LOKI Season 2 Episode 2 Breakdown | Ending Expl...

LOKI Season 2 Episode 2 Breakdown | Ending Explained, Easter Eggs, Post Credits Scene & Review

LOKI Season 2 Episode 2 Breakdown | Ending Explained, Easter Eggs, Post Credits Scene & Review

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show. I’m your host, Paul, aka the Zaniac, on the floor, and in this video, we’re breaking down Loki.


Season 2 Episode 2 has just dropped, and it’s packed with Easter eggs, hidden details, and big reveals for the future.

Throughout this video, we’re going to break it down scene by scene to talk about all the big reveals in it, things you missed, and our theories for episode 3. Heavy spoilers ahead, and if you enjoy the video, then please smash the like button and make sure you subscribe to our videos every week. With that out of the way, a huge thank you for clicking this. Now let’s get into Loki!

Now we begin in Jolly London, back in the year 1977. This is at the premiere of X-5’s Zaniac, who, we learn, became a big film star. 1977 was a massive year for movies, and this was, of course, when Star Wars dropped. At that point, it was the biggest movie of all time, with blockbusters becoming a major thing after the release of Jaws. That happened two years prior, and we saw an influx of films that revolutionized cinema.

To the left on the newsstand, we can see two defunct papers, with the messenger and the inquirer both going out of business. Loki instantly suspects that Sylvie isn’t here because he believes that the locations are too safe.

In Season 1, she was, of course, hiding out at apocalypses because changing things really wouldn’t make a difference. This was shown when Loki visited Pompeii just before the volcano erupted and wiped everything out. Doing this meant that nothing at these points really mattered, as it would all be erased before it could make an impact.

However, as we see Sylvie creating a life for herself and doing this while off in a branched timeline,

Now, as Loki and Mobius walk towards the cinema, we can catch a Kingo poster up on the wall. As we learned in Eternals, he’s created a film dynasty in which he becomes a big actor and then pretends to be their son.

As we get closer to the premiere, we see a poster for the movie, which actually has a lot going on with it. X-5 is going by the name Brad Wolfe, who was the alter ego of Zaniac in the comics.

Brad grew up in a neglectful household but channelled this negativity into becoming an actor. Starring as Zaniac, this was a monster movie that saw him donning costumes like the classic Universal films. Things like The Wolfman and Frankenstein have been legendary, and Brad was expecting the same stardom from this.

LOKI Season 2 Episode 2 Breakdown | Ending Explained, Easter Eggs, Post Credits Scene & Review
LOKI Season 2 Episode 2 Breakdown | Ending Explained, Easter Eggs, Post Credits Scene & Review

However, when he was in costume about to film a scene, an explosion caused him to mutate into Zaniac and become the character. Acting out the movie script in real life, he ended up kidnapping women and carrying out mass murders.

Zaniac was stopped by Thor, and after being subdued, he was then arrested.

We discovered that in the explosion, he’d been possessed by a demonic entity that was controlling him and killing people. Upon the wolf’s death, this burst forth from his body, and the TVA actually had to go back in time and stop it.

Now this isn’t really in line with that, and instead, X-5s are just playing the part without the other stuff involved. The man’s popularity is rising through the roof, and we even see in the crowd people holding up signs to marry them.

Last week, there was a lot of talk about how the TVA had taken away their lives and the temptation to go out and live one. This is something that Mobius shuts down later on, with them asking about his jet-ski lifestyle.

As we learn, X-5 was sent out undercover, but in the end, he was tempted to have a real life.

“Come on, Mobius, you’re going to ruin my life here.
By making something for himself, he’s now seen as a superstar.

He’s rumoured to be hooking up with Brigitte Bardot, a former model from the time who also starred in lots of movies. X-5 is probably a bit of a narcissist, so all the stuff he’s doing now makes a lot of sense.

The man even painted the letters X and 5 on his gloves, showing that he wanted to stand out more than everyone else.

X-5 plays a long game at first, pretending he’s glad to see them, but he rushes out, which leads to a big chase. I forgot to say, but I love Loki’s seventies-style tux, and outside we see B-15 grabbing his temp pad.

Leading to a big chase, this ends with Loki going through Strand Lane, which was a centre point for theatres and music halls during the 19th century. It still retains some of these, so it makes sense as to why the film premieres here.

Loki ends up creating the illusion that there’s a crowd of people, and we get a hint to this being magic due to the number of people changing. When X-5 first runs around the corner, there’s a smaller crowd, whereas when he moves into it, way more pop up.

Loki also duplicates himself, which is a move that he made during the first Avengers for crowd control.

Growing his horns in the shadows, these, of course, belong to his helmet, and it sort of gives the impression that he’s a kind of devil. I have the theory that Loki will end up taking over the position of He who remains, which is something I think the series has been spelling out to us.

The opening shot had him running in front of the statue, and he also referred to the character as the devil.

Loki clearly has this darker side to him too, which I think highlights that he should take over. He knows that the war is coming, and though he thinks people should get free will, he did agree with what He Who Remains was doing.

With it comes a cost and he might be the only one who knows that so in the end I think he’ll take over.

This is something that happened in the comics too and during the young Loki book, he discovered that the older version of him was ruling over it all. Now the comics and live-action stuff is never one for one but yeah…just something to think about when going over the series.

Now from here we cut to the title sequence and shoutouts Ryan Arey last week for going into what the title sequence signifies. He pointed out that almost all of the letters come from other films that Loki featured in with there being the typeface for Thor, Avengers, Dark World, Ragnarok, Endgame, and so on.

The letters signify that we are dealing with a number of different Lokis but it’s all black and white in this world to show that they’re still Loki.

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Now back at the TVA they check out X-5’s temp pad a little closer and see that it’s been modified. Taking it to OB we catch him creating a way to fix the loom which I think might lead into some things happening next time. I know some of you don’t like when we discuss trailers early in the video though so I’ll save that for the end in case you wanna duck out.

Giving them the official handbook this is something he also threw to Loki last week and we learned that he wrote it himself. He created all the TVA gadgets too and I actually feel like OB may be a bigger power in the show. As we saw last time he never got his memory wiped and this is why he remembered Mobius but Mobius didn’t remember him.

Because he invented everything that means he also invented the temp pad which is the key to time travel. Someone who could do this would be extremely important to Kang and we may even find out he had a hand in the chair from Quantumania.

stuff, but he I feel like he may be integral to the operation of the TVA to the point that Kang couldn’t afford to wipe his memory. Wiping his memory would remove his knowledge and therefore it was Thus,. Thus he had to just be shuffled out of the way so he could still fix stuff but was never involved in the main things.

We can also catch a little mini alligator on his desk, which could be a nod to one of the Loki variants.

With KC, we can catch a postwoman in the background with this idea of them coming from the truck last week.

We see a lot of theories about what’s going on, including Ravonna. We also get it confirmed that Ms. Minutes is down, but as we now know, she likely abandoned the TVA. We discover that, though Renslayer deleted all evidence on her temp pad, they can track the last message.

During this, we also see Loki and Mobisu’s desk, which makes a return from earlier in the series. This was where Loki first properly talked with Ms. Minutes in episode 2. She was able to dodge out of the way, and Loki wondered whether she was a hologram or a recording that knew the future. Clearly, she knew the way time was supposed to go, which was mirrored in He Who Remains, who was able to dodge out of the way of Sylvie’s attacks due to him already knowing how the conversation would go.

Now they learn Ms. Minutes was the one who was working with Ren Slayer, which we saw playing out during season 2. When we first cut to Ravonna during the 7-minute mark of the finale, we could see that her temp pad was downloading things from the organization.

This isn’t what I asked for.
And I think Ravonna then traveled out to the place where Victor Timely is located, which we’ll see later in the season. Taking a shine to the temp pad, KC starts to study it, and we see that the interrogation starts off with X-5. He knows their tactics, though, so it proves more than difficult.

I love the way the wall is orange and the floor panels are the same color as the prison uniform, giving an awesome color style to the scene. X-5 keeps telling them that he’s called Brad, showing that he’s really become attached to that life. He even taunts B-15 over this and rips into Loki about how he’s now a reformed villain, but all he does is make things worse. Bringing up his mother, Loki inadvertently caused her death in the dark world, though this version of him had not experienced that yet. However, he had seen it play out on the holoprojector, so he was aware of what happened to her.

“You’re a villain, and you’re good at it.”
This pushes Loki into bringing out his darker side, which we see him leaning into more later in the episode. There’s this idea of both him and X-5 playing up their dark sides and going after what they want. It might be a reach, yeah, but early on at the premiere, we could see the tagline for the Zaniac poster saying no one can escape his terrible craving for blood.

This thematically runs throughout the episode, with Zaniac even being a character that sort of reflects Loki. Zaniac was someone who wanted to be a hero, but they gave into their dark side due to the demon inside of them. Loki has this darker side too, and though he’s trying to be a hero, he has this other side pulling him back.

X-5 is also a reflection of Loki, reflecting the less charming side of his personality. X-5 is selfish and out for his own ends, like Loki. He puts his own feelings above the TVA and wants the fame, acceptance, and notoriety that come with it. This is something that Loki was after too, with him going against his family and Asgard to achieve his own thing.

Against the walls, we also see pipes and hoses leading into other areas of the TVA, but these create linear-looking structures hanging off the sets. You might have noticed throughout the episodes that there’s lots of pipes and lines going off into each other, which creates this idea of timelines built into it all.

Huge shoutouts to our guy MT, who noticed this last week after pointing out the funnel above OBs head, which somewhat resembles the timelines and the temporal loom. These pipes are all collected in one place, which then goes to OB, who fixes them. Looking at the show as a whole, these strands are all connecting together on the timer, which OB is pulling together and also fixing.

Again, I feel like he may be way more important than we know, and this series might even end up being about him in the same way the first one was more about Sylvie.

Now Mobius says:

“Brad who?”

And he even promises to return him to the timeline so he can continue being a star. X-5 points out the fallacy in the entire TVA and asks who he really is on the timeline. Planting the idea in his head, I do think that we will eventually see what Mobius’ is. I’ll talk about this in the trailer section of the video, but he clearly touches on a nerve, which makes him punch him.

Mobius has lost it so much that he even questions who was following who and watches as they calm down with some Key Lime pie.

There’s not anyone here who serves it, and due to the name being Automat, I think this was just created and cloned. The pies themselves could even signify the variants and how they’re all kind of similar but not exactly alike.

Again, going back to the set design that we have here, either thing is an orange or lime green color. Whether it’s the crust, the ceiling, or the floor, it’s all sort of divided up into these two tones. This somewhat ties into Loki himself, with his colors also being shades of this.

Also, looking at the clock hanging from the roof, there’s not actually any way to tell what the time is. There are several hands that just point out randomly, with there not really being any time in the TVA.

Loki opens up about his anger and talks about how he invaded New York and then tried to use the mind stone on Tony. He admits he lost it and tried to kill Tony by throwing him out the window, which both happened during Avengers.


Also to this version of Loki that happened like a week ago with him escaping during the endgame and then going to the TVA

Man then got to him, who remains within a couple of days, and I think to him, the Avengers were probably just last week.

Now they have a heart-to-heart about Mobius and the life he was supposed to live, saying that this is in fact his life. We get it cleared up that they now know they were kidnapped variants who were drafted into this much in the same way Loki was in Season 1. I think what Loki as a whole will do is show us the creation of the TVA and its fall, which we’ve already seen due to he who remains. I’m guessing Victor Timely will show its beginnings, and then we’ll spend most of our time here when the organization starts to crumble.

Cutting to the end of time, I feel like the castle is the last known headquarters, with that rock being all that exists of an organization. MT last week did a big video breaking down all the connections to black holes that appear in the credits and lines of dialogue.

He theorized that we actually see the TVA located in its own black hole, which will exist at the end of time until there is nothing left.

Now Mobius is clearly scared that if he discovers he had a good life, he’d want to go back to it and somebody get that man a Jet-Ski.

Either way, they realize that X-5 found Sylvie but that he didn’t alert her so he could keep living her life. I don’t think that Sylvie would recognize him either, as he wasn’t someone she ran into in season 1. I know most of her life was spent running from the TVA, but hey, at least they kept it consistent.

Now we watch as OB goes to the temporal loom, which is where we see it firing up and getting more unstable.

Now it’s theory time. So I think that eventually this is going to overload and potentially explode, causing bigger fractures in the multiverse. I think that this is what Sylvie was up to last week, with her probably traveling back with Loki. When she was climbing out of the lift, she said,

And therefore, I think a future Loki and Sylvie have teamed up to return to this moment when the temporal loom hits critical mass. Looking at the environment when this was happening, the walls and lights were going haywire, which probably links to this.

The temporal aura is also said to be invalid, so they have to find a way to lock this down.

Anyway, that’s the end of theory time.

Now Loki and Mobius decide to go back to X-5, which is when they decide to play things the hard way. It basically turns into Loki locking them together and him busting out a crushing temporal doorway to get what he wants.

We actually had a little nod to this last week, as you could catch a poster warning not to get stuck inside the doorway.

Loki also says that he’s written a script of his own.

LOKI Season 2 Episode 2 Breakdown | Ending Explained, Easter Eggs, Post Credits Scene & Review
LOKI Season 2 Episode 2 Breakdown | Ending Explained, Easter Eggs, Post Credits Scene & Review

As we saw with He Who Remains, he had a stack of paper showing everything that everyone was going to say, but this only went up to a certain point. In the end, both Lokis went in different directions and are now out creating a script of their own.

Loki fully plays into his villainous side, which he may need if he’s going to lead the TVA. That’s kind of how I think things are going to go with Kang’s empire literally crumbling around us in the opening scene of episode 1.

I think this scene works really well with him literally boxing X-5 in order to get the answers.

Watching the box get smaller and smaller as the music ramps up just builds so well, and in the end, it cranks up the tension so much.

Now, as X-5 falls, we can also see some scars on his arms. Shoutouts to Erik at New Rockstars for pointing out last week that this actually lined up with his armor, which we could see when he was standing with his gloves around his neck.

These scars lined up with a scratch across his armor, showing that they were all likely created in the same blow.

Now from here, we cut to B-15 and KC entering the temporal loom room. I think it was a cosmic wonder who pointed out first that this looked like the door to the cerebro from X-men, with it possibly being a precursor to the MCU version.

Ke Huy Quan just kills it here. And KC starts fanboying over OB for writing the TVA handbook. Again, it shows how important he is to the organisation, but how shoved out he is.

MT was saying he might actually be the villain of this series, orchestrating the chaos that we see playing out. Man was shoved out of the way for centuries, and this may even be his revenge.

OB suggests that they either get Ms. Minutes to return or find him, who is probably teasing what’s going to happen next week. Both Kang and Ms. Minutes were the ones who took his work and used it as a way to take over everything. Thus, getting back to them might be the endgame that eventually leads to him being the big bad.

From here, we cut to a branched timeline in 1982, where we saw Sylvie in the post-credits scene last week. This showed that she had not been there a full year, and they did a great job of keeping things in line with McDonald’s in the 1980s.

The sign says over 40 billion served, whereas these days it’s over 300 billion.

This is kind of like how he who remains knew what was coming before it did, or, you know, might be a reach.

Either way, stuff like this has made her a star employee, as she already has five of them on her name badge.

This scene was actually released by McDonald’s earlier in the year, as they were doing a Loki tie-in alongside the show. X-5 is also super nervous too.

I’ll explain how this works later on because you might be wondering how certain points in timelines can be wiped out yet still have existed at some point.

On her lunch break, Loki lays it out and talks about how he sees her in the future at the TVA. We see how she’s starting to get more in line with how she looked in the elevator, as she’s now got her green coat and hairstyle from that.

You can also catch her wearing her normal boots, showing she still has some of the old Sylvie in there.

We can also see she has an Ankh symbol for an earring, which means life. Sylvie’s found a new one here and just wants to be left alone and live her life here. Now Loki talks about her theory, and he says that he feels the same way too.

This is something they discuss a lot in the Terminator franchise, and it wrestles back and forth between free will and fate. As we know, Sylvie will end up there, which to me shows that someone else is still in charge.

Personally, I think that Loki will take over, which was foreshadowed during the opening shot of the season.

X-5 desperately just wants to get back to the sacred timeline, as he’s well aware of what’s about to happen. Clearly jittery, Mobius plays to his ego about Zaniac, which he passes off as elevated horror. “I heard of man-making cinema. Some of that A24-ish… A1977 am I right?”

“Nah, but the seventies were a golden age for this, with The Exorcist releasing in the decade.”

Now X-5 going wild in the car park makes her enchant him and see Dox’s plan. I love how Sylvie reveals her costume as well, with her changing her clothes from her McDonald’s uniform and stepping closer to the future version.

Entering a giant hall, we see them mass-pruning the branches and wiping out trillions of lives. Dox is clearly still indoctrinated with the idea of what the TVA was set up for, describing it as a mission.

“Our mission is compromised.”
She also had war medals on with the timekeeper heads showing, and she dedicated her life to this whole thing. It speaks to how some will still continue on with their lives even when they are shown wrong and highlights the blind faith they had in their leaders. This idea of faith was highlighted in the murals last week, with several images that went towards the idea of religion. The timekeepers had their hands pressed together like a prayer, and those on the ground were praised like gods. We really start to get the idea of the cost here, though, with the TVA staring at the timeline disappearing, destroying countless lives.

Now you might be wondering how this works when people will exist in moments before they are pruned. I think it happens the same way as incursions do in the comics, which are basically when two worlds crash into each other. There are ways to avert this by destroying the other world or finding a way to pass through the earth. Still, hitting this earth wipes out everything in it, both forwards in

time and backward as well. That’s how people like Old Man Logan can exist in the future with his past being a branch.

Now, if they traveled to 2010 and pruned it from there, it would still continue to wipe out things in the old man’s future.

How this works is that it’s like a ripple effect in which the explosion starts off from the impact point and then travels forward and backward through time.

Now, if someone pruned the branch we’re in now, technically you from yesterday would be wiped out along with you from today. However, this would happen in a ripple effect with you getting wiped out first last month, then last week, and so on. It makes you realize you might have little time left to hit the thumbs up, but that’s how the timeline wiping out works.

Now some timelines survive, so we can still have multiversal stories, but large sections of the multiverse are wiped out. Howard the Duck movie is gone, Morbius. Yeah, fingers crossed, mate.

I feel like this ending kind of echoes the one from episode 2 of season 1, in which Sylvie did something similar. She ended up bombing the TV to save timelines, whereas here it’s reversed to do the opposite effect.

Either way, Renslayer’s temp pad is definitely tracked, and Sylvie returns to the branched 1982. Here, we can catch her listening to “Kozmic Blues” by Janis Joplin, which itself has a deeper meaning. performed at Woodstock in 1968. The song starts off with the lyric, “which keeps moving.” This, of course, reflects what’s going on here, but beyond that, it’s got another layer to it. The song is about trying to stay optimistic even if reality constantly lets you down.

Sylvie has tried to carve out her own life here and find happiness, but inevitably, she’s come up short.

Though she says to Jack she thinks she’ll be in tomorrow, that likely isn’t the case as we close out with her starting up He Who Remains’ Device. This has appeared in the credits, and it was left on the table at the castle. This is where the power derives from, and we theorized last season that it was linked to the device Tony Stark created as the Quantum Realm GPS. This was something that wrapped around the front of the hand.

I’m guessing next week she may jump across time, and we could potentially see the Victor Timely episode.

Also, huge shoutouts to Scarlet Witch News on Twitter for spotting in the credits that you can see a post note that says “Hex Moment.” There’s also a diagram looking like the symbol on the darkhold, so good catch because I completely missed that.

Now, as for my thoughts on this entry, I felt it was a slight step down from last week, with it mainly being set up and reuniting the characters. Stuff like that, I always feel, is kind of by the numbers because you know that they need to meet back up and they sort of draw it out.

So where they need to really perform is in the execution, which I think was done brilliantly throughout. Tom Hiddleston really got to come into his own here, and he balanced the torturous scenes with the more personal ones brilliantly.

Going from the pie scene to the torture one worked really well and helped keep the dynamics of the show up. From there, jumping to McDonald’s and then into the big pruning scene, it just kept it working and made the episode way better than it could have fallen into the trap of being.


I still don’t think it quite hit the heights of last week, but I’d still say this was a solid entry, even if it wasn’t perfect. I love the handheld camera feel that the episodes all have, and again, the direction and set design are stellar. I guess things are going to ramp up next week anyway, and yeah, let me know your thoughts before we get into the trailer.

Now this bit coming up could contain spoilers, and though we’re breaking down the public trailer, it may be stuff you just don’t want to know. Do me a favor, yeah. Just hit the like button on your way out, and hopefully I see you in the next video.

Now for you guys who have stayed, I have a feeling that Mobius will end up back at his Jetski place, as we saw in the trailer how Loki arrived at a location that sells them. I’m guessing Mobius might return to his life and go there, which is when Loki will go to try and pull him out. It did seem like he was time-slipping again, so maybe something happens with the loom that causes this again.

I think next time they’ll track down Victor Timely, which will also take them to where Ravonna Renslayer is. This looks like it takes place at the Chicago Fair, and it was used as the post-credits scene for Quantumania. On screen, we could catch Victor Timely showing off the temporal loom, and thus they’ll need him to fix the one in the present.

Victor Timely is a variant of Kang who traveled back to the past after suffering several defeats. In the past, he used his knowledge of the future to create incredible inventions, and he built the town of Timor-Leste around him. Kang’s whole MO is that he wants to rule, and no matter what point he travels to, that’s all he wants to do.

LOKI Season 2 Episode 2 Breakdown | Ending Explained, Easter Eggs, Post Credits Scene & Review
LOKI Season 2 Episode 2 Breakdown | Ending Explained, Easter Eggs, Post Credits Scene & Review

I think they might even grab this one from the stage and take it back with them, then swap everything out so that the timelines are saved. This was potentially where Loki saw Sylvie going, and it’s possible that Timely goes to the TVA with them. There was a shot in one of the promos where we could see a model of the suit Mobius wore in episode 1, with Jonathan Majors clearly at the end of it.

So I think they’re possibly bringing it all back to the TVA, where they’ll try and replace the loom.

I think it would be a good way to take things if Victor Timely was a good guy, and it would show how you never know which version of Kang you’re going to get. Sometimes you’ll bump into a villain; sometimes they’ll be good guys, and we might even see some turn from good to bad. I do like the way that the show is going, and you never know what’s around the corner. Sure, there are these brief things because of where time travel goes, but we will see as we get into it.

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