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ANT-MAN And The Wasp Quantumania Plot Leak Breakdown | Kang’s Plan, New Villains And More

Credit: Marvel Studios (Quantumania)

Ok so Ant-Man And The wasp Quantumania is right around the corner and we have some plot leaks on the film that I thought we’d discuss in this video.

Like Baskin-Robbins, we always find out, and after seeing the trailer, it seems like these line up with what we’re going to be getting in the movie.

Throughout this video, we’re going to be breaking them down, and though they should always be taken with a pinch of salt, they could end up being true. So giant spoiler alert and make sure you subscribe for Brilliant Man videos like this in the build-up to the movie.

That was a rough one, and if this is your first time here, welcome to the heavy spoilers show. I’m your host Paul; now let’s get into the video.

Alright, so the backbone of this plot leak was posted in full on Marvel Studio Spoilers alongside one from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. From what I’ve heard of the premiere, that one fully checks out, so I thought I’d reference this with my own sources. They said there were a couple of minor differences and have given me a bit of extra information just to clarify certain things.

Now there’s a couple of major things I wanna talk about based off the apparent leaks with the first being what Kang is actually up to.

Quantumania: What Is Kang’s Plan?

According to the rumours, Janet will have come across Kang decades before in the quantum real. Apparently they’ll show her being chased by creatures down there before she comes across Kang. Throughout the film, we’ll learn what actually happened with Kang and discover that he had a ship that could travel the multiverse. This would allow him to conquer several realities, and it would also bring him face to face with his variants. This was warned by He Who Remains, and the movie will very much be about stopping this from coming to fruition.

They warned him to tell Kang about this reality instead of destroying others. Janet also uses Kang’s real name, Nathan, and they form a team for some time.

Now the pair worked together to fix this ship, but Janet discovered his true plans, and she decided to destroy his ship.

This left them both stuck in the quantum realm, and Kang spent decades plotting his revenge against her.

She then fled, and Kang has been hunting for her ever since then. Now you’ll probably remember this line from the trailer.

Based on what I was told, this was actually said to Janet and not Scott. Kang will promise to get her home if she can fix his ship, and she’ll get the time back with her daughter Hope.

Credit: Marvel Studios (Quantumania)
Credit: Marvel Studios (Quantumania)

Now, as for Scott, the opening of the movie is meant to play out very much like how it is in the trailer. There’s basically a montage of Scott reading from his book Look Out For The Little Guy, which we know has been shown in D23 trailers.

This will be him narrating about his life, and we’ll basically see the elements of the trailer that start it off. This includes him walking down the street, getting named employee of the century, and attending premieres.

He also brings up his friendship with the Hulk and talks about meeting a raccoon that could talk.

Now Scott has hung up the belt according to this, and it says that he just wants to stay focused on being a dad.

However, we learn that that is just him trying to play up his good guy image and that the pair aren’t really that close anymore. Probably because she looks completely different from how she did at the end of Endgame, having that

At the heart of this movie, it will be about them trying to reconnect, and for Scott, he’ll come to realise that there are things more important than being a celebrity.


Apparently Scott will get a call from prison, and he’ll have to bail Cassie out. This mirrors him being in jail in the first movie and he really doesn’t want that life for her. Similar to him she’s basically doing Robin Hood stuff and stealing from the rich in order to help out the poor.

It’s a cool crime.

Now the lab scene is meant to happen pretty early on, with the device sucking everyone into the quantum realm.

There’s a massive civilization down there that we’ve never been privy to before, and this is of course shown in the trailer. The leak says that they surf giant sting rays, and as it was posted before the trailer, it’s details like this that make me think it’s pretty spot on.

The groups will be separated in the quantum realm, with Scott and Cassie off on their own.

Who Is Bill Murray In Quantumania?

Now during this time we meet Bill Murray’s Krylar, who had a thing with Janet whilst she was down there.

She was cheating, and my man Hank stayed so loyal he got called Hank The Wank which isn’t gonna go down well with the family.

Might have…might have made that bit up about Hank The Wank or I might have just exposed Feiges whole game.

Anyway, they also bump into MODOK, which is revealed to be Darren Cross. He was sucked down there after the first film and due to Scott messing up his body he’s completely out of proportion.

Modok initially starts off as a villain, but he actually ends up changing sides.

You might remember a couple of weeks ago that William Jackson Harper was announced as being in the film, and many thought he might be Reed Richards. However, he’s apparently just the leader of the quantum people, and he has the ability to read minds.

Down here, Cassie is apparently captured by Kang, and she’s held hostage so that Scott will do a heist to fix his machine.

Kang hints that he’s killed versions of the Avengers before and brings up Thor.

Credit: Marvel Studios (Quantumania)
Credit: Marvel Studios (Quantumania)

He asks if Scott is the one with the hammer, and Scott says that people confuse him with Thor.

Kang also warns that if he doesn’t help him then other versions of him will invade their reality and destroy it.

Now at this point, Scott starts to carry out his job, and he apparently travels to the Quantum Nexus.

Another reason why I think this plot leak checks out is that it mentions him running into several versions of himself down there. This will be the shot from the trailer where there’s the big giant man running and we’ll meet Scotts from several different universes.

There’ll be one that’s from a universe where he never got fired from Baskins and Robbins because only in the infinite multiverse do they not find out.

He will have no clue what’s going on and be a sort of comic relief—well, all of them are, but you know what I mean.

They will all fight against Modok, but they’ll plead with him to save the world. Kang will start to gather his forces, and we’ll see his huge army. He tells Janet that the final universe he conquers will be hers and starts up his machine.

He brutally attacks Modok, which leaves him in critical condition. The group rushes to his side, and they say that he died an avenger before he passes away.

There’s a massive battle that’s supposed to be similar to the ending of Aquaman with Hank riding a legion of Ants in and us seeing lots of different creatures coming together to stop Kangs forces.

We’re also supposed to be getting new suits for this, with Scott getting a black one, while Hope’s wins are sort of like lightsabers.

Once the forces are defeated it leaves just Kang and he sends Janet, Hank, Cassie and Hope back to normal sized world whilst he kicks the crap out of Scott. He smashes him like it’s the like button, but Hope returns back down into the quantum realm, and they almost manage to trap him down there.

How Does Quantumania End?

However, he escapes, which leaves Scott and Hope stranded, much like Kang was at the start of the movie. He of course threatened to conquer Janet’s universe last, which explains the gap between this and the Kang Dynasty. This is very much setting up Kang Dynasty, which will be the next Avengers film after this. However Kang is rumoured to appear in other movies along the way, he just won’t be the main antagonist like he is here.

On the surface, Hank, Janet, and Cassie make a promise to find them, and in the quantum realm, we see Hope and Scott together saying that they trust them to locate where they are.

This leads into the post-credits scene, which is basically just Cassie looking over computer screens searching for them. She will apparently come across something and get a shock which is when we cut to black. We won’t see what this is, and it won’t be revealed because its a big Ralph Bohner cocktail tease.

Anyway, that sums up the leaks that we have, and basically, the movie is going to be used as a stepping stone to introduce Kang properly and then have him go off into the multiverse to who knows where.

It’s also rumoured that we will be getting other versions of Kang in the MCU, but the one that we faced off against in Dynasty and Secret Wars will be the same one that we face here.

Secret Wars is going to be a major event, and I have heard a lot of rumours about how it ties into Andrew and Tobey returning down the line. I am thinking of doing a video on it at some point, but let me know below if you want to see it.

Anyway I think the movie sounds really solid and this will probably end up being the best Ant-man Film.

Credit: Marvel Studios (Quantumania)
Credit: Marvel Studios (Quantumania)

I love the first one, but I thought the second was pretty poor, but this sounds like it’s going to be the best and biggest or smallest.

I am really looking forward to Kang shaking up the MCU in a Johnathan Majors way, and with him spanning several phases, I am expecting something special from him.

Anyway, that wraps up the plot leak breakdown, and obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the film. Do you think the leaks are legit? Do you think Kang will live up to his potential? Comment below and let me know.

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With that out of the way, thank you for sitting through the video; I’ve been Paul, and I’ll see you next time. Take care. Peace

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