X-MEN 97 Episode 10 Finale Predictions | Deadpo...

X-MEN 97 Episode 10 Finale Predictions | Deadpool & Wolverine, Onslaught & Avengers Vs X-men

X-MEN 97 Episode 10 Finale Predictions | Deadpool & Wolverine, Onslaught & Avengers Vs X-men

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Paul, aka your friendly neighbourhood spoiler man, and it’s time to get into theory time, theory time, theory time.

The X-Men 97 finale is less than a week away, and I thought we’d go over all our predictions for what’s coming down the line. I’ve looked at the comics, things said on Twitter by Beau DeMayo, and basically everything that I think is gonna be coming. So to me, my spoiler man, hit me baby one more time and let’s dive deep into X-Men 97. Obviously, there may be some spoilers here too, as we will be talking about things from the comics. If you enjoy it, please hit the thumbs up, and let’s get into X-Men 97.


Now, the first thing I wanna talk about is the ending of Episode 9. The master of magnetism was pushed to the brink, and he realised that he needed to do something drastic.

We closed out with him committing one of his most famous acts, which comes from X-Men 25. Ripped right out of the comics… and Wolverine’s body… we saw him removing his adamantium skeleton.

I think when I was growing up, this was like… the THING that was burned into my memory the most, and yeah, it was so good seeing it in live action. From this point on, Wolverine had his bone claws, which I think is something we’ll also get in the show. Up until this point, it was believed this was part of his skeleton, but this confirmed they came from his bones. So yes, Wolverine will get out of it, but something worse is born from the character.

That is Onslaught, which is something we predicted in Episode 7. As soon as Bastion was experimenting on Magneto, we figured this could be the direction they were going.

X-MEN 97 Episode 10 Finale Predictions | Deadpool & Wolverine, Onslaught & Avengers Vs X-men
X-MEN 97 Episode 10 Finale Predictions | Deadpool & Wolverine, Onslaught & Avengers Vs X-men

Now, in order to talk about how Onslaught is created, we have to talk about how it’s created. After seeing the skeleton pulled out of Wolverine, Professor X goes absolutely crazy. He psychically blasted Magneto with full force, which is something I think will happen next week.

Professor X absorbed all his darkest parts, which might be the way that he changes the villain’s mind. Magneto’s actually my second favourite Marvel character, and that’s because of all the character’s complexity. The first is Hulk, by the way. But I think with Magneto, you can really see things from his point of view. However, he definitely has a dark side, which is something that Professor X takes in.

So perhaps this is how he wins him round and stops Magneto from taking out humanity. This would mean that he doesn’t have to kill him, and I think it’s a path Xavier would go down.

Now, unfortunately, it creates something in his subconscious that ends up being way worse.

Onslaught bursts forth from him, and he’s a massively overpowered villain. I believe that they’ll at least tease towards that, and that in the end, he’ll be a threat for Season 2.

However, they could bring it forth next week and have all the heroes coming together. This would give us a big season team-up, and yeah, I’d love to see that coming next week.

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Now, as for Bastion, I think he’ll be defeated as well, but they may leave a part of him alive. In the comics, the character’s beheaded with that still retaining consciousness.

There’s a panel where they come across it suspended from wires, like how he was in Episode 9, and yeah, I think that’s gonna be something we get in the episode.

Now, unfortunately, I don’t think the X-Men are gonna come out unscathed, and I think that Rogue is gonna take a beating too. She’s obviously turned against the family, and I think this is gonna lead to her being in a coma. Now, why I think this is because it becomes a big part of Messiah Complex. I believe that the next two major storylines we’re gonna tackle are that and also Avengers vs. X-Men.

Now, Messiah Complex is important for a reason, as it sees the rebirth of the mutants. That came off the back of House of M, in which Wanda uttered “no more mutants.”

Wiped out across the world, they were left with just a couple hundred. That was until Hope came along, and we saw a war break out on the planet. Mr Sinister, Cable, The Marauders, X-Men, everybody wanted her, and it was a story filled with twists and turns.

Cable ended up grabbing the child named Hope, and the pair were chased across the globe. This included Bishop trying to kill the baby, which we learned more about in the future. Multiple Man and Layla Miller travelled to the future, where they found a young Bishop in the camps. Turned out he’d heard Hope was the reason why all the mutants were enslaved, and thus his older version was trying to kill her.

In the end, she got handed over to Mr Sinister, where it was revealed this was actually Mystique. Mystique had wanted to use the baby to revive Rogue, and she pressed Hope up to her skin. In the end, it worked, and Rogue was brought back, but she hated that a baby had been put in danger. So I do feel like Rogue may end up comatose next week, and this could lead into Mystique returning.

Now, Cable took Hope into the future, which is where he raised her for battle.

In the present, the Phoenix Force returned, and Hope and Cable both came back. The Phoenix Force had been looking for her, which then takes us to Avengers vs. X-Men.

Now, that’s like… that’s like Season 3 predictions, but I do believe that AVX is coming. We’ve had little teases to the greater Marvel universe with every episode layering something in. Stark Industries signs have appeared a number of times, Captain America, Spider-Man, and recently the Hulk. Sure, it was just Morph posing, but that Hulkbuster base also appeared too. We also had Doctor Doom, possibly linking in the Fantastic Four cartoon.

I’d love to see if we got several separate series, and please Marvel, give us Spider-Man ’98. I’d love it if we got an Avengers series, Iron Man one, Hulk, and Fantastic Four. These latter ones could build off the original seasons, which are also up on Disney Plus now.

Then we’d have our two sides established and could be going towards Avengers vs. X-Men.

I think introducing all these characters is laying the seeds, and that we will eventually see them both facing off. Avengers vs. X-Men is a massive, massive event, and it would be insane to have it building up to it.


Now, Rob from Comics Explained also theorised that he thinks Gambit could be revealed to be Death, with him being a Horseman of Apocalypse. Professor X already saw him as the Grim Reaper, and going that direction would be pretty insane.

Now, there are also the theories that this might tie into Deadpool and Wolverine. That is, of course, the next Marvel release, and yeah, it’s a strategy the studio used to have.

There was a time, mate, was a time before Phase 4 when post-credits scenes actually used to tease something that was coming very shortly. I kinda hate how we’ve got like… 10 ones that still haven’t been resolved yet, so I’d love to see them get back to paying things off.

I think it would be so good if it turned out the Wolverine we see here is also the one Deadpool recruits. How insane would it be to have all the X-Men die next week and then for it to say in the credits, Wolverine will return. It would make my hype for that movie even higher, but uhhhhhhh I dunno if that’s gonna be the way we go.

The Wolverine in the trailer has his metal claws, which yeah… dunno if this guy’s gonna be using his for a long time… mate… still thought I think that’s worth bringing up because the two are so close together.

X-MEN 97 Episode 10 Finale Predictions | Deadpool & Wolverine, Onslaught & Avengers Vs X-men
X-MEN 97 Episode 10 Finale Predictions | Deadpool & Wolverine, Onslaught & Avengers Vs X-men

Beau DeMayo has said that the finale’s gonna be big, and what bigger way to end it than that? Deadpool is also jumping across the multiverse, and it could be a way to bring this character to live action. Feige actually stated recently he’s considering canonising this show into the MCU, and I think fan reception could definitely make that possible. Obviously, it might be a little too late because this cartoon’s been finished for a while now.

Still though, I’d love to see that happen, and the show has been a much-needed win.

Now lastly, I feel like Storm is gonna become the leader because the X-Men have been left in shambles. Also, have you guys noticed how many times the word “shambles” is used when describing the MCU? Bit weird because “shambles” is such a… such a weird term.

Anyway, Xavier isn’t really someone that people are following, and we saw this in the case of Rogue and Sunspot. Cyclops is also torn as well, and therefore I think we’re gonna end with Storm in charge. She’s been the group’s leader in the comics, I think she’s really the only possible candidate.

Xavier even left Magneto in charge and hung out with the Shi’ar because it’s clear he felt the leadership was better in someone else’s hands.

I don’t feel like Cyclops is in that right place either, and Wolverine… probably a bit tied up with where we left him. Could say he’s in shambles, mate.

Anyway, those are our main predictions for how things are gonna go and what we could be setting up down the line.

Obviously, I’d love to hear your comments too, so make sure that you drop them below.

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