DEADPOOL AND WOLVERINE Breakdown: Every Cameo W...

DEADPOOL AND WOLVERINE Breakdown: Every Cameo We Know So Far

DEADPOOL AND WOLVERINE Breakdown: Every Cameo We Know So Far

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show. I’m your host Paul, and in this video, we’re breaking down Deadpool and Wolverine.

Marvel Jesus is about to save the MCU, and judging by the trailer, we’re in for a treat. Ryan Reynolds is putting in maximum effort, and it looks like there will be lots of returning characters. So throughout this video, I want to go over everyone we’ve heard is rumoured to be in the film, along with the characters that we’ve had confirmed.

Obviously, there will be heavy spoilers here, so why don’t you go f**k yourself if you don’t want it ruined.

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With that out of the way, thank you for clicking this. Now let’s get into the breakdown.


Now firstly, I want to talk about who the trailer confirms, with the first group of these being outside Giant Man’s head. Also, every time I say Giant Man, people kick off and say it’s Ant-Man. Look, mate, it’s what they call him in the comics and movies when he goes that big because Gi-ant… has the word Ant in. You see.

Anyway, outside we can catch Lady Deathstrike, and we now know that Kelly Hu is returning. She made a splash during X2, and I always felt kinda bad for the character. A mind-controlled assassin, she was filled with Adamantium and left to sink like the New Mutants’ box office.

Next, we have Azazel from X-Men: First Class. However, we don’t know if Jason Flemyng is returning. We do know that Ray Park is, though, with him confirming yesterday that he’ll be back as Toad. He was shown in some behind-the-scenes footage along with Tyler Mane returning as Sabertooth.

We also have it confirmed that Pyro will be showing up, so yeah, that’s a big set of X-Men characters we’ve got confirmed.

Dogpool also appears in the trailer, with there being Deadpool variants we’ve seen behind the scenes. We can’t show these images for copyright reasons, but I’m sure you’ve all seen the ones of Ryan Reynolds with his face looking normal. The guy has a top knot and a much classier suit, showing that we’ll be getting other versions of the character.

For a while now, it’s been thought we’re gonna get Lady Deadpool, with people suspecting it was her firing the Uzis in that first trailer. The gloves looked different from what we’ve had before, and it wouldn’t be the first time she was referenced in the franchise. Deadpool 2 opened with a strip club in which Wade wore a blonde wig and high heels. Many people have also suspected that Lady Deadpool might exist in this Wolverine’s universe.

DEADPOOL AND WOLVERINE Breakdown: Every Cameo We Know So Far
DEADPOOL AND WOLVERINE Breakdown: Every Cameo We Know So Far

There have also been rumours that Headpool will be showing up, which has been leaked in some behind-the-scenes art. This will apparently be the version that was left at the end of X-Men Origins, as that post-credits scene showed his eyes open up. There’s also the rumour that this will be the movie’s official popcorn bucket, which will replace your Dune one as the love of your life.

I’m just kidding; I could never cheat on you.

There’ll also be a Deadpool variant shown in Thor: The Dark World, which was confirmed by the Cinemacon footage. Instead of Thor holding Loki, they made it so he holds Wade, which kinda confirms Chris Hemsworth is in the film. Kinda, I guess. That makes me wonder if we could get Loki, though, as he’s, of course, the head of the TVA. There were also rumours that Mobius would be there, but I remember hearing that his scenes had been cut. However, Owen Wilson was spotted out in London right around the time that the movie filmed there.

Along with this, we could also be getting Kidpool, which is something that’s been rumoured for a while now. People have actually done a theory time that that’s who Wolverine is really talking to when he says this line.

Now there’s also the theory that this is Dafne Keen, with the woods from Logan seemingly being in the movie. There’s a big scene with a tree branch, and due to what Wolverine’s saying, it sounds like it’s not to Deadpool. I dunno if he’d need to explain he’s not a hero to him, so instead, I think he could be saying it to her. Nexus Point News also reported that Natalia Tena will be playing an older version of her, so we might be seeing some X-23 variants.

This will be along with some Wolverine ones, which we had a tease of in the first trailer. At one point, we see Patch out in Madripoor, with us getting a shot of his back. Due to the body type being different from Jackman’s, people have suspected this might be someone else. Daniel Radcliffe is heavily rumoured to be in the movie, and I’d love to see him popping up here. Henry Cavill has also been said to play him too, but there’s not really anything concrete from these teasers. I don’t think this Patch version is him, but yeah, I think that’s definitely another actor in the role. I also wonder who his dealer’s gonna be, and I’d love it if this was revealed to be Gambit. Channing Tatum was attached to him for years, with his movie never getting off the ground. It just wasn’t in the cards, but this kind of movie is perfect to have him pop up, and I actually think that’s a pretty likely cameo.


Now the leaks say they’re gonna be diving heavily into the Fox Franchise and bringing back a lot of old heads. People like Magneto, Professor X, Cyclops—they’re all rumoured, but we haven’t really got anything substantial to back it up. Marsden has teased he could be back, but after the Dan Schneider stuff came out, who knows. However, I think Storm is a likely returning character due to a post by Halle Berry.

Sporting the classic Storm hair colour, she made a post holding a cat. This said “patience takes practice,” possibly hinting at how long we’ve had to wait to see her return.

Famke Janssen has also been asked a lot as well, with her saying to

“I don’t know. I mean, I didn’t expect to come back after dying as Jean Grey. [The times I came back] were all surprises that I never anticipated. As for yet another unanticipated return in July’s #DeadpoolAndWolverine, I don’t know. I doubt it, but you never know.”

Sounds like something you say when you’re in the movie, but at least she did better than Jennifer Garner. When talking to Collider, she didn’t exactly have a Gambit.

DEADPOOL AND WOLVERINE Breakdown: Every Cameo We Know So Far
DEADPOOL AND WOLVERINE Breakdown: Every Cameo We Know So Far

Now people believe they’ve spotted her in the teaser as we can see an arm at one point. It’s been thought that this is Elektra standing here, with the costumes looking a little similar. This figure also seems to be fighting alongside Deadpool, showing that he may have recruited her.

Now, she was first introduced during Daredevil, with her getting her own… great… great comic book movie years later. I reviewed that on’s Phase Zero podcast, so go check that out if you wanna see my thoughts.

Anyway, you might remember last year it was rumoured that Ben Affleck was returning too, with him once more playing Daredevil. I think that would be an incredible cameo, and seeing these two back would be such a cool reveal.

I also think that Taylor Swift will probably appear as Dazzler. She and Reynolds have been friends for years, with his daughters’ vocals appearing on her song “Gorgeous.” Wade wore a t-shirt with both of her cats on, and she borrowed a Deadpool suit for a Halloween costume.

The final word on her new album is also “Dazzling,” perhaps hinting at where things are gonna go. On top of this, mate, I saw the other day that Forbidden Planet has announced they’re releasing a Dazzler omnibus… which… bit suspicious if she’s got nothing else coming out. Dazzler’s not exactly a massive character, so when I saw this, I was a bit surprised. If only there was some massive fandom that might pick up everything their favourite artist drops, then this might be a way to show support.


Anyway, from what I’ve heard, Chris Evans will be appearing in the movie, but he’s not gonna play who you think. The rumours are that he’s playing the Human Torch and cooking up a storm as your boy Johnny. I’d love if that was the case too, as we’ve already seen multiversal variants of the Fantastic Four characters.

John Krasinski popped up as Reed in Multiverse Of Madness, and it would be great to see another character here before we get the Fantastic Four film next year. If it’s not delayed… everything getting delayed.

DEADPOOL AND WOLVERINE Breakdown: Every Cameo We Know So Far
DEADPOOL AND WOLVERINE Breakdown: Every Cameo We Know So Far

We also have the Wizard who’s behind the portal, with there being lots of theories about who this is. MT did a big breakdown going over who could be behind it, so head over there right after this.

Lastly, I think The Vanisher is probably in the movie and can imagine him being at the party. So yeah, that’s pretty much all the cameos I’ve heard, ones in the teaser, and all the interview clues that give it away.

Obviously, I’d love to hear who you think is in the film, so make sure you drop them in the comments below.

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