going to appear in Spider-Man 4, and Marvel is just ignoring that and continuing business as usual. Don’t wipe your arse with the Mobius timeline, Loki, need that mate, need that for the memes.

Now, on top of her abilities, Web is able to perform psychic surgery on people and enter their minds to fix issues with their brains. She’s also someone who’s currently immortal, and this was due to the gathering of the five. That was something that we talked about recently, with it basically being a group of five people brought together by Norman Osborn.

The five had relics that were basically a gamble, with each one of them being either a blessing or a curse. In the end, they’d get either power, knowledge, immortality, insanity, or death, but none of them were as it seemed. Norman believed one of the people got insanity when, in reality, they were simply gaining all the knowledge in the universe. As for Osborn, he was the one who got that, with him being under the impression that he’d got power.

The one who did was Mattie Franklin, who became a version of Spider-Woman, which may tie into this too. She’s going to be played in the film by Celeste O’Connor, with us probably getting a big team-up of Spider-Women to take down the baddies.

It’s said that Web in the film can also peer into the spider-world, so I’m guessing we’ll see the other universes that we’ve witnessed before, with this potentially being the movie that ties them together.

She is haunted by these visions in the teaser and can see when someone is going to die before it happens. This is reflected on the subway where she sees the three spider-women being killed by Ezekiel Sims. This is what opened up the trailer, with something similar happening at the diner.

Now Ezekiel Sims is going to be the big bad of the film, and he’s basically an alternate version of Spider-Man that will be killing off certain characters because of who they’re going to become. He isn’t really a baddie in the comics per se, and he’s helped Peter and Cindy Moon at several points.

We will talk about some of the wider plotlines that have been leaked out, but that’s the way that the trailer is presenting things.

When his costume was leaked a while back, it was thought that he was Aaron Taylor-Johnson in his Kraven role, riffing off the time that Kraven wore Spider-Man’s costume in the comics. The image was grainy as hell, so you couldn’t really make it out, and all we knew was that it was from a Spider-Man project. However, the actor is Tahar Rahim, with Ezekiel having a lot of ties to the comics.


Ezekiel has all the powers that Peter Parker does but, on top of this, he’s immune to his spider-sense. This means that he can sneak up on him easily, and thus he’s quite a dangerous threat.

Now, Ezekiel got his powers from a Spider-Totem, and he went on a similar route to what Peter went on. While Peter’s life would be changed by the death of Uncle Ben, Ezekiel didn’t have that big defining moment. Thus he used his powers to amass a fortune; however, life wasn’t as easy as he’d assume.

Credit: Sony ('Madame Web')
Credit: Sony (‘Madame Web’)

Due to him getting his powers from a totem, there were others who had the same power that were now hunting him. This was a character called Morlun, and thus Ezekiel set out to not only protect himself but also the other spiders. Here we might even learn that he’s got other things going on, but they’ve clearly flipped things to make the hunted the hunter. My, my, my, how the turn tables. Anyway, Web is unable to defeat him, and thus she has to turn to others. She’s sort of in her rebooted look throughout, with the red jacket being something that pops up a lot in the more recent appearances with her. The creative team has said that they’re basically telling a new origin story that hasn’t really been done with her before, and it’ll give us insight into how she became the legendary character. The movie will also be set in the early 2000s, which was teased by a Beyonce album cover that was spotted on the set.

There was also a taxi seen with an ad saying palm pilots with 3G speed, so it’s starting things off around the turn of the millennium. Sony often gets criticized for making movies that feel like they’re from the 2000s, and it’s nice that they actually lead into that. Ey, you having that, I said.

Now there’s also the guy playing PSP on the tube, and we get moments with Midtown High being referenced as well. This is the school Peter went to. We learn this about him.

And it’s all connected.

She ends up saving the girls’ lives, and this brings them all together.

Now Sydney Sweeney is going to be playing none other than Julia Carpenter, aka Spider-Woman. First introduced during Secret Wars issue 6, she’s become one of the mainstay spider-women in the Marvel universe. Julia also recently appeared in Across the Spider-Verse, with her now making her big live-action debut with Sweeney in the role.

Both she and Web have a lot of connections in the comics, as when Madame Web died, she passed her psychic abilities onto her. This gave her telepathy and Astral Projection, with her also having teleported on rare occasions.

Now Julia was born in LA, and it looks like they’re differing from her origins quite a bit. She ended up marrying her college sweetheart, and together the pair had a daughter named Rachel. However, it was discovered that he’d been cheating on her, and after the pair divorced, Julia got custody of Rachel.

From here on out, she became embroiled in a government group called the commission that had decided to create their own superhero. Julia was unwittingly led into the experiments by her college friend Val Cooper, in which she’d believed it was an athletic study.

Injected with a mix of spider venom, she got similar powers to Peter and shortly after took on the identity of Spider-Woman. Appearing in Secret Wars, she then returned to Earth and has become a character who appears from time to time in the Marvel universe.

Now alongside her is also going to be Anya Corazon, who in the film will be played by Isabela Merced. Corazon is none other than the hero Spider-Girl, who originally was born in Brooklyn. The pair moved to Mexico when they were very young, but they returned to the states after her mother was killed.

Anya is someone who has all the powers that your typical spider-peeps do, and similar to Miles, she’s also able to camouflage. She’s capable of hiding in shadows and going invisible, which is similar to a crab spider that can change colors.

Anyas more of a relatively known hero, so I haven’t really read much involving the character. Still, though, she’s making up the main people in the group who are going to be going up against the big bad Ezekiel Sims.

We see her costume in the trailer at one point along with the rest, and it looks really comic-accurate except for the big white eyes being missing. Still, though, so cool to see this being done right, and off boys, off suits you sir, off.

They’re all in there, and in the end, it’s a great look at them that really adds to the scene. However, I don’t actually think that them dying is all part of the plan, and that’s hinted at by the shot with Emma Roberts handing over the baby.

Now huge shoutouts to Daniel RPK, who broke the story about what the film was going to be about way back in August. He said that the film would center around Madame Web bringing together a group of spider-women who were tasked with protecting Mary Parker. This is, in fact, Peter’s Mother, and thus killing her will stop Spider-Man from being born.

Now Adam Scott will be playing Ben Parker, aka the big man Uncle Ben. I wonder if he’s going to be put in the crosshairs too, as he’s a very important person in the Spider-Man lore.

Again it’s very akin to Terminator with Peter being the chosen one of the entire spider-world.

Now it’s been said that this is going to carry over to Secret Wars, with Tom Holland’s version being the chosen one of that universe. Spider-Man played a big part in the original run, with that being the story where he gets his black suit.

I am kinda wondering whether that will be teased at the end of Spider-Man 4 and then he might pick it up in the next Avengers Movie.

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Now as for my thoughts on the film, I am quite excited for this, and I’ve heard from test screenings that it’s way better than expected. I know Sony can either be hit or miss, and you can get a Spider-Verse film and then also a Morbius one. From what’s been said though, this is going to be a good fun movie that hopefully connects things up with the multiverse pretty well.

Obviously, comic book films have kinda hit a point where the box office is all over the place, and we’ve seen a lot of movies this year underperforming. So I think this really needs to sell the film, but from what I’ve seen, I’m pretty interested in where things are gonna go. I know that people are crying out it doesn’t seem comic-accurate, but I believe that as things go on we’ll see them getting closer to it.

Credit: Sony ('Madame Web')
Credit: Sony (‘Madame Web’)

Also, I just love time travel films, and if they’re putting things in line with Terminator, I think that could work really well. It’s a motif that was used brilliantly in Days of Future Past, and it’s something that could really help to elevate this film. At the moment, I feel like these movies need a hook and it’s something that stops it from just looking really generic. We’ve got loads of superhero movies these days, too many to count, so yeah, they need something to stand out, and I think that’s really gonna work. Having side characters still have the goal of saving Spider-Man is a clever way to tie it in and I’m hyped to see how this could tie into the great Marvel Universe.

Anyway, I’d of course love to hear your thoughts and how you’re feeling about comic book stuff in general.

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