Convergence Review (DC)

Convergence Review (DC)

dc convergence review by deffinition

Convergence has a lot riding on it’s shoulders. After the New 52 was met with somewhat middling reviews, DC have decided to put everything right and streamline the continuity.

Throughout this review I will be discussing Convergence in full detail so it may be worth skipping to the score for now if you want to go into the book with fresh eyes.

With that out the way, let’s dive into DC: Convergence!

The Rise Of Brainiac

Firstly, if you aren’t fully up to speed with the majority of the New 52 (and DC in general) then be aware that the majority of this book won’t make sense. The story picks from multiple universes, timelines and character versions to present a story in which Brainiac is making the best face off against the best in order to save their version of Earth.

It’s a nice aesthetic but unfortunately, the telling of it is rather clumsy and therefore hard to fully engage with early on. Convoluted plot lines and breakneck universe changes make it an unfriendly read and only the most diehard DC fans should seek this out.

Those in know, however, will find a lot to love here and I adored seeing versions of Superman from All Star, Crisis on Infinite Earths and Red Son splashed across the pages.

The Injustice Of It All

By chapter two we are introduced to several other universes such as Earth 2 and The Injustice Timeline. It’s brilliant seeing these characters thrust into the main continuity and fans will lap this up.

It’s also in this chapter that we are introduced to the concept of Convergence. All of the Earth’s of The Multiverse must battle it out once and for all to ensure the survival of their world. It’s really a lose/lose situation to put the DC heroes in and I loved seeing the epic battles across page after page in the graphic novel’s midsection.

One of the most touching moments amongst the conflict is when Thomas Wayne meets Bruce and both discover that the other is Batman. It’s definitely one of the highlights in the entire New 52 run and massively elevates the book and showcases the potential that having the battle Royale between worlds can yield.

dc convergence

The Consequences Of Convergence

What I love about Convergence is that it feels like it has consequences. Several beloved characters from classic arcs die by the hundreds and everything feels like it has weight to it. Brainiac comes across as an invincible God and the book really invests you in wondering how our heroes will ever defeat the immortal being.

There’s a real game changer that resolves this but one could argue that it makes the stakes in the fight rise even more.

In the end everything ties up in a nice little bow that even provides a get out of jail free card for Earth 2 but that doesn’t mean that the finale feels cheap. Everything comes together in a celebration of the DC universe and it’s a fitting finale that fans of the franchise will enjoy.

The Verdict

Convergence is a strange book to review. For hardcore fans this is pretty much a must read and feels akin to the Crisis storylines without actually being one itself.

However, newcomers should probably steer clear as the book is so dense that it will likely lose your attention if you only have a passing knowledge.

Weighing up between both perspectives I would probably score this at a respectable…


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