We Happy Few’s Secret Ending

We Happy Few’s Secret Ending

we happy few secret ending spoiler talk review by deffinition

We Happy Few is a game packed with twists, turns and a well-crafted campaign that offers an eerie insight into an alternative dimension. The single player story can last anywhere up to 25 hours and beyond but there is a quick way to skip the entire game in just under two minutes.

Those who like wasting £40 can simply start up the game and do the following. After beginning Arthur’s story, the player will come across an article referencing the character’s brother, Percy. Due to the pain that this could cause, Arthur is given a choice to either take a Joy Pill and remove the sadness or to refuse one.

Whilst most gamers will probably fight against the system and begin the game by avoiding the pill, it’s still a nice choice that is reminiscent of alternative game endings such as Arkham City and Far Cry 4. To me, it’s a great reference to the film The Matrix in which the character Neo is offered the choice of taking the Blue or Red Pill and journeying outside the world that has been pulled over his eyes or remaining in it. The game is packed with Easter Eggs like this and is definitely an interesting journey through a drug-fueled society that relies on short-term highs to make it through a mundane day to day life.

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