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AVATAR 2: The Way Of Water Official Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details And Plot Details

Credit: 20th Century Studios (Avatar: The Way of Water)

Ok, so the new trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water is out, and throughout this video we’re going to be opening Pandora’s Box to breakdown the whole thing. Filled with easter eggs, callbacks to the first movie, and a lot of details that give away what the plot will be, this is our definitive breakdown of the final main trailer before the movie releases next month.

Will this be the biggest movie of all time, will it usher in a new era of cinema, will there be 7.8 too much water? Well, we’ll get into it, but please hit the thumbs up button if you enjoy the video, and don’t forget to subscribe for breakdowns like this every day.

With that out of the way, thanks for clicking this; now let’s get into the Avatar: The Way of Water trailer.

When Is Avatar 2: The Way Of Water Set?

Ok so we know that the film will take place over a decade after the first film. That was set during 2154 and it followed Jake Sully as he was brought in to try and gain acceptance by the Na’vi so that the RDA could farm for a special element called Unobtanium. Planet Earth is currently a barren wasteland that looks like South Shields on a Saturday, and because of the lack of natural resources, we’ve had to journey out into the stars.

This is ultimately why the humans decide to return to Pandora: they’ve got nothing left.

Now the RDA is the Resources Development Administration, and originally they set up a base known as Hellsgate, which we know will be part of this film. They have returned to this outpost and are now using their own avatars as a way to conquer the planet.

The first movie ended with a fight in the floating mountains that we know will return to this film as well.

This was caused by a naturally occurring gravitational anomaly on the planet, which was a good place to fight due to the atmosphere there messing with the humans’ radar.

Credit: 20th Century Studios (Avatar: The Way of Water)

However, we’ll be broadening our horizons, so to speak, and travelling to several aquatic locations so that the Na’vi can defend their home against old and new foes.

This place will be known as Metkiyeena, and it too carries the gravity differences that the mountains do. Whereas the first film had mountain banshees, we now see sea ones that allow their rider to sit on top of them whilst they’re submerged in water. These beasts have long snouts with sharp, protruding teeth, which makes them look like a cross between an alligator and a long-nose gar.

You might also notice that the leader has a Ta Moko based on the traditional tattoos of the Maori.

There will be several different characters in it, as well as new cast additions such as Kate Winslet as Ronal. Winslett apparently set a world record for the longest scene filmed underwater without oxygen, and she managed to go 7 minutes without taking a breath. She will have her own creature called an Ilu that she can tether herself to. This is an underwater creature that we will likely see the Na’vi in the movie taming so they can tackle the humans using underwater means.

There’s a section we know where they’ll attack a human base, and they may use these creatures to sneak in undetected.

Trees again play a big part, with the roots reaching into the sea and creating small pools that the Na’vi can chill in.

We open the trailer with two characters diving into the lush waters of Pandora, and here we see Kiri for the first time.

This is an adopted child of Jake and Neytiri who has a lot going on with her.

Now, when we did our first trailer breakdown, we discussed how Sigourney Weaver was returning and gave some theories about how they may have cloned or resurrected her. Throw that out with the Mephisto ones though, as we now know what’s going on with her. Sigourney will be playing Kiri, who is a completely new character completely unattached to who she originally was. Kiri will be a keen diver, and Weaver had to learn free diving in order to film many of the underwater sequences.

You might notice that her voice sounds similar to Sarah’s, but they’ve downplayed her being the same. However, there could be a link as she constantly talks about feeling her.

Now this is likely a link to Eywa, who is basically the mother of the planet. This is a deity who looks over everything. However, it could also be a link to Sigourney’s character in the first film. She was absorbed into the tree when they tried to transfer her body. This could mean that her spirit is in everything, and the reason that Kiri sounds so similar is because she has taken traits from her. She knows people will think she’s crazy, but she talks about how she feels and can also hear her heart beat. Therefore, I do think that it’s linked to the two characters, and the recasting was done for a reason.

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Are The Main Characters From Avatar Parents In Avatar 2?

Now, in the decade since we last saw them, Jake and Neytiri have had several children together. These are Neteyam, Loak, and Tukitrey, or Tuk for short.

They also show a scene in which it looks like they have one on the way, as we see from the fact that Neytiri is pregnant while hunting. However, the end of the trailer shows that she is no longer carrying a child, making me think that there’s one of two things. Either she lost the baby during a battle or this initial scene is a flashback to when she was pregnant with one of the kids we meet in the movie. The shot at the end shows Jake with the weapons and satchels that the humans carry, showing that this scene likely happens later on in the movie.

They’ll also have another child, a strong child, if you will, who doesn’t seem like he’s related, but I can’t quite put my finger on why.

No, this is actually Javier, who was a child when Hell’s Gate went to, well, hell.

Though it seemed like the humans all left at the end of the first movie, we know that some were abandoned to Pandora due to the RDA pulling out faster than Adidas when Kanye says he’s booked an interview.

He was rescued by Jake and Neytiri and brought into their family. Because of the atmosphere on Pandora, he has to wear an oxygen mask at all times, but he does enjoy the freedom that the planet gives over the more industrial things that humans offer.

Now Stephen Lang and Matt Gerald are both returning to the film despite dying in the first one.

We’ve also had some details filled in on them, which could possibly give us an idea of where their arcs go in the film and its sequels.

Now it’s been revealed that Colonel Miles and Corporal Lyle were put through a programme that resurrects them into something known as a recombinant.

This procedure puts the memories and personality of someone into a Na’vi avatar so that they can once again fight for the RDA.

Lang has confirmed that Miles will have the same vendetta that he had against Jake in the first movie, and that this will drive the new Recombinant. Not only does he share the look that he originally had face-wise, but he even has the eagle tattoo on his arm that Miles had in the first film.

Credit: 20th Century Studios (Avatar: The Way of Water)
Credit: 20th Century Studios (Avatar: The Way of Water)

Now, because of this, I think we can assume that he could go on an arc of realising that he’s just being used as a weapon. Even in death, the soldier hasn’t had any rest, and no matter what happens to him, the RDA can just bring him back to life and force him into the field. He’s just an object that they own, and therefore, I could see him possibly questioning this. However, Lang has said that he will be the main antagonist in all four sequels and that we’ll watch him go on a really unexpected journey. Because of this, he could really go in a number of different directions that we can’t really predict. It’s even possible that they may have cloned him several times, and he could end up coming across versions of himself that make him realise that the RDA owns him. In the first movie, they made scans of people’s brains to put them into the avatars, so I’m guessing this is how hes been duplicated.

I also have a really interesting theory time theory time theory time.

So in the first movie, we open by learning that Jake’s twin brother has just died.

The reason that Jake was picked to be an Avatar was because his brother was already formatted to one and due to them sharing genetic makeup Jake could take over without any issues.

So my theory is that Jake’s brother actually returns from the dead, and we learn that the RDA has placed him in a recombinant.

It would add a lot of dramatic tension to it and mean that Jake has to fight against the person he lost, who led him to where he is today.

The only trouble is, they’d have to find someone who looks exactly like Sam Worthington, wouldn’t they? Leave your comments below on who they should hire to play Sam Worthington’s twin brother, because I’m at my wits end with it.

Shut the f**k up while you’re at it, and that’s the end of theory time. I’m a complete idiot, but it’s your fault for clicking the video.

Now amongst the shots of the Na’vi rising up, we see a giant whale-like creature that is later used as a weapon on the human vesels. They have clearly mastered the creatures of the sea and air and will be using them to stop the humans. There’s a great shot that juxtaposes their charge, and in it, we see two mech suits running along a burning ship.

We also see Jake’s head popping out of the water, which resembles the scene from Apocalypse Now.

Over the top of this, we see the Navi go out and get this line from the chieftan.

Now we know that the leader of the Metkiyeena tribe will be played by Cliff Curtis. This will be Tonowari’s first pregnancy, and his wife Reya will be pregnant. Still, we know she will be riding into battle, showing how much everyone has to pull together to fight this threat.

Now we see Jake crushing a human skull, and this could potentially belong to his old body. It looks quite old, and potentially this is him doing it to turn his back on the past. We also hear Lo’ak talking about how he’s an outcast. He would be seen as being half human, so potentially this is why the other Na’vi don’t accept him.

However, Tsireya says she sees him, and she’s probably going to be a big love interest for the character in the film.

He’s the one who also says that the way of water connects all things, and we see several shots of the Na’vi and the life of the water cohabiting.

There are some great shots, including one of the boat. In the first film, the humans, of course, had a giant airship, but here they’ve changed up to fight against the Na’vi in the sea. I know before, I talked about the human base being attacked, but it’s likely this. I have a feeling that Neytiri might be captured, and they will have to rescue her. This could also be the heart that Kiri is referring to, but let me know below.

Are There Sequels To Avatar 2 Planned?

Now that ends the trailer, and we know that we have three more sequels after this. These are Avatar the Seed Bearer, Avatar the Tulkun Rider, and lastly, Avatar the Quest for Eywa. The latter is the goddess of the planet, who is seen as the all-mother of the planet.

That will apparently release in 2028, and I am curious about how they’re going to keep going with this. I always say never bet against James Cameron because time and time again he’s been looked at as someone who can’t possibly make back the money that he spends on movies. However, he always does it, and though I’m not in a crazy amount of hypnosis yet, it is interesting to see how it all plays out. I think this is probably going to be a must-see at the cinema, and it feels like one of those films that’s going to be an event to close out the year.

Cameron has constantly been at the forefront of pioneering certain technologies for film, and the reason for this delay was because they had to find ways to do motion capture under water. The film just looks gorgeous too, and unfortunately YouTube’s compression downplays how good this thing actually looks. I was lucky enough to see the first trailer in IMAX, and it looked incredible.

We still don’t really know all that much about the movie, and even though we have way more details on it than we did after the first trailer, I still think there’s a lot of mystery to the entire thing.

Credit: 20th Century Studios (Avatar: The Way of Water)

Because of this, it’s a bit difficult to break down, as it’s not like a Marvel movie where we can look at what’s come before in both the films and comics. However, I hope this breakdown has filled in some details and given you some tidbits on what will be happening in the movie.

Obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the trailer, so make sure you comment below and let me know.

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With that out of the way, thank you for sitting through the video; I’ve been Paul, and I’ll see you next time. Take care, Peace

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