JLA Secret Files #2 Review (Vol 2)

JLA Secret Files #2 Review (Vol 2)

JLA Secret Files #2 Review volume 2

JLA Secret Files #2 Review volume 2

JLA Secret Files #2 Review By Deffinition

Hot off the heels of Rock Of Ages is JLA Secret Files #2. If you’ve read my review of Secret Files #1 then you know that I enjoy these little snapshot issues that act as an appetiser before the main course.

It will be interesting if this mini-issue can keep up the high bar set by Rock Of Ages and whilst I am not expecting that level of quality, I still have high hopes that the story can deliver.

Throughout this review, I will be discussing key plot elements so it might be worth just picking up JLA: Volume 2 and reading it with fresh eyes if you want to remain unspoiled.

With that out the way let’s dive into JLA Secret Files #2.

Fractured Alliance

We join Aquaman and Superman as they discuss the disbanding of the JLA. Torn apart by the conflict in Rock Of Ages, there is a feeling of maturity to the work. Each of them wants to be a hero but they know deep down that there is problems within the group that stops them from being the best they can be.

On each page lies the subtle feeling that they are craving to reunite with the rest of the squad, however, the worry that things could go apocalyptic again haunts them.

The creative team do a lot with very little and I was hooked instantly by the introduction.

Bat In The Belfry

After hacking the Justice League Watchtower Computer, Batman decides to call a meeting between himself, The Man Of Steel and The King Of Atlantis.

Hosted by the Kent’s it’s a homely regrouping that has a sense of nostalgia to it. There are discussions of new League members and though some cause a stir it’s a triumphant moment to see that the three are trying to work out their differences and protect the Earth as a team once more.

It’s a wonderful intermission that is a testament to the character development that has gone on in the main storyline and this brilliant sets up what is to come next.

Putting the band back together

The finale of the book centres around the new members joining the league and the restructure reinvigorates the team. I loved seeing appearances by Huntress, Steel and Plastic Man. It was a great way to introduce them and whilst the book is rather short lived, there is still a lot of fun to have here.

The Verdict

JLA Secret Files #2 is a wonderful stop gap between stories that works expertly at revitalising the team whilst also cementing the aspects that fans love. I had a heck of a lot of fun with this and I think those that are already invested in the run will greatly enjoy it too.

Whilst not essential, you should definitely seek this out and it compliments the already outstanding JLA volume 2 beautifully.

That’s why it gets an…


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