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BLACK PANTHER Wakanda Forever Trailer & TV Spots Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Characters Explained

Credit: Marvel Studios (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)


Ok, so the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is right around the corner, and we have some brand new TV spots and trailers released as the marketing ramps up.

Throughout this video, we’re going to go through it all to discuss the hidden details, things you missed, and also give our theories on where it could all be going.

Who Is Riri Williams In Black Panther: Wakanda Forever?

Now the trailer opens with Shuri going to see Riri in one of the Wakandan labs. At the end of the first Black Panther, we had T’Challa go to a neighbourhood in America and also the UN. Originally, my guess was that during this time several programmes and initiatives for bright young minds were created and that Riri was brought in from the US to study Wakandan science.

However, there is another clip that kind of debunks it, which I’ll talk more about later in the video.

In the teaser, we see her spraying what looks like a red shoulderpad, and this is a similar colour to the hot rod style that Tony used on his Mark 2. I think she’s going to get different suits similar to how Tony did, and we’ll likely see her in Mark 1, Mark 2, and maybe even a Mark Ruffalo.

We also see a spear unsheathed, and this will tie back into a clip that we talk about later on.

Now we see her home-made suit, which we know from the trailers will be made out of car parts. However, here it’s completed along with a heart-shaped arc reactor.

These heart shapes are somethign that we see echoed throughout the film and if you cast your mind back to the second trailer then you may remember the scene in which Namor was painting. He had a palette made from a sea shell, and this had a similar-style heart shape in the middle. Also we now know from one of the clips that Namor will be pronounced Namor rather than Naymor. For decades I pronounced it Namor, but then the internet came along and everyone told me I was wrong. So I had to relearn it, and now Kevin Feige is telling me I was right, but my brain is so f**ked from relearning it that I’ll probably still pronounce it Namor, so yeah, just in case you wanna know why this vid is as terrible as our usual OONs.

Credit: Marvel Studios (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)
Credit: Marvel Studios (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)

In the comics, Riri made her own suit out of parts at MIT, which she seems to be doing here. The character comes from Chicago and we know we’ll be visiting the location based on the licence plate we see during the car scenes. We get a connection to this in the next shot of a bridge with a whale popping out beside it. The Namoreans attack, and later in the teaser we see the car flipping over due to a wave hitting it on this bridge. Riri can also be seen with her boots boosting her up as she is about to fly to a high altitude. This is similar to the shot in Infinity War in which Tony shot up to catch up with Peter on Ebony Maw’s ship.

Later on, we see her taking what I think is her first flight as she skims along the water of the river that the bridge scene is probably at. Interestingly, right after this, we see her helmet shot, which is similar to how it was presented with Tony.

One thing you might notice in her DIY suit is that she just has a visor that covers her eyes rather than a full helmet. Therefore, I think we’re going to see her in several suits and probably get a more comic book accurate one. The visor wouldn’t really provide this full heads up display with her face inside of it so my guess is that it’s just some editing for the tease.

Other shots we see in the teaser have M’Baku attempting to break his club off the back of Namor. This instantly shatters upon him blocking it and my man breaks it without even making eye contact with him. In the next shot, we see M’Baku speaking with Nakia.

To the left of them you can catch a woman looking over a holographic blue print which looks like it might be a ship. The teaser ends with the Black Panther scaling down a giant vessel which I think is one in the same of what this woman is looking at. I love the way that Black Panther moves during this, and I believe that this is Shuri for a number of reasons. We know that the helmet is laced with white dots, and these resemble the ones that she has at the end of Black Panther and also at the funeral.

There are other helmets that appear in the teaser too, and we see someone reaching their hands out to two helmets side by side.

Though it was thought that these two helmets might tease towards other Black Panthers in the film, I think these are more being used as a tribute to T’Challa.

These are helmets that the character has already worn in the MCU and since the female black panther is getting their own helmet, I dont think they’d just be reusing the old ones. One of these helmets is also the one that Shuri carries at the funeral, so this shot may be her picking it up to take it there.

Now another reason that I think it’s Shuri happens in this trailer when we see Nakia in her own armour. This has a helmet that grows around her face, and therefore, I don’t think she’s going to be taking up the mantle.

Who Is Namor In Black Panther: Wakanda Forever?

Now the teaser is also filled with shots of Namor attacking Wakanda.

We see him flying through the air and even get a close up shot of his winged feet.

People are saying Namor and they might even ask him in the trailer what is love.

Baby, don’t hurt me; don’t hurt me.


It’s a great teaser and I love the action shot at the end.

Credit: Marvel Studios (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)
Credit: Marvel Studios (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)

Now going back to the spear shot we talked about earlier, we have a clip that shows Okoye and Shuri going to what I think is Riri’s dorm room. Again this kinda debunks the idea that she went there as part of a programme. I’m guessing that we have the bridge scene with her new suit, and they see firsthand the kind of tech she can create from a box of scraps.


She could potentially discover a way to stop Namor’s forces, and this might be why she’s called to Wakanda.

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Anyway one of the best clips released on the movie has Namor meeting Ramonda.

Namor very much seems like he’s awakened in the new world and has discovered how advanced Wakanda is. We have seen clips in the other trailers where he stood on the shore with a burning house in front of him as a child. There were several things surrounding the building that made it look civil war era so this is likely the first time he’s seen a world like this. This also shows that Namor ages a lot slower than regular people, making it so that he can be an adult in the 1930s, just like he was in the comics.

Also, Ramnoda’s hair is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Rather than wearing her quote-unquote crown, she has this off and looks much more vulnerable than she typically does. She’s lost her husband, her son, and possibly her kingdom, and it’s been a lot on her character.

Now this clip premiered on Jimmy Kimmel along with a couple of other ones. This includes one of Okoye and Nakia.

So the way that Nakia goes on here makes me think that she distanced herself from Wakanda after the events of Black Panther. She wasn’t in Avengers Infinity War and it’s possible that she left during this. There are some leaks that I won’t go into here that I think could explain them, but it’s possible that they tie into the post-credits scene, which we’ll link our breakdown to at the end of the video.

Full disclosure, I did have the post-credits scene spoiled for me with how they handle T’Challa’s death because, well, I just couldn’t help myself. However, I do want to go into this movie with some surprises, so beyond that, I don’t know what happens in the film, which is why this video probably won’t age well.

Nakia talks about how she knew the man rather than the king or superhero, and it’s very much a meta commentary on how the cast lost Chadwick and what it means to them. We knew the actor, but the cast and those involved with the film knew the actual man behind it all very well. I love this bit of meta commentary, and I feel like the movie is going to be one of those rare instances where they can really use the death of someone to help provide actual feelings of grief and loss through the story. I can’t think of another franchise where an actor has died and they’ve used that passing to show the heartbreak that the cast actually went through. Paul Walker’s death had some commentary in Fast And The Furious, but due to Brian still being alive in that universe, it didn’t impact the story as much as we’re seeing here.

Now the final clip I want to talk about comes in the wake of Namor’s attack.

So in the clip we see the midst of the tidal wave attack by Namor. In the comics, during Avengers vs. X-men, he ended up launching something similar against Wakanda, and he flooded the location before striking it with his foot soldiers. This will obviously allow be a two fold attack and I think that there might even be a third layer to it. The first part is that people obviously struggle in water, so flooding a location would make it far more difficult for them to fight back. The second is that the Talocanians now are able to fight there and they’re not out of their depth due to being on the land.

Final Attack In Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

I think the third part of this attack will come from the air, with Namor flying around the city and attacking.

I love how my man is just continuing his business, completely oblivious to the whole thing, and the Dora Milaje put earbuds in in order to protect their ears from the explosives they throw into the water.

Credit: Marvel Studios (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)
Credit: Marvel Studios (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)

See some of The Talocanians just chilling like it’s some synchronized swim meet up before they’re blasted out the water.

Shuri arrives in a new type of ship, which we know Namor attacks from the other teasers.

This has wings added to it now that almost operate like a dragon fly to put it in hover mode. I’m surprised Shuri is actually in this as the first film showed she can control vehicles from the  lab. You might also notice that she has a co-pilot, and I’m guessing they had to be there in person to pull people out of the water.

We see some Talocans jumping out, and you may notice they have blue skin whereas Namor doesn’t. They also wear masks when on the surface and Namor can breathe oxygen because in the comics hes a mutant. I’m hoping that they bring this into the film too, and we can slowly slowly crawl towards that X-men movie in 2030 or whatever.

We also see the strength difference between them as M’Baku manages to knock one down with his club, whereas the other trailers show it breaking off Namor’s back.

He’s covered in vibranium, so he can completely outclass the rest, and it’s a great little clip.

Anyway that ends the video and obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new spots and teasers.

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With that out of the way, thank you for sitting through the video; I’ve been Paul, and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace

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