GEN V Episode 6 Breakdown | THE BOYS Easter Egg...

GEN V Episode 6 Breakdown | THE BOYS Easter Eggs, Theories, Review & Ending Explained

GEN V Episode 6 Breakdown | THE BOYS Easter Eggs, Theories, Review & Ending Explained

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show. I’m your host, Paul, and in this video, we’re breaking down Episode 6 of Gen V.


The latest entry might make you wonder what’s going on, but in this video, we’re going to explain everything to take you out of those shades of Jean Grey. There are lots of Easter eggs, comic book callbacks, and things you missed in it, plus a cameo that was like…ruined 4 weeks ago on social media.

Anyway, heavy spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t had a chance to check it out, then I highly recommend that you check it out now. If you enjoyed the video, then please hit the thumbs-up button and don’t forget to subscribe to videos like this every day.

With that out of the way, a huge thank you for clicking this. Now let’s get into Gen V.

Now we begin with Cate making Emma remember everything. We can catch her bloodshot eyes, which may be a nod to what happens to the psychics when their powers overload in Firestarter. This is also a subtle way to show when Cate’s powers have been used, and if we go back through the season, there’s several moments where she’s clearly overdoing it.

When we cut to the wider shot, we can catch Marie standing in front of a girls get it done poster. This still has Stormfront on it; she was eventually recast with Charlize Theron once the truth about her got out.

Up next to Jordan, we can also see the no-lookie-loos sign that popped up at the start of episode 2. Around the room, there are several of the seven posters, including characters from Starlight and Black Noir. We also get a shot of Emma standing by an American flag, though this may also be the American flag.

Cate starts to collapse due to her powers overloading, and it even seems like she reads Marie and Jordan’s minds.

As we see through the episode, she’s way more powerful than we ever suspected, with her very much being a reality-warping super like Wanda and Jean Grey. Both of those feel like they are the basis for the character, with us getting several nods to the X-Men throughout. Upstairs, we then see Andre in a room with a neon Phoenix sign on the wall, and this is where we saw the fire-breather last week. Just below the coffee table, we can catch a can of Turbo Rush, which I guess is getting mixed with vodka at the party. He believes that Cate convinced her to kill Brink and thinks that she had a similar plan for him.

Marie is starting to regret what she wished for, as she thought joining God U was the best day of her life. However, it’s not all it cracked up to be, and it’s using the students to further its own ends. After catching Cate going into a seizure, we see as the worlds transform around them with her sucking them into her subconscious.

I love how, before it kicks off, Marie asks if Jordan knows CPR.

Obviously, you would expect them to be learning how to save lives at a superhero school, but this place is more about branding and appearing like a hero than actually being one. This is something Andrew deals with with his dad because he realises that he’s not really a hero.

Cut across to the woods, where we see a patient called Betsy, who’s a supe who has electrical powers. These manifest similar to electros, with them being gold like his more comically accurate depictions. Betsy is also a name that you only ever really hear comic characters have, with Betsy Braddock being one that springs to mind.

Sorry if you’re called Betsy and watching this, but you know what I mean, it’s old-fashioned… Hey, don’t hit the thumbs down, mate. Come on now.

GEN V Episode 6 Breakdown | THE BOYS Easter Eggs, Theories, Review & Ending Explained
GEN V Episode 6 Breakdown | THE BOYS Easter Eggs, Theories, Review & Ending Explained

Either way, we find out that the virus has attached itself to V and that it is attacking the cells and making her sick. Cardosa has it ready to sign off, but Shetty would rather concentrate the dose and make her sicker. I feel like with it being in blood, the plan is to use Marie as someone who can spread it.

This would mean that they have a way to wipe out the supes and take down characters like Homelander if he goes rogue. Its something that I would be interested in, as theyre pretty much at the whims of being well behaved. I feel like making Supes sick isn’t something Marie would sign up for, so that’s the part where Cate comes in. She’s already under Shetty’s control, and she can tell Cata what to do.

Now, back with Cate, we see Dusty come in, and he’s wearing a bezerk shirt.

She ends up seemingly teleporting out of there, but instead, it’s clear that this is actually her mind. Making the wall fall apart, they step outside and see that theyre all trapped in an illusion. This takes them out into the woods, which is metaphorically building off the back of the experiments. However, it is also because this is the defining moment for her, as it was when her family fell apart.

In the comics, Cate would be classified as an omega-level threat, which is someone who would be an extreme danger to humanity. Maybe the virus is even trying to control her, as she has the potential to do a lot of damage.

Now, in case you haven’t read House of M, that’s probably the quintessential Wanda Maximoff story. Though she doesn’t feature in it too much, it does showcase what happens when his full powers are unleashed. In the aftermath of Avengers Disassembled, the Avengers decide that it’s safer to kill her. Travelling out to Genosha, she reacts badly to it and transforms the entire world into one where mutants are the dominant species. This has humanity on the backfoot, and they could even do something like that with the supes. In the 1960s, they wanted to take over the world, and reversing things like that would cause it to happen.

So for reasons like that, she has to stay on top, and we see firsthand the damage that her parents have caused.

Out in the woods, we see Cates mother looking for her brother Caleb, and we learned in episode 3 what happened with them. Cate told her brother to walk into them, and unfortunately, he never came back.

Cates mother has blamed her for this ever since, and we have this idea of bad parents laced throughout the show. As we know, they were the ones who gave their kids V, and this was so that they could become supes. But the kids themselves never got a choice, and they’ve been forced into this life of being slaves. The only choice they have is to go work for Vought or get shipped off to somewhere like Elmira or Sage Grove.

Though they’re powerful, they’re completely powerless, and it’s purely down to their parents choice.

This scene also reminded me a lot of the one from X-Men Apocalypse, where we see the Magneto family getting killed in the forest.

Now at this point, we get a soldier boy cameo, once again played by Jensen Ackles. When we last saw him, he was being put under sedation, but here we have a different manifestation of him.

It turns out that he was her imaginary boyfriend, and he goes into pretty deep detail about what she used to get up to. Luke was, of course, the number one student at the school, so it makes sense that she’d also gravitate towards him when this is her type. Hell, they even self-destructed, and there are possibilities that his mutated powers were in line with what we saw.

Andre says that he’s a Russian agent, and we discovered he’d been experimenting on them during season 3. This was clearly riffing on the Winter Soldier, with him, of course, being a Russian agent.

Hes freaked out by being called a Russian, and he of course was about during a time of the red scare in America. Communists were put on trial, and man just goes off on them.


We learn the lightning strikes are blood vessels bursting, and every time she uses her powers, we of course see this happening on her face.

A soldier boy goes to warn them of something really important, but a man is mashed up and left in a pile of ash. I was wondering if this was a play on his death in the comics, as he gets brutally murdered in that.

Now in the real world, we cut to Emma meeting with Sam, who’s eating out of some vought-tot twists. These have the puppet version of Deep on them, which explains where his visions come from.

To the left is the payback movie poster, and as Sam and Emma reunite, we see a game machine with Polarity’s magnetic machine. I guess that’s as close as we’ll get to them out and out saying Magneto, and like him, he’s a master of magnetism.

Now Sams never lost that V card because he’s been stuck in the woods all that time, but man ends up finding his way about the bush.

Emma actually gets to be with someone who wants to be with her instead of having to shrink down. However, he does see her as a puppet, and we see that hand smack against the glass, riffing off Titanic.

Now, as they make their way through the woods, they come across a reconstruction of Cate’s room. In it, we see a poster for Soldier Boy and Crimson Countess, possibly explaining where she got her crush from. There is also a courage poster and a queen Maeve one, with the latter riffing off the first Wonder Woman film.

GEN V Episode 6 Breakdown | THE BOYS Easter Eggs, Theories, Review & Ending Explained
GEN V Episode 6 Breakdown | THE BOYS Easter Eggs, Theories, Review & Ending Explained

As we can see, she got a reinforced door with her mother, basically keeping her in prison for 9 years. Shetty is the first person who seems to be afraid of her, and Professor X and Magneto used to do something similar when going out to students. Kinda felt like this built off; he was the one that opened X-men’s last stand, with Shetty also offering her a way to make the voices stop.

Her reading the minds at the start is what made her pass out, and obviously she needs to be kept under sedation. Not doing this could bring the entire world crashing down, and the virus may have even been invented for her.

I actually think she might be the most powerful woman that we’ve ever met in the series, and she has the potential to destroy everything. Now we see the first meeting she and Luke had with Andre, who bore guilt over taking his first life. Luke confronts him, and we learn that Andre and Cate have been getting it on for a while now.

Striking out and killing dust, the group fled the school as they were unable to use their powers.

They run through Brink’s office, and we see a confrontation in which Luke once again remembers Brink. Rather than helping her friend, though, she ended up making him pass out, which allowed Cate to then erase his memory and keep it covered up. He gives an inspirational speech to Jordan similar to what he gave to Marie, and he offers them the position of TA in exchange for keeping quiet.

The whole school is keeping things quiet, and we also learned that Brink had been augmenting Golden Boy. This is how he catapulted up to number one, and Brink wanted him to be homeland strong.

Jordan saved their own arse instead of saving their friend, and they sided with Brink because he was nice to them. I think these are showing the defining moments when they could have been heroes, but really they are hypocrites who screw over their friends.

The only people who seem happy are Sam and Emma, but I feel like the pair are doomed. He is a fugitive, and she’s going to have to choose whether she wants the popularity or to go on the run. The pair talk about how they wish they could stay there forever, which again might be a play on Titanic.

Either way, Emma says no more running, and we cut a bird’s-eye shot of them lying down while the rest of the group passed out. Cutting to the woods, we see that Brink isn’t really juicing Luke, and he’s got him passed out doing what looks like a blood transfusion.

We discover that the school was using Sam to boost Luke’s powers, and this may have even been the strategy before they developed the virus. What they needed was a way to stop the rogue supes, and having the most powerful one under their wing would be a way to carry that out. Homelander was born in a lab, and they likely know that he had been ousted. Thus, they need to bring them down, and we later discover that Shetty hates them.

Cate was on standby to make him forget, and we see all the times he came close to remembering and too far away from the memories.

This clearly pushed Luke over the deep end, and this is what ended up pushing him over the edge. It’s so cold-blooded, and we watch as the school cracks and crumbles around them. I feel like this is foreshadowing what’s going to happen in the season, with the entire university being brought down in the final few scenes. That might be wrong, but there are so many hints towards it, and the woods could bring the entire thing crashing down.

Finally, they hit up Maries, where we see the aftermath of her killing her parents. Seeing her sister, she apologises for destroying their family, but in reality, it wasn’t her fault. Marie was given a job without a choice, and they did it to make money.

Marie uses this to show Marie that this isn’t her fault and that all of them are messed up because of their parents choices. Going back to her room, AndrĂ© talks her out of it, and finally she wakes up. It reminded me a lot of the end of inception with them finally managing to get out of the dream. They question their reality and see that their powers work, which is when Sam and Emma arrive.

Recognising her, he almost kills her, but he decides to spare her to do the right thing.

In the woods, we see that the virus is actually capable of killing supes, though Cordosas gutted Shettys over the moon. She now wants to find a way to turn it contagious, which actually kind of plays into a storyline at the end of the comics.

Now I will be talking about what happens in those in just a bit, but first up, I want to drop my thoughts on the episode, and then we’ll get into what happens there.

Anyway, I think that this was one of those standout episodes that, when you think back on the series, is going to be one of the concepts that first springs to mind. Going into a hero’s head and discovering their trauma through their memories is such a cool creative concept, and it also worked to give us a lot of reveals. On top of that, you had cameos from people like Soldier Boy, which added to it. This was basically Cates backstory laid out in such a cool fashion, and it was a really creative way to tell us about how everything happened. It also shows why she’s desperate to be accepted because she’s been shunned by even her own family for something she can’t help.


I really enjoyed it, and you can see the show starting to mount up with Shetty’s plot. We still don’t know who Marie’s benefactor is, and I have seen some comments suggesting that it might even be Shetty herself. That could be the case, but I kind of think that she would be the one to go out and recruit cats specifically if that were the case.

Either way, really great entry, and as for how this could all be playing out, we will be going into comic spoilers now, so if you don’t want to know what happens in them, then please check out now.

In the comics, Homelander ended up causing a slave uprising, and he stormed the White House and killed Vick the Veep. Vic was also a vought plant, possibly showing what was going to happen to Victoria. Butcher went in to take him out, and at this point, Black Noir emerged and revealed him to be a clone of Homelander. He’d been created to be someone who could bring the homeland down if he ever went rogue, and now he was finally getting to live out his purpose. They could do something like this in the series too, with the next black noir being a version of Homelander.

Noir killed him, with him later dying at the hands of a butcher. Butcher still had a vendetta against the supes, and he put in place a plan to take them out once and for all. Going to the top of the Empire State Building, he was going to set off a radio frequency that caused the v within supes to make their heads explode. This is something that had happened in the series before, and it would take them out once and for all.

GEN V Episode 6 Breakdown | THE BOYS Easter Eggs, Theories, Review & Ending Explained
GEN V Episode 6 Breakdown | THE BOYS Easter Eggs, Theories, Review & Ending Explained

Butcher ended up kind of wanting Hughie to stop him, which is the main reason he hired him. He wanted someone by his side who would reign over him, which Hughie did, and in the end, he saved the Supes. We saw a great reform in them, and ultimately they became better.

Now I think the virus may work as something else, and we may even get pandemic allusions to it being something that makes the supes ultimately start acting better. Because humanity ultimately did that.

While that might not happen, I think the virus itself could be something butchers may weaponize down the line. Potentially even voguht will, but it clearly plays into the overall Boys story, and I guess it’s going to be very important down the line.

Anyway, those are our thoughts on it, and make sure you leave yours below.

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