LOKI Season 2 Trailer Leak Breakdown | Kang Con...

LOKI Season 2 Trailer Leak Breakdown | Kang Conquers, Time Settings, Easter Eggs and Theories

Credit: Marvel Studios (Loki)

Alright so Loki Season 2 is due to release next year with production on the series already well under way. Marvel has been showing so many trailers behind the scenes at special fan events, and so far we’ve tried to cover them all. Loki Season 2 is something we still haven’t touched on though, but my uncle attended an event back in September that had the full trailer shown at it.

In this video, we’re going to be breaking it all down and going over our theories on what’s happening in the series.

We have seen from the recent D23 trailers that they have some different things in them than what gets put out in public. For example, Quantumania had Kang ask Scott if he’d killed him before, which is a line that didn’t make it into the one that dropped online.

Still, this will probably account for at least 60–70% of what gets released in the final public version, along with a couple of extra shots that might not make it. I also want to talk about some of the Deadpool 3 rumours and give a report about one of the characters going into that movie, Loki.

Because of that, there are full spoilers ahead, and if you don’t want some of the surprises ruined, then I recommend that you turn off now.

With that out of the way, thanks for clicking this, now let’s get into Loki Season 2.

Loki Season 2 Trailer Explained

Ok, so the trailer opens with an elevator ping.

Shoutouts to New Rockstars for pointing out that this is similar to how the trailer for season one opened.

This then opens up showing the Marvel Studios logo. It’s of course mimimicking the elevators in the TVA and it also has clock gears and pieces in the background.

This then shifts to the classic marvel red with the studios logo over the top of it.

From here, we cut to the TVA lobby and see Loki curiously walking towards someone reading a brown manual with the TVA logo on it.

Loki looks really confused over what’s going on, and my guess is that he’s extremely confused over what’s going on in this Kang-controlled TVA. No one other than him seems to know what’s going on, and if you cast your mind back to the ending of Season 1, it seemed like he had ended up in an alternate timeline that was controlled by the villain. This is something that was warned by He Who Remains who said that the multiverse would ultimately lead to his Variants being released as well.

However, leaks on the show have said that this is actually a bit of a misdirect and that Loki is still in the original timeline he was in.

Now technically, he’s not in the 616 because he broke off into another timeline when escaping the Avengers Tower in Avengers: Endgame. That’s going to be something that’s meant to be explored in the series, with it being revealed that he’s still in the same universe he was always in. Whether this has been altered by Kang or Sylvie remains to be seen, and it might not even be true.

Bloody leaks again, always full of f**king s**t, but I thought I’d just bring it up.

We do see Sylvie later on by herself, sitting on a couch sprawled out with headphones on. Much in the same way that he who remains had his own office, it seems like this is where she’s now sitting, potentially looking over things.

Anyway Loki says hello to the person reading the book and then all of a sudden he warps out of there and into another part of the TVA. He’s in a much darker environment here with most of the power cut out, though there are some things flickering up.

The TVA seems completely empty, and from here we see that he’s amongst sand dunes, which could be the Gobi Desert that he crash-landed in during season one.

Over the top of this, we hear him say this is going to sound strange, and he explains that he’s been pulled through time.

We watch him walk along a corridor, jumping back and forth. It’s sort of like when he was rewinding Hunter B-15 in season 1, and he skipped about between places. This is clearly someone using a temp pad on him which could be Kang just toying with him. I don’t know if this will be the same one as the one in Quantumia, as from what I’ve heard about the leaks, they don’t line up.

If you want to see our breakdown of the leaks for that movie, then it’ll be linked on screen right now.

He starts to explore more of the TVA, including a circular room with TVs littering the walls.

It’s sort of like the architect one in the Matrix, but mixed with a factory control terminal. There’s lots of green amongst it, and he explains to whoever he’s talking to that he’s seen terrible and awful things. It’s difficult to make out where he is when he’s saying this, but it appears to be similar to the room in which he got judged by Ravonna Renslayer. If that’s the case, then he’s probably been pulled back through the TVA and made to get judged once more.

We then cut to him standing beside one of the murals in the TVA lobby for the timekeepers. He then hits this with one of the TVA eraser sticks, and just like when a timeline gets taken out, there’s that erasure effect going over the top of it like an expanding circle that wipes it all out.

This reveals that there are actually three heads beneath, similar to the way the timekeeper ones were displayed in season one.

However, instead of the Time Keepers, it’s actually Johnathan Major’s face demonstrating that Kang is now behind it all. He says that war is on the way, and this is of course referencing the multiversal war that was teased at the start of Loki Season 1.

With him is Morbius, who seems shocked to see this playing out, and we then get a title screen saying ‘Next Summer, teasing when Loki could be starting up.

From here, we cut to another section of the TVA that we’ve not seen before. It looks a lot like a book shop with a circular desk in the middle, and operating this is a clerk played by none other than Ke Huy Quan. He’s been smashing through the multiverse in everything everywhere all at once, and he’s going to be what appears to be either a library archivist or something else.

It looks like Casey might have actually been replaced by him as we get a quick cut of him in a dusty prison being led through it.

Now it might even be possible that we learn the origin story of the TVA agents. Season 1 showed us that Ravonna Renslayer was a teacher and we know the whole jet ski story with Mobius…which…just give that man a Jetski.

The shot with Casey could potentially be showing his life before he was picked up, as we see Hunter B-15 in the following shot wearing normal clothes. This is in the style of an African dress, with her wearing a headscarf and rings around her neck. This is the first time we’ve seen her out of uniform, and in season 1, she had a brief moment where she remembered her life before the TVA. Potentially, we could end up seeing that, and if we’re leaning more into MCU lore, then it might be possible that she’s from Wakanda.

I think all the TVA agents are actually variants that were taken by the company and reformatted into their agents. We saw them basically trying to do that with the Loki variant in season 1 and whilst his main version was continuing in the 616 they were using him to track down Sylvie.

Is Ravonna In Loki Season 2?

We also see Ravonna in what looks like a TVA interrogation room, and this could be following on from her leaving the TVA at the end of last season. In case you don’t know, Ravonna is seen as the love of Kang’s life, and in his recent rebooted origin story, he bumped into several versions of her throughout time. He was always destined to watch her die or have her turn on him, and thus he spent the entirety of his life alone.

It looks like the season is going to be full of big locations too, and we see what looks to be a movie premiere with a red sports car outside of it. Mobius comes out wearing a tuxedo and the trailer ends with this location as well. We see that there are two versions of Loki, both wearing tuxedos. We also have a new TVA location that looks like the inside of a train station; I have no idea where it is, and probably should see if Screen Crush has a breakdown instead or something, because I’m lost on it.

Loki is fighting TVA agents here, and he smacks one, which makes a green glow emanate from them.

We see Loki getting chased through an alleyway, and a truck almost reverses into him.

From here, we get quick cuts of the TVA offices and some of their clerks, along with things like the tape recorders. One of these staff members is Liz Carr, who’s rocking a TVA upper-management uniform. We also see Mobius wearing what looks like a space suit before we watch Loki fall through the white void that the TVA exists in.

We haven’t really seen the outside of this and what it exists in, or if there’s even a floor for him to fall onto.

Credit: Marvel Studios (Loki)
Credit: Marvel Studios (Loki)

Lastly, the teaser ends with Loki and Mobius sitting in a room together, discussing how he’s not the bad guy in all of this. Mobius says who he says you are, and he lists off all the Avengers, Phil Coulson, and Thanos as well.

So nice little joke to end the teaser, and it spells out that we’re also going to be going over bits of Loki’s past too.

Interestingly, we never see Thanos calling him a bad guy, so maybe we’ll get a reference to what happened between the pair before he sent him to Earth in The Avengers.

We also have some behind-the-scenes images that show a McDonald’s in the 1970s, with Sylvie appearing like she might be working there.

I’m loving it, and perhaps she’s decided to actually go and just have a normal life instead of being She Who Remains.

The shot of her on the couch had her listening to 70s records, so I’m guessing it builds off that. She was of course hounded for her whole life by the TVA, so maybe now she just wants to relax, listen to Abba, and become a Dancing Queen in the 1970s.

You could say she’s Bjorn again.

Now as for the Deadpool 3 news, Daniel RPK reported that Mobius will be a big character in the film. Owen Wilson will be reprising his role, and this gives us some clues as to what that movie is about. Now it’s already pretty clear that the version of Wolverine we see in the film won’t be the one from Logan. He died at the end of that movie and Hugh Jackman has made it clear he doesn’t wanna retcon that.

Instead, this will be a multiverse version of the character, and Mobius might even be the one who guides both him and Wade Wilson through the multiverse.

It’s even possible that the TVA will be pulled in too.

Is Kang In The Loki Season 2 Trailer?

If Logan was supposed to die at the end of that film, then a version of him surviving could be a timeline that needs to be pruned. Sure, the multiverse is open now, but they might still want to clean up some timelines that could pose a threat to Kang.

Wolverine and Deadpool would definitely be two people that Kang would want out of the way because they’d pose a threat to him.

Who knows what’s going on, but I do find it interesting that Mobius is coming across too.

Wow will Owen Wilson be a big addition to that movie and if he’s in it then SEason 2 probably sets up that film.

We better get Wolverine walking out of a portal and saying I’m back, you f**ks, but let me know below what you think will happen in the film.

Credit: Marvel Studios (Loki)
Credit: Marvel Studios (Loki)

Anyway, that’s the video, and I hope that you enjoyed it.

Obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the film, so make sure you comment below and let me know.

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With that out of the way, thank you for sitting through the video; I’ve been Paul, and I’ll see you next time. Take care. Peace

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